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The tackle got what it deserved, to be brutally honest. Will Kennedy isn’t a dirty player, but that has always been a send-off. Even the Bulldogs’ Peter Kelly got sent off in the first tackle of the game against the Souths from the kick-off in the ANZAC Day game in 1986.

'We’re not dying wondering': Sharks go into attack mode after Kennedy send-off to embarrass Warriors

You are on crack Jenny if you seriously think the Broncos have a shot at a top 4 finish. 😂

The Broncos will miss out on the top 8 or finish 8th and get knocked out of the finals in week 1.

Souths will still make the top 8 once Latrell Mitchell returns and Souths sort out the right starting 17. They have blown their chance of a top 4 finish though I fear.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

The Blues can do the same thing with Newcastle. 😛

'A lot of people think I’m Australian, I’m definitely not!': Herbie to state England case at Magic Round

Re your; “Gunfight at the Ugg Boot Corral” LOVE IT!” comment on the Live blog…

That’s my name for BlueBet Stadium, Penrith… “the Ugg Boot Corral”.

Since the Panthers fortunes have changed in the last 2 years sales for Panthers jerseys have gone up 87%. On the flipside sales for flannelette shirts have dropped by 87%.

Ugg boots sales haven’t changed but there are reports of a massive increase in dentistry in Greater Western Sydney, especially in dental veneers, as more and more Panthers fans flock to Panthers home games to have their photos taken with the Panthers.

Unfortunately, the majority of Panthers fans can only make it to home games as their Corrective Services electronic monitoring ankle bracelets don’t allow them to leave the Penrith area. 😛

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

Don’t worry Herbie. I’m sure that Billy Slater will find a loophole to declare you are a QLDer if they need you in Origin.

Lancashire, England… That’s in QLD! 😂

'A lot of people think I’m Australian, I’m definitely not!': Herbie to state England case at Magic Round

No, MMW. Ilias didn’t do alright. He looked lost. He looked just as lost when he put himself in a poor position (too close to the defensive line) when Souths needed him to take a match winning field goal against the Tigers.

I blame the coach for throwing the kid in the deep end without introducing him gradually off the bench. It was too soon for that to happen last year. This year would have been ideal if only Adam Reynolds was still at the club.

Souths now have no organising HB and no kicking game. I am not holding my breath that recent signing Kodi Nikorima will do anything to improve the situation either.

Blake Solly (South Sydney CEO) should have kept his head in the boardroom and out of player retention and recruitment. As things stand the ship is sinking and he is the one who put blew a hole in it.

'Went at it non-stop': Reynolds returns to haunt Souths as Brisbane record statement victory

The Guru has nothing to say about the hoodoo I alluded to. 😛

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

Mahoney is an exceptional hooker/dummy half. Such a pity then that Mahoney’s career is set to derail on the same tracks that brought the careers of Addo-Carr and Burton to a screeching halt.

As long as Barrett is top dog at Belmore and calling the shots I fear the Bulldogs will become the graveyard for promising careers and the final destination for disappointed hopes.

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

roll in…

I’m blaming either FTS or AC for that. Others do, sovwhy can’t I? 😛

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

The Eels may have the wood on the Panthers and the Storm but the Eels still have a hoodoo against Souths. (Trigger word for Tony).

However, given the current situation relative to both clubs I fear that the Eels hoodoo against the Rabbitohs is about to become a hoo-don’t. This year under Dumbo Big Ears and the Roosters mole  Souths CEO slippery Solly Souths have sunk to a five-year low.

But if Latrell Mitchell can return by round 15 from his overseas jaunt to the USA visiting Disneyland and Las Vegas and he hasn’t eaten his own weight during his all expenses paid vacation, Souths might yet have a chance of continuing their hoodoo over the Eels. What are the chances of that I wonder given the mystical power of “the hoodoo”?

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

Is that you old mate (Angry Eagle)? Like Souths burying a 12-man Manly side last week? 😂 😂 😂

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

That’s just Guestie’s privilege, I guess. Along with hiding in the shadows and no comment history to pin their reputation to.

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

Just hand me the axe Col and stand well clear. 😛

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

Congrats Eels fans. For a moment there I thought the Eels were going to blow it when they turned the ball over early in the tackle count pressing the Panthers on their line. Then after a 95 metre drive down field and a converted Try eveything seemed set for a 2 point field goal until Nathan Cleary cracked like Humpty Dumpty.

It was a great game, finals quality and head and shoulders above the rest as match of the round. It was fantastic to see the Eels knock over the Panthers at home in front 21,000 overly confident Panthers supporters who couldn’t believe their team’s winning streak was over.

Good to see the good guys bury the villains in the Gunfight at the Ugg Boot Corral.

Arthur hails 'proudest' win as Parra snap Penrith's home streak

Was your bunion right about the Bunnies last night DPS? Because if it was I’ll cut the bl00dy thing off! 😛

Turn Battle of the West into a true battle: How Parramatta can stop the Panthers' streak

Not in the last two years he wasn’t. This year may be another story though. Staggs is not proving any more consistent and Graham ran for over 100 metres last night in a woeful team effort.

He can be just as effective on the wing as well so he has versatility. Personally I would move him to left centre to setup AJ. Sure Souths would have a pretty ordinary right edge but I’m thinking of the points that will role in once Souths lethal left edge is restored to it’s former glory.

Even better if Latrell was moved to left centre. If only Souths had a better option than Latrell for FB.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

You summed up my thoughts perfectly. That is the dilemma Souths are facing. Strengthen one position and weaken another.

I was just as upset with Roosters mole Souths CEO Blake Solly letting Dane Gagai leave the club as I was about the Adam Reynolds fiasco. Both players were key figures in Souths success last year.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

Sadly, 12 years later, the Dragons are still in their post-Bennett doldrums. I just a similar period isn’t beginning for the Bunnies.

In all seriousness I think Souths will bounce back once Latrell returns and Walker has a quality player to play off.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

I am angry and fed up with the continuing sub-standard NRL performances by the Rabbitohs. Only 12 months ago they were in a GF that they lost by just 2 points after being in a position to win the premiership.

Losing a coach, 2 key players and a half decent forward doesn’t excuse what we have seen from Souths this year. It also doesn’t excuse rookie coach Dumbo Big Ears’ clear indifference to the Hindenburg disaster he is presiding over. His inexperience doesn’t afford him the right to be so blasé about it as Papa Smurf (aka Wayne Bennett) might be under similar circumstances.

I am extremely unimpressed and dissatisfied Phil with how the club is being run in terms of recruitment and retention and the distinct lack of depth to cover key positions that has left Souths without an organising half and without a kicking game.

I am unimpressed and angry about the lack of responsibility and care shown by Cody Walker and Latrell Mitchell given the money that they are on and their key roles in the team. Also, in regard to their continuing ill-discipline and self-indulgent petulance that shows no signs of abating.

I’m fed up with Latrell Mitchell’s continuing unavailability for whatever reason. Allowing him to travel overseas for a tune up and a quick detour to visit Disneyland or Las Vegas is as bad a look for the club. It is worse than allowing him to ditch his temmates and stay on his farm in Taree when his club were fighting to win their second premiership in 50 years!

No Phil, I have to find a way to laugh about this or I will go mad and end up following in the footsteps of the backup pilot for Ham the Astrochimp speaking pure gibberish and writing with crayons.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

Poor little Galago kept dropping the football like a hot rock last night. That’s understandable though with such little hands and a ball that is almost as big as he is. 😂

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

That’s why Dumbo Big Ears won’t play Jaxson Paulo who does far better in that department than Josh Mansour, Taane Milne or Isaiah Tass.

To be fair Milne had 156 run metres last night and Graham had 104 metres. They were the only players in the back 5 to run for over 100 metres.

Little bush baby (Galago) aka Blake Taaffe tried his heart out and ended up with 89 run metres. Too bad his post contact metres were -95 metres so he ran for a net loss! Perhaps a weight for age competition might be a fairer option for a player who is only 70 Kg wringing wet.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

I’m glad there is at least one Roosters supporter that finally appreciates my unique perspective Pickett.

#ChooksAreEvolving 😛

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

Souths have an inexperienced HB and FB, a lazy 5/8 and a hooker who is overworked in defence and gassed every game.

In the last 3 games Damien Cook has made 141 tackles and Souths captain and optional first receiver Cameron Murray has made 143 tackles. That’s an average of 47 tackles a game.

To add to Souths woes neither their HB or 5/8 have a decent kicking game. They have no variation in their 5th tackle kicks to get out of trouble, just the under 12’s end over end kicks that arc in the same predictable 60 degree angle and travel a maximum of 25 metres.

There are no torpedo kicks or floating bombs that dip and change direction late. No kicks that turn the defence around finding grass and rolling back into the in-goal or near the line. There are no kicks that travel any great distance at all allowing the opposition FBs to position themselves much further up field.

This was emphasised by Reynolds 586 kicking metres to Souths less than dynamic duo Walker and Ilias who only managed a combined 336 metres despite enjoying the majority of possession.

To further emphasise the chasm between the two sides in tactical kicking Souths had an abysmal 36% kick diffusals to the Broncos 67% which is already well below par for the NRL. (Stats from

At least the Roosters have a competent FB and HB and a 5/8 in young Walker who is well ahead of the curve in terms of ability and potential when compared to Souths’ Greek Trojan horse Lachlan Ilias.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

No team deserves to make the top 8 when they play like the Rabbitohs played last night and over the last 3 weeks.

No team deserves to make the top 8 when they let a marquee player take an all expenses paid holiday to Disneyland USA in round 9 of an NRL competition.

No doubt Dumbo Big Ears was feeling sentimental to allow it. But the real rat is the one behind the conspiracy to destroy the Rabbitohs and remove the threat to the Panthes, the Storm and the Roosters, the NRL Triumvirate.

The conspiracy comes from a rat in the ranks. South Sydney CEO is a Roosters mole who manoeuvred Bennett, Reynolds and Gagai out of the club and replaced them with rookies too wet behind the ears to do any good. Particularly Dumbo Big Ears.

If the Broncos had more possession the score would have been even more embarrassing. No excuses. The Broncos deserved their win and the Rabbitohs deserved to leave that game in disgrace. Only Jaxson Paulo escapes blame as Dumbo Big Ears forgot he had him on the bench and forgot to use him.

Are the Rabbitohs going to make the eight?

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Here we go!

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