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Support the Mighty Sea Eagles. Arguably one of the greatest strategic minds directed at Rugby League.



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Paul, you can have a leave pass if you’re with the mighty Dragons

The Warriors have made it okay to follow a second team

I think that deep down Manly is the team that everyone admires – on the down low.

The Warriors have made it okay to follow a second team

Ponga may be the icing, but Pearce is the cake.

Kalyn Ponga is Newcastle's saviour

Sadly no. My mate Brainchild ( a fanatical Broncos man )lives in Spring Hill and we’ve shuffled down to Suncorp when I’ve come up to see Manly play them. We’ve also gone down to Robina to see Manly play the Titans. That’s a well run ground, but Suncorp is fantastic. Of course, we’re obliged to get a skinful afterwards on Caxton Street. Except for my Leb mate Achmed taking me out to Parra stadium last year, the only Manly away games I’ve attended in the last 10 years have been to Suncorp, Robina and Townsville. My 1980s Wormald sponsor Manly jersey always cops a razz ! Good fun.

V’landys wants NRL crowds back in July

I walked into a hamburger and sandwich bar on Pittwater Road at Brookvale. Brett Stewart was in there and had already ordered. I caught his eye then turned to the lady and said, “ Plain hamburger please. No sauce – Hot English Mustard instead.” I sat down. Snake collected his stuff and before he left he turned to me, looked me in the eye, and nodded. Who was the fan and who was the player?

The night I crossed paths with the Raging Bull

Beattie. The poor man’s Dawn Fraser.

V’landys wants NRL crowds back in July

I have loved Suncorp every time I’ve been to it. Great footy stadium. Great vibe.

V’landys wants NRL crowds back in July

….and in particular, my job and specifically me in it, are going to be bloody important, in case you’re getting any ideas Mr V’Landys.

Graham Annesley says the NRL still needs to be vigilant

You would want to think so.

NRL reportedly finalises broadcast deal with Fox and Nine

Pretty clearly the Referee’s Association is the grass and V’Landys is the Victa mower.

Referees won't strike after Fair Work discussions stall

I count the money when the cheque clears.

NRL reportedly finalises broadcast deal with Fox and Nine

To tell you the truth, I’d be happy to see it played Lang Park every now and again. At least most of the crowd could see what was happening.

Should the grand final return to the afternoon?

Yeah, Fifita . A tragedy. Could have been spoken of 50 years from now.

The rise and fall of Jarryd Hayne, rugby league's magic man

I doubt whether Bellamy would have taken him. We’ll never know.

The rise and fall of Jarryd Hayne, rugby league's magic man

I think Phil Blake was just a bit too good to be in a side coached by Bob Fulton if you catch my drift. Blake should have been a career Manly player.

The rise and fall of Jarryd Hayne, rugby league's magic man

Strictly not a League book, but in 1981 Alexander ( Alex) Buzo wrote ‘Tautology ‘ which was full of quotes from players and commentators. He quoted himself with, ‘ Norths played badly’.
I’m working on a NRL horror novel with the working title, ‘ The Day They All Agreed ‘

My rugby league library

One Ref. It’s a man’s game. No whining.

The pros and cons of the NRL's one-ref move

It’s just absurd. It won’t happen, but if it did they’d have to have the Medical Examiners standing by ready to perform the autopsies. Mike Tyson will still be able to knock a building over when he’s my age.

Footy player boxing bouts must stop before someone gets hurt

Geez all this drama over a bloody flu shot. Hardly smallpox is it ? Actually, does anyone know whether players need to prove they have been vaccinated from other pathogens ?

Titans trio stood down for refusing flu shot

I’ve got some sympathy for Jaeger’s view. I am generally in favour of vaccines, but I would like to know what exactly it immunises a patient from. It ain’t the Wuhan Virus. What is the pathogen and what is its guarantee? Was it made in China, because that fills me with confidence if it was. We call things ‘side effects’. That’s a feel good way of saying ‘ you could get this illness or condition’. I suspect that as a society we are playing a numbers game and just sucking up the fact that there will be collateral damage. And collateral damage from vaccines is our dirty secret while pursuing a greatest good for the greatest number strategy. I’ve never had a flu vaccine myself, but my kids were vaccinated against the usual things and I just prayed that their number wasn’t called.
It’s always a good idea to educate yourself about health and vaccines is a subject where it’s in the public interest to have full disclosure.

Anti-vaxxer Cartwright fires back at critics

Saturday afternoon 3pm, match of the round on ABC. Really good.

"It's not a given that NRL has to be part of our future": Nine boss casts doubt over footy plans

What gets me is that the TV station guy is doing all this whining in public. What, is he nine years old ?

"There's a contract in place": V'landys hoses down Nine speculation

Good. Sanity is starting to make a comeback. You know, the data shows us that statistically the at risk group in all of this BS China Virus flu is elderly people. Elderly people with chronic health conditions. But I’ll back my bloodstream against a microbe any day of the week.

Queensland Premier opens up borders for NRL restart

Start the Comp so we can talk about bloody football. We’re all going deranged. This thread is driving me to drink. To drink more admittedly.

Players partying and going camping risk blowing it for all of us

He also ran the 100 yards in the early 60s in 9.3 seconds, I think a year or two after the Rome Olympics. It was the world record. He should have been drafted for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, he would probably have picked up a medal in the 100, and would have been striving for the tape in the 200 yards.

Who will be rugby league's next Immortal?