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Give Bernie a break, he’s just being honest

Give Bernie a break, he's just being honest

6 Jul 2017

Accountant, doctor, athlete. All different jobs. For Bernard Tomic, tennis is exactly that.

A poetic tribute to PJ Hughes #408

A poetic tribute to PJ Hughes #408

28 Nov 2014

Hours have passed, yet the death of Phillip Hughes’ remains unfathomable.

AFL Grand Final: Storylines a-plenty ahead of the big dance

22 Sep 2014

It’s fitting that 2014’s two best sides will face off in what promises to be a cracking grand final. Only two years ago the same sides faced off in the corresponding fixture, but things have changed significantly for the sides since then.

The storied 150 year history of Sydney University cricket

18 Sep 2014

There are few clubs in Australia that can argue to sport a prouder history than that of the Sydney University Cricket Club, in fact, it lies behind only the Melbourne Cricket Club as the oldest of its kind in Australia.

My 2014 NRL rookie team of the year

My 2014 NRL rookie team of the year

17 Sep 2014

It’s that time of year again, September. The distinct scent of finals Footy in the spring air, stagnant for all footy fans to embrace. But along with September also comes Awards season.

Are we too quick to label players all-rounders?

Are we too quick to label players all-rounders?

5 Sep 2014

The perceived value of all-rounders in Australian cricketing circles has grown exponentially over the last few summers.