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Ex-employee of Major League Soccer and Perth Glory FC and obsessed football fanatic. I love to think and write about the business side of the game, and am an avid Perth Glory, Manchester United, Greece and Socceroos fan. Find me on Twitter: @harleymita



Hey Jordan. I work with Perth Glory in the Social Media/Marketing Department and have been reading a few of your articles. Just remember a lot of social media comments are only from a small pocket of our most vocal fans – the negative minority were dwarfed by the majority of fans loved the 56,371 that turned up for the final. Most were young kids with their parents and feedback we got was that they loved it.

I admire your passion and dedication mate. Ever want to know more about the club, feel free to reach out to me anytime.


This A-League grand final bandwagon talk must stop

A good point – depending on how far and wide an A2-League would cast its net, I think a geographical conference system would alleviate a lot of financial pressures.

A cautious approach to A-League expansion

There are worse jobs in the world – England would be a challenge I would relish if I were a coach. Great players who just haven’t fired, and all the fans are pessimistic. I’d love to prove everyone wrong.

Why England must pick up Pellegrini

Hi everyone – as you can see, a lot of my argument now seems off topic given Timmy is looking to recommit in China. Note this was written right after his announcement!

Australian football is 1-0 down with ten to play. It's time for Tim Cahill

I absolutely raced to get this article out before decisions were made, but kudos to his agent for such a quick turn around!

Australian football is 1-0 down with ten to play. It's time for Tim Cahill

You know Richo that’s a very good point and something I think he’s afraid of. However it sounds completely illogical too… the guy is known for being fearless, even against the world’s best.

Australian football is 1-0 down with ten to play. It's time for Tim Cahill

It’s easy to say that but at the end of the day, the customer chooses. No one has a personal obligation to go to any games, and for me I think these exhibition games need to be shaped rather shunned to help the A-League.

But generally from a completely emotional point of view, I think all football fans should support the A-League. But it’s people’s own time they choose to spend at the end of the day.

Legends matches a great concept that needs shaping

Some good stats in there. They’re definitely transformed up front, I think next week’s Melbourne derby will be a good indicator of whether they’re ready to roar this season. Would love to see them up there come finals.

Melbourne City on pace for a record-busting goal-scoring season

Thanks for the comments guys – always appreciate opinions from both sides.

Don't jump the gun on David Gallop

Thanks for the comments guys! To explain a few things, the fine detail of this article was there to provide a bit of vision and direction rather than be a rock solid definite. I’m sure Gallop & the FFA will spend a lot longer than a day or two on each part of the contract!

Good to hear feedback both in agreeing and disagreeing with my view, provides for interesting reading for me!

How Fox can effectively put EPL money into A-League