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Wouldn’t the Melbourne Whatevers? go? A huge waste of money for a declining sport. Concentrate on your home market when you have to tighten the belt.

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

Gilchrist averaged 40 in tests in England, Warner 26. Gilchrist also won a World Cup over there.

David Warner deserves more respect

“Look at any social media post about the Aussie opener’s remarkable feat and you will see an endless stream of comments like: “Hopeless flat-track bully”, “Who cares he flopped in the Ashes”, “More meaningless runs in home conditions” and on and on.”

Thanks, saved me from having to type all those truths.

David Warner deserves more respect

I will miss “Total Cricket”. It was always fun listening to English fans and commentators wonder why when the batted down to 11 they kept getting bowled out for 100 🙂

England enters a new phase of Test cricket

Take it off them, Queensland doesn’t care about Test cricket so give it to people who do. As Melbourne has the best ground in Australia and will soon once again be the largest city in the land two tests can be played there. Give the Gabba an ODI or a T20I game.

Poor crowds means the Gabba wicket is under a cloud

Did the editor change the title from ” The all time best under 18s Test XI ” ?

The all time best teenage Test XI

Atherton, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi & Faf du Plessis are also members of that sorry club. And lets not forget Imran ” The Bottle Top” Khan & Michael “The Twitter Hypocrite” Vaughan. Tendulkar gets a pass, he wasn’t captain when he got caught in South Africa.

Five international captains accused of cheating

I think for two test the team picks itself. Head is on shaky ground if he does nothing during that time. I am still not convinced about the bowling attack, these same four got showed up last year against India so Pattinson and Richardson are in with a chance if NZ win the 1st test. Lyon is going okay, he is nothing brilliant but he is still solid even in a bit of a form slump. And as noted O’Keefe is still the Invisible Man/The Incredible Hulk so Lyon has no pressure on his spot.

Whisper it, but Australia finally have Test XI again which picks itself

There is no need to spread international cricket around now considering the success of the BBL and the TV coverage. Four tests for the four main venues then bid out the remaining matches. CA could make a bundle selling off the fifth Ashes test by playing state governments against each other. And as the article has said maybe Queenslanders and their shonky government might appreciate what they have taken for granted when its gone.

Strip international cricket from the Gabba

Do England have a batting coach? The position his front foot ends up is bordering on lazy.

Jos Buttler brain snap leads to one of the worst leaves you'll see

A+ to the commentators for not giggling when they mentioned (usually 10 times a minute) that the 19-25 year old Pakistan fast bowler making his debut was 16.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs Pakistan first Test

England really need to switch to the Kookaburra ball in County Cricket. The Duke ball on juicy decks does not teach them the skills of how to figure out a batsman when confronted with normal conditions.

BJ Watling's century helps the Black Caps move ahead against England

The Gabba is in need of an upgrade, it has fallen behind compared to the other main grounds. Maybe instead of handing out bonuses (bribes) to public servants Palaszczuk (or her boss Trad) can spend some on upgrading the stadium. Horrible crowd numbers this test, it really just does deserve the less important touring teams like it gets.

Why I won't be going back to the Gabba

The BBL is crickets version of Super Rugby, not ODIs or T20Is. There will be so much cricket on free TV over the next two months people will be complaining about of it. CA is pretty hopeless but don’t compare it to that RU. Melbourne will soon be larger than Sydney so they can save their money there & use it for the market with the bigger growth potential.

The blind leading the blind: Australian cricket follows Rugby Australia into oblivion

I suspect Harris & Khawaja would of done just as well but Burns has been treated like rubbish so good on him for taking advantage of his chance. This test should keep this pair together for the summer so they enjoy the dull pitches before they go OS and fail miserably as usual.

Burns must finally be respected by Test selectors

At least 18, Google knows all even if journos can’t be bothered using it.

More no-ball drama as 16yo's first Test wicket is heartbreakingly taken away

Keep it simple. Ask Paine what he thinks then do the opposite.

"Keep it simple": Aussies' new umpire review approach

” What happens if the coach takes a personal dislike to a particular player? That’s only human. They can try to fight against that bias but it seeps in.” Bob Simpson didn’t even try to hide his bias when he got rid of Dean Jones for personal reasons.

Want success and consistency? The coach should not be a selector

A great reason for the AFL bosses & their families to get a free holiday. Maybe a stop over in New York for Gil & the gang to check out the training camp & get some extra shopping in as a bonus.

International Rules back on the calendar in 2020

Smith and the bowlers should get us the win. It will be interesting to see how long a rope Warner gets if he fails again. Personally I would give him the first test as a freebie but nothing in two test then he should get the heave-ho.

Australia vs Pakistan: First Test preview, prediction

How long before T5 becomes a thing?

Chris Lynn bludgeons stunning 30-ball 91 in T10 match

That’s Elite Honesty from JL.

Justin Langer all but confirms Australian XI two days before first Test

This makes Neser in the squad more mystifying. He takes 33 wickets at 23 last Shield season on a green demon yet Boland gets 48 at 19 & Tremain 45 at 22 bowling on uber-flat roads. Get them in the test team, we have the modern day versions of Ambrose & Garner & nobody noticed! On a serious note Tremain averages 23 to Nesers 26 yet he never gets talked up for a spot. Copeland is also very stiff not to have played more, especially when you consider some of the nupty batsmen who have had an extended run at test level.

Tough Gabba pitches have prepared Burns for Test cricket

Cummins (captain & poster boy), Lyon (team song leader), Mitch Marsh (every Aus team needs a Marsh), Wade (keeper & commentary), Cameron Green (apprentice) , A Agar (cant bat, cant bowl, perfect for the #6 all rounder slot), Neser (only use for 2 overs an innings because he is useless on anything other than a green deck), Pattinson (reverse his ban like South Africa would) , Starc (use only for bunnies), Steven O’Keefe (after match entertainment) & J Richardson (see Neser). Concussion replacements Bancroft, Shaun Marsh & Melissa Marsh (coaches picks). Wheel out Paine (Ringo) to do the press conferences and everything is covered. More batting depth & more bowling variety. We don’t need those pesky runs Smith & Labuscahgne provide because the opposition will never get to triple figures.

Australian selectors should toss conventional thinking for Tests this summer

We would of won 3-1 with a competent captain.

The one question that reveals whether someone would make a great captain