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If Melbourne wins the flag this year than the Saints have the longest current premiership drought, and I’m not about that 😂
Its bad enough we hold the most wooden spoons haha

Deja vu as Dees and Dogs clash in front of empty stands once again

I completely agree with this, I think great players of clubs should not coach teams that they played for. Great example not mentioned is Michael Voss and Justin Leppitsch coaching Brisbane, neither of them look Brisbane to finals as a coach.
James Hird is another example, do you think Essendon FC would have gone along with the supplement saga if Hirdy wasn’t coach, my opinion is that if it was any other coach it would have been shut down immediately. He put Essendon back a few years and they are only now showing huge potential for a shot at the premiership over the next few years.

Do clubs' favourite sons ever make good coaches?

I agree with Steele. He’s form is one of the only consistent things in a very inconstant year for the Saints.

Your AFL club's breakout player in 2021

Totally agree with the things you’ve listed. Another annoying thing I find is when players indicate they’re going for goal, take 25-30 seconds to walk in, then kick it off to a team mate. Blatant time wasting.

The six most annoying things on a footy field