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FIFA World Cup: Is it time for UEFA to embrace preliminary rounds?

FIFA World Cup: Is it time for UEFA to embrace preliminary rounds?

4 Apr 2017

During last week’s World Cup qualifiers, while Europe’s sporting media were focused on the giant, and not-so-giant, nations of European football taking each other on for the right to go to Russia in 2018, something rather notable, but so far underreported, happened in Andorra’s Estadi Nacional.

Dark times at the Stadium of Light

10 Mar 2016

A few years ago, cartoonist David Squires, who was recently interviewed on The Roar about his weekly A-League comic strips for The Guardian, came up with a strip named The Bullshit Rodeo.

Goal III - The worst sports film of all time?

24 Sep 2013

A Roarer recently wrote an article listing the greatest fictional sports characters of all time.

Hull City … Tigers?

Hull City ... Tigers?

17 Aug 2013

While it’s a common occurrence to see an Australian or American sporting organisations and clubs referred to by their nickname, English football clubs, even though they all have one or more, don’t utilise nicknames as much.

Coventry City's warning to the EPL

7 Aug 2013

We’ve come to that time of year again, when the English Premier League’s PR machine is in full swing, gearing up for the upcoming season.

Nine drops the rugby ball again

18 Sep 2012

I’m getting to the point where I don’t understand Channel Nine’s raison d’être (that’s French for ‘reason for existence’, in case any of Nine’s execs are reading).