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This is one of the most superficial and derisory analyses I have ever read .” Lies damn lies and statistics” – would be the first point of assault. No mention of left handed variety, the ability to blow away the tail ( remember Headingley y ! ), the balance to the attack , the ability to create footmarks for Nathan Lyon, his batting which is more efficacious than M Marsh. Aust lost the final Ashes Test when he was dropped ( it certainly wasn’t a workload issue – unless it was under worked ) To be quoting D Fleming’s self indulgent analysis is fraught with danger . Remember that Aust didn’t actually win the Ashes, they retained them. It’s about time Justin Langer’s role and flawed decision making is called out. An independent and experienced selection panel should be making these calls .
Chad Sayers or Mitchell Starc ….. please ??!!!!

Why Starc should stick to white-ball cricket

David- you obviously do not know James Sutherland well at all. He manipulated the Argus Committee by appointing himself to it so he could keep his job . Then he made horrendous appointments including a rugby person to run a cricket playing operation – the net result is what we have today in playing standards and behaviour . His leaving CA is the best possible way forward. Howard will go but that exit needs to be accelerated otherwise it will just be a wasted year. Add Peever to that exit and Australian cricket has a real chance of rejuvenation sooner rather than much later . Sutherland was the executive leader of the “ controlling , bullying culture ..” as the review underlined in bold . He will not be missed .

Cricket Australia cops a major uppercut from the independent review

Sunshinecoaster makes a good point in reference to the ” hard work ” that Watson put in on the sub-continent. Hard work is supposed to be rewarded, especially when accompanied by results. Apart from the pure selection philosophy of Watson v Symonds, the wet weather in southern QLD always produces a seaming Gabba pitch. This makes the Watson selection a no brainer.

The other question relates to the spin blowing position. Australia have not played a finger spinner at the Gabba since G Matthews ( who made a maiden Test ton but didn’t take wickets ) in 1991 and Ashely Mallett!! In fact Jim Higgs was preferred to’ Rowdy ‘ Mallet in the first Kiwi Test of 1980. Krezja did wonderful things at Nagpur, but the ‘Gabba is not the place for him. The selectors need to have a good long look at themselves because they are getting it very wrong at the moment.

Symonds recall opens cracks for the Black Caps