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Can you get off so the cricket articles are not taken up with your rants

Afghanistan captain hits back at Paine

Never’ll get over it in time

Don't isolate us, Afghan cricket pleads

Remarkable isn’t it that it could happen to two players in the one season.
I understand North’s logic in building a point.. but Treloar must be overly delighted after the way he was treated.
Good luck to both . A win for each regardless

'Only one team wanted it enough and it showed': Talking points from the Doggies demolition job

Naughton is incredible. Weightman is electric. A great double to have in the forward line because of the opportunities they create. Smith just keeps pumping energy out.
These type of players are vital in any team
Its going to be a great match up against Dees solid backs and onballers.
A weeks rest is good to for the bodies but I hope it does not take the edge of either side

'Only one team wanted it enough and it showed': Talking points from the Doggies demolition job

All of a sudden North’s policy of training up youth to mature is not looking so dumb. Although they could have kept Brown.
I’d sooner the 21 yo prospect than the 31 yo tired player

'How long can this go on?': Talking points from yet another Geelong finals failure

Exactly. Back in the day (smiling) it used to be The Probables versus The Possibles.
I think I’m correct there but someone may be able to confirm that.
We also had an Australia A team that played off against Australia ..there was another International side but cannot recall which team it was.
The point is I enjoyed seeing , or reading , two Australian teams pitched against each other.
Love to see it again were it possible.
Sort the wheat etc..

If Australia A replaces Afghanistan in the schedule, who should we pick?

Border restrictions only problem

Return of Australia vs Australia A can save the summer of cricket

tick in the no column

Return of Australia vs Australia A can save the summer of cricket

Hi nickom,
What I meant was that players seem to be able to get out of a contracts these days to suit their motives
I realise it takes both parties to agree but a contract obligation is not what it used to be don’t you think..but all good..cheers

'Unfinished business': Neale reveals why he's committing to Lions despite Dockers link

So much for the recent rants knocking the Tasmanian premier. Cricket Australia choice not so much Tasmania.

Cricket Australia all but confirms it will scrap the Australia-Afghanistan Test

contracts are found to be not that binding these days

'Unfinished business': Neale reveals why he's committing to Lions despite Dockers link


'Unfinished business': Neale reveals why he's committing to Lions despite Dockers link

Good summary although I think their defence is ok. Ziebell and Hall and Turner gave credence to the old expression that you can go back to become better. McKay shows a lot and Corr should add.
I imagine Tarrant will be an able back-up. After all they can afford to play McDonald (B&F winner) on a wing
Without question they would give heaps to have a Jonathon Brown chf but who wouldn’t.
Comben may come on with bulk and strength. He has the height . Can mark and is a reasonably accurate shot for goal.
And certainly a freakish goal sneak is needed. another Eddy B..
All that and pace should see them improve..tongue in cheek

'Best wooden spooner ever?': North Melbourne's 2021 in review

I turned on the Roar to see if there was another interesting article on cricket.
But to read a lot of the comments by all and sundry over the Tasmanian premier’s comments is akin to watching kids in a playground bashing each other around.
These bitter comments are coming from the people I respected and looked forward to reading their articles.
Maybe we can find a good article tomorrow

'I have very real concerns': Gutwein casts doubt over Afghanistan Test

Hi Renato. I often wondered ,over the journey, how a smaller person like Bradman would have coped with the giants of the West Indies. Bounce and pace field positions etc.
Of course, there were and are many quicks that surely would have bowled to him in a manner that I think any batsman would have had difficulty getting them away.
The other factor that may have helped him against the arch rivals was the war that set England back .
But, he was a true sportsperson and if playing today may well have adjusted to the different standards.
We need some technology to manufacture a game ..old versus new perhaps
But thanks for a good read

Busting cricket myths: 'Bradman best against Bodyline'


What if the Lions suffer another straight sets exit?


Ross Lyon has 'pulled out of race for Carlton job,' Brad Scott a contender

It always seems Tassy gets left off the map…has anyone thought about how we also have a safe environment here . In fact a better record than WA.
Just saying.

'Thank god they've only got it for one year': Eddie keeps firing at WA after grand final snub

Gosh. The wet weather we have seen on tv particularly in Adelaide surprises us Tasmanians as its usually dry here. Besides it was only a couple of years ago that we were praying for rain to ease the conditions here.
Still, a long time between droughts and floods here

Bombers finals Week 1 review: Strange selection choices lost Essendon this game

I like the concept. I do think that if it were to happen in reality then Inglis will be the next keeper. Selectors have finally selected him and he could play all formats. I’m optimistic he could be a great no 7 in tests.
Love to see any sports person take the game on and he’s one that does

NSW plays the rest of Australia in a one-day clash: Who wins?

I often thought, when watching him, that it was smooth economical action. He did not appear to bang his feet down on the surface and his arm action probably saved him from an excess of wear and tear.
And no stain on his character

Dale Steyn was sheer fast-bowling beauty

This incident brings back to mind an incident in a Hobart local footy game where during a quarter break a player was walking along side of an umpire and as they finished chatting and parting the tall player gave the shorter umpire a pat on the head…6 weeks
That was a very long time ago.. late 60’s I think
But probably a lot more precedents out there to illustrate the point of not touching an umpire

'If Greene's suspended we riot' or 'three weeks minimum': AFL split over Toby ban

Quite so.. I watched unbiased from Tassy and it all looked fine to me from umpire’s perspective. They see something they have to pay it..simple.

'Only one team played to the conditions': Talking points from the Bulldogs' wild win in the wet

If Draper used swinging motion that caught Bulldog around the neck kick

'Only one team played to the conditions': Talking points from the Bulldogs' wild win in the wet

Funnily enough I was only looking at a brief clip of Wayne Carey (Adelaide Crows) and Glen Archer (kangaroos) squaring off to each other in a match in Adelide. This was the first encounter of when the two teams met after Carey went to the Crows
The Carey incident certainly left a very sour taste for some time to most supporters at North.
Still, Carey was a pleasure to watch..just don’t listen to him now when he’s on screen

FIRE UP! As Beefy vs Chappelli reignites, we look at sport's most memorable feuds