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Why we can't call Bellamy rugby league's greatest ever coach

The game of the round has got to be Souths and Manly, hasn’t it? I usually have a bottle of Sheaf Stout for breakfast each day – for strength, but Saturday will be a two bottle performance enhancer. Souths are coming off a bunch of losses and will be going full bore ; but desperation produces poor judgment. Souths should, should, win this but I think the Boys will be more resolute. They jagged a golden point upset against Souths last time, but this weekend I think they’ll leave Wayne miserable. Well, more miserable than usual.
Brisbane ( never tip the Warriors), Knights, Panthers, eels, Roosters,Storm, Raiders.

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 17

Fergo stepped up like a boss.

NSW Blues player ratings: Origin 3

Yeah, look games 1 and 3 showed there wasn’t much in it between the teams. Both of those games produced excellent footy. As for game 2 – I don’t think anyone has come up with a cogent explanation: just one of those ‘ I dunno’ moments. But 1 and 3 were outstanding.

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

Yep, I don’t see this as a foregone conclusion at all. qld will be great tonight.

CONFIRMED: Maroons make multiple late changes as final Origin teams are revealed

It’s too early to say, but for staying power ….you know since he’s grown up he has been a delight to watch and is still always dangerous. He really is a great player and I never thought I’d say this; I’ll be sorry to hear the news when he calls it a day.

Should Benji Marshall make the NRL Hall of Fame?

Pretty simple, treat it like Falou. Define what constitutes foul play, put it in the contract; breach the contract provision and you get sacked with no return. Really, the NRL is comfortable with foul play given this hasn’t happened.

What can the NRL do to stamp out foul play?

Basically he needs to be shown the door.

The NRL needs to open its eyes

Mate – this is an interesting article. Good job.

The NRL needs to introduce a free agency period for 2020

Blind Freddy can see that playing NRL carries with it serious risk of brain injury. I assume the players contractually release their clubs, other players, and the NRL and all associated stakeholders from any liability for personal injury, loss of earnings , or other economic loss concerning or connected with playing the game – but I don’t know the fact. Maybe one of the Roar journos could find out. You’d think it was the case or presumably the players would have to be decked out like ice hockey players. Which would tend to dampen the spectacle.

NRL rocked by concussion-related brain disease discovery in former players

Randall is probably the most ferocious defender I have ever seen. He would launch at opponents like an Exocet missile. I remember getting my hair cut in a Dee Why barber shop in the 70’s. Randall took the seat next to me. Fair Dinkum his thighs in his pants would have been 15 inches across. Big. Strong. Fast.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter R

….particularly when you have agreed contractually to keep your private opinions to yourself while being paid by the man. Off contract ? You can spout any bogan thing you want. Redheads are going to burn. People with green eyes are witches. It doesn’t matter how much of a fool you want to make of yourself, the employer says just don’t do it while your working for us because we are paying you to be in the public eye and represent our values, not yours. Doesn’t matter whether his private opinion is wrong, right, or indifferent – don’t go public on our dollar.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

Rabbits, Dragons, Roosters, Mighty Sea Eagles, Knights, Eels, Panthers, Sharks. I’m really looking forward (along with everyone else no doubt) to the Roosters and Storm game.

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 15

Yeah, the turning point for Queensland was the kick off. Sometimes you have an inexplicably bad game against an opponent that has a great game. Game 3 will be a pearler.

What to expect in the Origin decider

Yeah, Kenny Wilson potted the FG against the Dragons. Early to mid 70s. I’m pretty sure it must have been on TV or I wouldn’t have remembered it.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter Q

He wouldn’t be Ronaldo, would he, or on his dough. Fame – Beckham still has the press follow him into Tescos while he buys some snags for a Sunday BBQ.

A Kalyn Ponga code-switch would haunt the Wallabies, not help them

I’m really looking forward to this one. Two good sides.

Canberra Raiders vs Cronulla Sutherland Sharks: Thursday night forecast

Yes, I’ll be out at Brookie next Sunday arvo. I retired injured at Bowls yesterday (groin) but I will still be disregarding the doc’s advice. Drama queens that lot sometimes.There’s an old bloke next door with a couple of walking sticks, so I’ll borrow one. 40/20 as you know, the Dragons have been putting on the razzle dazzle at Brookie for a few years now. It’ll be tough. And with The Barry tipping the boys – it’s effectively pointing the bone at them ! But for the love of God surely we should hop into them this week with our side looking quite tidy.

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 14

Incidentally, the reason I am against Perth is because I believe in rewarding the Customer. There is no team in Perth. The game is, however, played in New Zealand among other places outside of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

How the NSW Blues can win Origin 2

The author says that for her, funnily enough, not much needs to change for the blues. Funnily enough, I agree. Look I thought the sides were pretty even for the first half, and Qld had the better of the second half. In fact, they had great intensity in the second. Sure there was a result (and well deserved) but I think the teams are very well matched in this series. This produced what I’m sure everyone would agree was a really good of footy. The Blues will adapt having witnessed the second half intensity, but Qld won’t be sitting around wondering ‘ what’ll we do next’ either. Either side is capable, depending on the bounce of the ball, of taking either or both of the remaining games. I think the decision to play it in Perth stinks.

How the NSW Blues can win Origin 2

Souths actually were crushed by the Eels. It’s only because Moses had attack amnesia that the score wasn’t worse for Souths – who fielded three Burgii in the pack. Roosters are looking good from where I sit.
Scott, with respect, you’re being a bit of a misery guts about the Brookie Boys. They’re sitting at 7th ( admittedly off the back of two losses to bottom dwellers – the one to Penrith I can live with; the loss to the Titans boosted Funeral Directors’ business on the Northern Beaches by 40%), and I actually reckon it’s all upside for them. No they won’t win the Comp., but a top eight close would be outstanding. Considering the shape they were in at the end of last season. And let me say it : apart from Garrick who is kicking at 88% which presently makes him the game’s best goalkicker ever ahead of 1,2 and 3 – Halligan, El Masri, and Mathew Ridge – the Sacred Ground has thrown up Cust ! Cust in swaddling clothes who directs play like an emperor – Caesar AugCustus one might say – and of whom we deserve to hear a lot more of.

Six talking points from NRL Round 12

I love that Aboriginal flag. The interesting thing about it is that it is privately owned. Although it’s an official flag of the Commonwealth, it is not owned by Australians via the Commonwealth. Some bloke in Adelaide from memory owns the copyright in it, the same bloke who designed it.

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why

Someone should show him where the airport is. What a goose.

Chambers joins anthem boycott

I’m looking forward to this one. Where is Penrith anyway? Yes, flip a coin. The Boys defended like 9 year old girls last week. But I assume Des has had a counselling session with them in the meantime and we should see some behavioural change as a result. Of course I’m affronted that DCE is poncing around with the cane toads today – but what about Cust ! He’s a good boy. I think he’ll stand up like a man tonight. Now as for Garrick at outside centre, well I assume the Panthers will be running at him all night, won’t they? You realise that if he maintains his 88% kicking record, he’ll be the game’s best kicker – ever. Daryl Halligan currently is number 1 from memory with Norths and the Dogs at about 80%, but in his last three years and with the Dogs, he lifted to about 85%. The great El Masri is currently second, and back in the early to mid 90s, former All Black Mathew Ridge saw the light and and donned Maroon & White. He’s number 3, and kicked 80/81 %. Given that I know this, you now understand why I drink.

Penrith Panthers vs Manly Sea Eagles: NRL Thursday night forecast

Canberra look good on paper this year; they have been playing great footy; now comes the hard call ( I have been drinking), they could fluke it into the grand final. But then there is Sticky. Paradoxically, he could be their undoing. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but I wonder whether he has the brain to stay ahead as the leading teams evolve their strategies and plays now that they have seen what the rest of the Comp looks like.

Raiders rediscover mojo with torturous home loss to lowly opposition