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As a home game?

UPDATE: Manly hooker Manase Fainu stood down under NRL's no-fault policy

I think double movement is a stupid rule. Get tackled over the goal line, you can wrestle and struggle all you like to ground the ball, for about 15 seconds. Get tackled 1 cm short of the line, and you can’t reach out at all. I reckon if you’re close enough to reach, good luck to you.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

I can only think that the NRL believes its players are so dumb they need constant coaching from beginning to end of games.

Big boys don't need trainers on the field with them

In union:
If the ball or the ball-carrier touches the referee or other non-player and neither team gains an advantage, play continues. If either team gains an advantage in the field of play, a scrum is awarded to the team that last played the ball.

Which would pose the question of who last played the ball, Keary kicking or Soliola heading it?

The NRL knew the risks for years about on-field trainers and did nothing

There is actually a specific clause in the NRL Laws and Interpretations document (right near the end) that allows the bunker to advise on overturning line dropout and 20m restart decisions when there is time to do it. Otherwise their ability is the same as a touch judge under section 16 clause 9 of the rules, to advise the ref of foul play, in which case the ref can overturn the original decision.

So basically, they are supposed to stick with the initial decision except in a very specific and limited set of circumstances.

The NRL knew the risks for years about on-field trainers and did nothing

Those happen at stoppages, so what is affected is the way play is restarted. This one happened while the ball was in play and disadvantaged the Raiders by taking away the advantage they thought they’d been given, without their (apparent) knowledge.

The NRL knew the risks for years about on-field trainers and did nothing

Correct. The ref has no power to change a decision once made.

If he felt play was unfairly affected he should have ruled a mutual infringement. And just like the trainer incident, it would have given a scrum to the attacking team, ie the Raiders.

Re trainers, I’d fix it by placing strict liability on the clubs to avoid trainers interfering with play. Just award a penalty try to the team that is disadvantaged. And not allow the trainers to be within, say, 20 metres of the play.

The NRL knew the risks for years about on-field trainers and did nothing

My biggest concern is the way the game is refereed. If they allow slowing of the ruck and don’t enforce the 10 metres, then it brings Souths closer to the Raiders. (and I’ll suspect the NRL prefers Souths to make the GF)

Rabbit raid? Why Wayne’s Bunnies are the perfect party poopers

Pretty much my view. Make any contact to the head (or neck) a penalty. And a sin bin or send off depending on the level of force/carelessness/intent.

Referees get it right and the commentators misread the room - again


Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

Even so, you’d think Nine would push them to develop a higher level of professionalism in their work. Stuff like enunciating words clearly, using decent grammar, not dropping “h’s” and “g”s in every sentence …

How to fix rugby league commentary

This, and subtitles during half time player interviews. Is there anything more pointless in the history of broadcasting than an ex-player intercepting a player coming off at half time and asking a couple of inane questions?

How to fix rugby league commentary

I wonder if they are actually watching the same game half the time. How often do they say something happened, yet to everyone else watching, it was something completely different. It happens especially on penalties, but also with forward passes, knock ons, strips, etc. I’d have thought if you’re paid to commentate on games, you’d at least stay focused and watch them.

How to fix rugby league commentary

I think any grappling or hands around the head or next should be penalised out of the game.

I’d have also binned Smith for laughing at the explanation, if I was in Cummins’ position.

Cameron Smith's ugly tactics against young Raider

Because they’ve decided to make 400 games the milestone for this, not 300 or some other number. Personally I don’t mind this gift, it’s acknowledgement of his achievement and her support towards it, and it’s not as if it’s going to be happening regularly.

I’d be curious to know the NRL’s stance if he’d been through multiple wives on his way to 400 games. In that case, does the longest serving wife get the ring? or all of them? or none? 😛

NRL's diamond ring stunt proves the game has lost its connection to the fans

I get where he’s coming from, but he’s being a dinosaur over it. Regardless of whether he likes it or not, he’s not going to stop changes. The game just has to adapt in ways that retain its hardness but eliminate things deemed to be excessively risky.

Gus Gould blasts the NRL, fears for the future of the game

I agree. Anything with the slightest hint of force, or in the nature of grappling. In particular I’d be penalising the crap out of facials. Just keep away from other players’ heads. It’s not that difficult.

Luke Brooks fined for ugly knee on Sea Eagle

Alternatively, how much would happen if refs actually sent players off for it, which is what they should be doing.

Luke Brooks fined for ugly knee on Sea Eagle

He should have been sent off. It was clearly intentional.

Turpin binned early for whack to Edwards' neck

Adrian, you’ve not made a case for anything.

I’m inclined to agree with you on Gold Coast – been there, done that, waste of time.

I think the only realistic expansion prospects are a 2nd Brisbane team, Perth and maybe a 2nd NZ team.

There’s a reason Norths aren’t in the competition, and I don’t see anything has changed to overturn the decision to get rid of them.

The five expansion clubs that could replace the Titans

Does it count as a hat trick if it’s across 2 different matches? I think it has to be in the same one.

Women's Ashes: Talking points so far

They should just penalise the hell out of any non-incidental contact around the face. And for that matter, any grappling around the head and neck. It’s so easy to fix these things if the NRL and its refs would just take them on and use the powers they have always had.

The NRL needs to better protect its players

Its just so grubby and childish. You’d think players would have grown out of this sort of thing by the time they’re about 12.

The NRL needs to better protect its players

This is a huge bugbear of mine. It’s grubby and so childish. Stamp it out by penalising any unnecessary contact with the face of the opponent, and sin-binning or sending off in a lot of cases.

What do you need to do to get sent off?

Eye gouging to me is the sort of thing that should cost a player a season, as in 12 months out of the game. You’re either not guilty of it or should be rubbed out for a very very long time. Fines and small suspensions shouldn’t even be an option.

George Burgess headed for long ban after being sent straight to the judiciary