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He is just a cricket hero, as a person (and on YouTube) he seems like a real piece of work.

Ben Stokes: More than just a cricketing hero

That last partnership shows why Australia struggles in white ball cricket now. They didn’t target the wickets of the number eleven and Stokes got lovely one paced deliveries that didn’t bother his stumps either. At least there is some good news with that bowling performance, they will be well rested in future seasons because I doubt IPL teams will be interested.

The hour that cost Australia victory

Paine is safe, he does great press conference so his batting, keeping and captaincy are just secondary concerns. His job is to change team culture not win cricket matches. It’s not his fault he doesn’t know what he is doing on the field, the poor guy wasn’t good enough to get into the Tasmanian firsts after all.

T-Paine worth more than just runs to the baggy greens

They didn’t last much longer in real time 🙂

Watch every glorious wicket as Australia skittle England for 67

A fine dig from Dave, no Smith and he stood up when it counted. It will be interesting who gets the new ball with Cummins. Hazelwood last test bowled a beautiful opening spell then fell off gradually while Pattinson looked the better overall bowler in his match. We need to keep the English lead under 100 I think to be in the match so getting rid of Root early in crucial.

Warner's ugly but crucial Ashes innings

I wonder how many of the youngins get that reference 🙂

Warner's ugly but crucial Ashes innings

He is from Barbados.

Warner's ugly but crucial Ashes innings

The English crowds have always been hypocrites, the Barmy Army especially are just straight up pigs. Go for your life against players but that chant about Warner’s Mrs was beneath even those knuckle draggers.

UK public at risk of marring an Ashes series for the ages

A fool and his money are soon parted, then they whinge about it on twitter.
100k+ idiots is a nice windfall for the organizers, some sweet & easy coin.

Boomers vs USA fiasco an insult to Aussie basketball

Cartwright going is no loss, I can’t understand why the Stars wanted the plodder.

How significant is the Perth Scorchers' exodus?

So Bancroft gets another game because he can catch and sucks up the new ball? Australian cricket is in a story state if that is the reasoning an opener with a test average of 25 stays in the team. Khawaja isn’t a big problem either, if you want to pick on a senior player Paine is the one. That weak shot last night to get out would of made Maxwell blush with embarrassment. Pure ego.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Paine will be replaced next summer, his incredibly luck with the timing of his second coming can’t mask the fact he is an ordinary player.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Bancroft is gone so Warner is safe for the time being. He has always been a flat tracker so his seniority will excuse his form for a bit. Bancroft averages 25, looks like he can’t hit a four, has played about ten tests and is the only actual convicted cheat in the side. Worth a go on his English form but not up to it in reality. Labucangne is a certainty next game so Harris opens if Smith plays or Khawaja moves up to open if Smith is fit. And hopefully Joe Burns is on a 747 this week to shore up the squad.

Australia must drop David Warner

I don’t think Paine is going to last long. He is going to get hammered with bouncers from now on and his captaincy on field isn’t great. I would of loved to to have seen Steve Waugh’s expression when Paine played that ego driven hook shot.

Australia second Ashes Test player ratings: Smith and Cummins the standouts as top order flops

I am really looking forward to 21/22 when they come here 🙂

Steve Smith inspirationally returns to the field... and STILL gets booed

And the sad thing is that Lyon isn’t that great either. He is respectable now but 15 years ago he would of been behind MacGill and Miller as the understudy to Warne.

Are we paying enough attention to our spinning depth?

Warner is safe, second most experienced batsman and if he can average 30s in the series that is a pass mark for the flat track wonder. Bancroft was worth a shot but looks clueless. He reminds me a bit of Watson but doesn’t have the ball striking ability to make up for the awful front foot placement. It wouldn’t surprise me if Burns hops on a plane to shore up the squad later on.

Warner and Bancroft are floundering

Switch on the red light, Ross wants a new sugar daddy who pays better.

'I've never coached better': Ross Lyon

Teflon Ross is safe at Freo, the have drunk the coolaid like all the Melbourne journos and are convinced he is a great coach. Won nothing and never will with the defensive drivel of a game plan he adores.

The AFL coaching massacre isn't done yet

Good piece, one for the 90s would also be a heck of a “hard luck” team . Some of the players above added to the likes of Jones, Law, Rieffel, Fleming & co would probably beat of the current test team.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Hogg was lucky to play as many tests as he did, test average of 54 and a FC average of 40. Good fieldsman and lower order batsman but easy to milk for runs in the longer form of the game.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Get rid of the interstate clubs, draw fixed.

How to fix the AFL's unfair fixture

Essendon are 7th on the ladder which is aroung the spot I would have placed them at the start of the year. Anywhere from 5-12 on the ladder considering their list was what I expected, good but I never thought them a real chance for the flag.

Are Essendon actually in a funk, or did we all just fall for the hype?

What’s the grade for the Barmy Army? Started strong but fizzled out later on, just like their cricket team. I didn’t hear all their songs, did they start abusing young mothers again like those pigs love to?

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test

Dangerfield is devastated, about the only person who cared about this rubbish.

AFLX officially scrapped