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She’s got that game sense that can’t be taught – So light on her feet she floats around the pitch and makes you wonder at times if her heart rate ever gets out of second gear. My only concern is how she’ll go as oppositions may well resort to stronger physical attention as she continues to improve. Whatta star!

Matildas 'Star Girl' Mary Fowler delivers again... With her whole career ahead, what is she capable of?

The article is merely trying to provoke some thought on matter. I agree and am fully aware of the PNG situation however for the average football fan who isn’t across geopolitical issues their state of mind seems to immediately focus on the code wars situation and I can’t blame them to be honest! It’s an easy win for the media to continually sell that story domestically plucking at the heart strings of fans! My article may have well and truly missed the mark but it’s underlying intent was for the reader to consider this situation. We all know too well that us Aussies love to look great on the International stage…But when things don’t go well and the media beats it up here at home it hits us where it hurts the most. For me that’s attendance rates in junior sport at a grassroots level. Our juniors are now connected electronically more than ever. Is responsible for us to keep banging the code war drum even though there’s another positive diplomatic outcome to be achieved?

A code war to the death: Why must one national sports global expansion come at the expense of another?

A prime example where poor management / performance at the top can kill the culture at the grass roots…Long way back from there…Love that the attitude is to go to another code and not stop playing altogether

If the Matildas can draw sell-out crowds, why can't the A-League Men?

He played 3 Tests in 21/22 but didn’t go well – Hopefully he gets another chance

No doubt about breakout star Ravindra as young Kiwi represents the new face of world cricket

Great article! Hard for him to soar like an Eagle when surrounded by Turkeys for so long! His impact could increase 3 fold next year if the Dees get it right. It’s likely he’ll be very refreshed a feel like the weight of the world has come of his shoulders

After a decade trying to build a house with the wrong tools, Jack Billings is freed from St Kilda

Bairstow must have naked photos of someone…How that guy is the considered the number 1 keeper/batsman in England blows my mind….

UK View: 'A bridge too far' - Boycott, former greats tear into 'dysfunctional' Poms with World Cup defence all but dead

Not much of a fan of Nick Maxwell the player, but his leadership as captain was fantastic.
Can Scott Pendlebury provide strong on-field team leadership outside of his own personal performance???
All well and good for Bucks to suggest that “Pendles probably works a little more behind closed doors, building relationships.”
But is that going to be enough to get the boys across the line in a tight final deep into the 4th quarter???
Will be watching with interest to see how this plays out this season

Pendlebury named new Collingwood skipper