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Who was the genius at Souths who said, ‘ what we’ll do is let Renno go, then we’ll do something, and it’ll be great. No I’m not doing Crack, I’m serious. Trust me.’

Oh, what a nightmare: Reynolds' brillance bamboozles back three as Broncos give Cowboys a kicking

Cracking game of Footy. Good to see Wighton having a scamper in his new colours.

Foxx off AGAIN, Wighton grabs double and Latrell booed as Souths ease Demetriou pressure

Voss still hasn’t been shown how to use his thesaurus properly.

Annesley admits Roosters were robbed as obstruction rules come under blowtorch despite Panthers' statement win

Good on you Tony; great info. Thanks for the work you put in. I never realised Geoff Gerard and Noddy passed 300. I should have caught Gerard back in 1989 – but the 80s. It was pretty fast back then. Thanks again for researching and making the knowledge available to us Boys. You’re a good man.

The NRL's 300-game club is hard to get into, but those who have made it definitely deserve the accolades

They’re in a safe seat, so neither side of the Uniparty gives a rats. The vote is going to be the same whatever.

'It’s pointless us playing here': Richo's grave warning on Leichhardt as Tigers take aim at 'gold urinals' Panthers

That’s a good reading of it in my respectful view. I thought both teams had a 50/50 chance of the win going in to it, but Parra got into Manly’s mind and sowed the seeds of doubt, and then went on to bustle a win. And they deserve congratulations for that. Still a good game. One bonus for both sides in my humble opinion, is that they each have a lot more in them from the look of them yesterday. If they tighten it up and keep it together, they could each have a much better Season that most people might have thought a few weeks ago.

Moses-inspired Parra prove they're finals contenders but Manly seething as Bunker lacks 'common sense' with no-try call

At Brookie ? Perish the thought.

Moses-inspired Parra prove they're finals contenders but Manly seething as Bunker lacks 'common sense' with no-try call

The fact is that at Parra Stadium, we have all seen Officials help Parra home against Manly plenty of times before. It is consistent. It is brazen. And all you hear are crickets. Nevertheless , Manly didn’t have any mongrel in them. When they broke away early, instead of methodically bayoneting the wounded, they let the Opponent bustle and harass them. Just not good enough. And let’s face it, what excuse do come up with for letting Morgan Harper score a try against you. You can’t complain about Officials when you let Harper rub your nose in it. Get Real. Be Men. Nahh, Parra were ok today. Deserved the win if only because Manly let them come back. Parra’s not a bad side. They played reasonably well today and, unless the wheels fall off, they’ll have a good year,

Moses-inspired Parra prove they're finals contenders but Manly seething as Bunker lacks 'common sense' with no-try call

Does anybody really have a handle on what Mr. Abdo does irrespective of his job title? I’ll take a stab in the dark and say he spends 99.9% of his time trying to hang on to his job. He’s been promoted above his ability in my opinion. Look, I never want to see a guy get the Don’t Come Monday from a reported 1.5 large gig, but he’s not a big business guy. Also, look at the Executive Management team and what they are actually responsible for. It’s looks like a sheltered workshop. There is nobody- nobody – responsible for generating revenue. For sales. Its. A. Business. And I reckon the bloke doesn’t want a gun sales performer – and there is a woman in there that I know of through my network of businessmen (who shall remain nameless in case she gets fired) – on the direct report line because money from sales looks very inviting, doesn’t it.

NRL News: Jennings can 're-write story' as Robbo backs 2024 NRL return, Abdo scalds Latrell

I’m with you when it comes to despairing the squandering of talent.

NRL News: Disgruntled Dragon in Origin mix, radio crackdown after Latrell f-bomb drama, World Club Challenge to Vegas?

Like a few others, I reckon he is very flawed on and off the field. How would you like him to be dating your daughter or your grandfather? I be doing life if I caught wind of it.

NRL News: Disgruntled Dragon in Origin mix, radio crackdown after Latrell f-bomb drama, World Club Challenge to Vegas?

I seriously reckon Field had a mental illness. In a way, Souths has been a sort of Feeder Club for Manly since 1970 on and off. But Field should have been 100% excluded. As Tom G says, even at the cost of moving Toovey to Hooker. But full disclosure, Bozo was mainly a Bozo after retiring as a player in my opinion.

The evolution of the hooker in rugby league taking a backward step - creativity drops as workload increases

He did. There are a number of players who should be contractually restricted from interacting with media people , because they are complete dopes. LM is top of the list. Parents would be loving their kids reading about all this. If Australians ate Goose at Christmas , LM would be an endangered species.

NRL News: Luai backs 'high testosterone' Hughes on ref push, Mansour slams 'absolute hypocrisy', ref axed for no-try call

I’m a believer when it comes to Schuster.

'I haven’t seen him like this': Why Croker is backing Turbo to top 2021 - by getting out of his way

Let’s clear this up: Morgan Harper IS actually as bad a defender as people think. He’s tried to disguise it by letting loose doves which he had stuffed under his jersey, or by sprinting over to the crowd at Brookie and pulling a 20 cent coin from behind the ear of an attractive lady. But you never fooled me Morgan. Morgan , you may as well wear a Crown of Thorns because you are in for a year of pain at Parra, with the predictable ending.

Izack Attack: Tago celebrates new contract with stunning showing but Panthers sweat on Fisher-Harris

JAC’s career headed South when he left the Storm. I know a potential Shoulder is serious, but you know, does he get much ball these days? Is he covered in Glory? Naahh, the big story about him is that he’s not injured. I would pay people not to write stuff like that about me, and write it off against my tax.

Addo-Carr gets good news on shoulder injury but problems abound for Ciraldo after lacklustre loss

More beers for Brad ? Did he ever have credibility on any issue ? He’s a marketing Puff of the legacy TV business that’s invested in making a brand of him and is stuck with the expenditure on their books. But they’re not fooling anyone.

Fittler wants players who've criticised Leniu to face sanctions for influencing judiciary, Gallen slams 'hysteria'

Nobody likes to see scores like this in round 1, regardless of the opponents

Bizarre Hammer blunder and penalty try raise eyebrows as Cowboys ride roughshod over dreadful Dolphins

Geez. Des needed to make a Statement with this game. He didn’t.

Flanno trumps Des as Sloan fires Dragons to statement win over Titans

Strange has a very bright future in my humble opinion.

Tipster's nightmare: Ricky's written-off Raiders upset rusty Knights to show they won't be wooden spoon fodder

I remember the scum as being the only reliable way to see if the Hooker needed to cut his fingernails.

NRL's kick restart rule helps bring back another genuine contest but what about scrums, it isn't fair

Brian, as an aside, you have a screen name that takes me back to the 70’s. For some reason, which nobody to my knowledge has ever got to to the bottom of, from 1970 to 1980, and from Manly up to the Palmie, on most bus stops, building hoardings, and many buildings, persons unknown consistently wrote graffiti which said, ‘ Brian Westlake is the Cobra’. It was everywhere. To this day it remains a mystery. Unless. Unless you would like share something with us.

‘Fun and games, banter’: Leniu response to racial allegation beggars belief as ‘heat of the battle’ mentality harms NRL yet again

Bloody peasant.

The not-so-secret ingredient that transforms team into title contenders on show as Manly roll Rabbitohs in Vegas

Definitely haunted. God knows what went on in there, and in that old place on Victoria Road at Gladesville.

Fearless 2024 NRL predictions: Blues' revenge, Storm star wins Dally M, Knights miss finals despite Ponga

The NRL should establish a Brain Bank. Then blokes like Kenny could borrow one, and return it when they retire.

NRL News: Panthers gun banned for social media post, Brisbane's 'gut-wrenching' review, Bryce sets sights even higher