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Pathetic sports nut. Known to cry ‘get ‘em onside’ at every given occassion.



I think Josh Kelly’s likely decision to remain with the club, as just one example, points to the fact that players genuinely see the Giants as a club that can be a consistently top side. Not to mention some of the promising talent the Giants have waiting in the wings. I think what they have now is a very well balanced roster, and one which they’re capable of retaining, and developing for that matter, over the next five years and more.

What you say about crowds is certainly true. The Giants home crowds aren’t ideal, but you must remember that AFL is still a very new concept in the NSW market, however one of the fastest growing of all codes. Crowds are only going to improve in my opinion, particularly if the club manage to win a flag.

Great read, but unfortunately I mostly disagree with what you’re saying.

GWS: The next expansion club crisis?

Despite GWS’ big losses post-season, I’m pretty optimistic about their chances still. Maybe not for the flag, but certainly a better season than many are prediciting.

They’re a very resilient side and have quality and leadership in all the key areas of the park. Plus the growth of players like Hopper, Whitfield, Kelly, Taranto.

Five big questions for the AFL in 2019

No doubt Adam. Nene definitely had attitude problems, although apparently he turned a corner in 2018. But he almost makes 10 post contact metres every run without fail. Such a valuable thing to have in your side, particularly with the work rate and minutes some of our forwards put in each week.

Thoughts of a pessimistic Red V fan