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We won’t take Bailey Wright to the World Cup. With Souttar and Sainsbury back and fit Wright will do well to make the pick.

Arnie will always have his critics, but this is his moment to savour

Hopefully remove the Salary Cap and introduce transfer fees – you write Matthew.

Removing the Salary Cap? Even the NRL keep a cap, and in Australia it makes sense.

Clubs can already spend any amount on marquees, Aussie marquees, and young Aussie marquees so not sure what removal of the cap would do.

Mariners may actually reduce their spend.
I’m in favour of a split cap.

1.For clubs Who can afford this or a higher cap, usually big city clubs

2. A lower cap which enables ANY regional team, Mariners, Canberra, Tassie etc, to have a football team and the possibility of getting into 2nd division, and even the A League.

As for transfer fees. How much money would be sucked out of pockets for internal Australian transfers. You must be an agent as who else would benefit?

Is there so much money floating around in owner pockets that they want to spend it on Aussie transfers? Really.

The independent ALeague may improve things for owners, not sure you’re hopes will improve anything.

My salary cap split suggestion, I think, has more merit. But then I voted against Morrison and Dutton. I’ll get my coat:)

Will an independent A-League actually work?

Great article Tim.
I thought Antonis suffered on the left. Suddenly he looked slow particularly chasing the outstanding De Laet.

De Laet is an interesting modern footballer. Looking at his wiki page, take a look at the number of workplaces he has been over the last 10 or more years.

His accent got me thinking, and when I saw where he had been it was the Lancashire lilt coming through strongest.

Thought Kenny was great, so raw, so talented, but so much potential. Great to see such a late bloomer come through.

And the Aussie goal. As good a piece of technical play you’ll see anywhere. Ok not the defending by Honda or his mates in the backline.

Bratton to Mcgree. Loved seeing Mcgree, a little off the pace, put his head down to get forward. Great pass, great finish. By the two Aussies.

And Honda. Wasnt he something else. His touch, timing, strength and vision. Cant wait to see more of him. Also De Laet.

Great start to the season, great football, great crowd..I was a Cosmos fan.. so 40 000 for a game. You. Are. Dreaming

How Melbourne Victory will polish their Keisuke Honda diamond

Worst signings of the a league off season?

Early days but when Diego Castro wouldnt pass to Fernandez during the game for Perth u just wondered if Castro has seen in training what we saw in the game. Will he last five weeks?


Signing Andrew Redmayne as your number 1 keeper is incomprehensible. You cant be a top four keeper with him in your team can you?

Vukovic, Sorensen, Covic mean the Victory Heart and Glory defenders have real confidence and personality behind them.

What was Popovic thinking? Beyond belief that WSW have their whole strategy based around Redmayne.

Hope they prove me wrong!

And lets not forget the legacy of Josip Gambau. Whoosh. Yep think it was the first minute when john hall booted long clearly hehad no Gambau like Iinstruction to olay from the back.

Love legacy. But Adelaide are a different already under Amor. And it ain’t better.

Underachievers perform, youngsters impress in A-League opener

Some players age faster than others. Compare Robbie Fowler or Michael Owen to say Del Piero or Ryan Giggs. Owen has the pace of Giggs but has lost it or aged far younger than Giggs did.

Which of the ageing Socceroos would you take to Brazil?

Maybe you guys were too young to watch the Ireland games in 1994. As mentioned Ireland scored in the 12th minute v Italy – we got our one attack in early – and if you like watching teams defend, defend and defend again..then Ireland were awesome.

I prefer a bit of 1-4-3-3 which requires energy and pace. Ireland had none in 1994, with Kruse, Oar, Rogic, Holman, Mackay at full back, Australia are showing signs of renewed mobility, pace and a real goal threat. Great to watch isn’t it?

Which of the ageing Socceroos would you take to Brazil?