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Should Rioli still be eligible for Goal of the Year remembering Watson was deemed ineligible for his Brownlow?

Willie Rioli facing four-year ban by ASADA over sample tampering

Disagree that any team could win it. The Bombers and the Bulldogs can’t do it. The Eagles added an extra layer of difficulty by surrendering to the Hawks, and a solid month of travel would seem to eliminate them. Of the other 5 there have been bad patches through the season, most caused by long injury lists to key players. Richmond seem to have recovered earliest and best while the Giants and the Pies might be making their recoveries too late. Brisbane lack finals experience which will catch up with them and put them in a great place for 2020. Have Geelong been bad or pacing themselves with heavy training blocks and are they the only truly prepared team to tackle the Tigers. This first round of finals will let us all see who the pretenders and who the real contenders. Can’t wait. Bring it on!

The AFL finals are wide open and anyone can win (for a change)

What I would suggest as an alternative to the current format but still capturing the light hearted humour of the “oldies” would be to have 2 games:

(a) The humourous legends game as the “warm-up” game with 2 x 20 minute halves.
(b) A more serious game – let’s call it State of Origin with 4 x 15 min Quarters using the 10 non-finals team players in honour of the great EJ.

Use both games as a fund-raiser. Perhaps it can then satisfy people looking for a laugh as well as the purists who want to witness a real game.

The EJ Whitten game makes a mockery of a legend

I don’t like the Bye as I love watching footy. What we saw was not footy, not exciting and a waste of time. The only good thing was raising money for prostate cancer research.
A State of Origin using the remaining 10 clubs would be better.
I don’t mind a “legends” game but not when they are 30kg overweight. It was embarrassing to see former stars trying to run around with big belly wobbles. That did not honour EJ! Maybe limit players to retirees from previous 5 years and we may get a better spectacle. I wanted a footy game not a low grade comedy.

The EJ Whitten game makes a mockery of a legend

Why the hold up with Walla? Don’t the Bombers value him? Surely this excitement machine adds thousands of members to the club. Come on Bombers get it done!!!

With Coniglio off the market, where do the dominoes fall?

Most likely the Eagles over the Tigers but would love to see the Lions vs the Tigers. Let them claw each other to the finish line. Wouldn’t that be something!!!

AFL finals predictions heading into Round 23

Liam, your assessment on the final 8 is very logical and I would go down that path as well. Beyond that, once the finals start. Some teams there are very unpredictable i.e. Bombers and Giants. Both can be crazy weak or awesome victors. Both are wild cards for a win or even two but no further. Their styles and systems are not consistent enough and key absentees makes what they have unsustainable.

However, it would be no surprise if the Bombers defeated the Magpies in the 1st Elimination Final because the Pies will have several star returnees returning from extended absences eg De Goey, Aish and Stephenson. Changing these 3 could unsettle the Pies balance in their first week back This Friday’s game I expect the Pies will defeat the Bombers with Bellchambers struggling to have an impact in his first game back, but will be better placed a fortnight later. The rest week could refresh the Bombers like it did the Doggies in 2016 with Fantasia and Heppell benefitting the most. I don’t see the Bombers getting any further than that, if indeed they do get that win. An EF win would give them a pass mark for 2019 and a good foundation for 2020.

GWS could do the same in the 2nd Elimination Final against the Doggies. It was reasonably close to half-time but with more of their stars back, starting this week, would be embarrassed to even dare to have such a repeat performance and would be my tip to win. If they get their mojo back and get threw to the next round anything is possible. They have so much talent and could even win through to another round. On the bad side, 2020 may not be so good as they look poised to lose a couple more champion players.

Finals? Bring them on!!!

AFL finals predictions heading into Round 23

Smashed in the ruck. Smashed in clearances. Won the contest. Bombers will be miles better with Bellchambers back in for 1st week of finals plus having both Hooker and Hurley playing. Depending on who they play and where they play, the Bombers are a good chance to win one final before exiting to prepare for 2020 with Daniher, Smith, Draper and Guelfi back available. Should comfortable mike Final 8 next year and maybe even Top 4.

Five talking points from AFL Round 22

I was excited when Woosha was appointed coach. Was a frustrated supporter during the ASADA episode and optimistic in the aftermath. Woosha still has a year to run on his contract and with the many positives he has created deserves to see it through.

However, 2020 is judgement year. Next year is the year to see the fulfilment of his promises and vision that he made to the club. That doesn’t necessarily mean a premiership but at least it is presenting a team that is solidly in the 8 and playing with more consistent results. As a team with a horrific key player injury list and in the developing of young players we can understand the “Big Dipper” in the 2019 season but he goodwill faces its test and climax in 2020. If the team emerges as a solid “in the 8” team, maybe pushing Top 4 then Woosha will have achieved almost everything he promised and should be rewarded with a contract extension. If 2020 is a repeat of 2018-2019 even half way through the season, then he should go. 2020 is the year he must produce or lose all the goodwill and hopes that Essendon has invested in him. Go Bombers!!!

Why John Worsfold is the man to coach Essendon to their next premiership

With its injury impacted side affecting every major position I was expecting the Bombers would have a heavy loss but nothing like what happened. What a pathetic, dispirited effort! Can they recover? I think not. If somehow they can recover and beat Freo and make the 8 they will still be a wounded and unbalanced team just making up the numbers. The loss also showed they don’t have the cattle. Their VFL team also had a devastating loss – 94 points. So what in form player(s) can come in? None! This loss will have a great impact on recruiting potential – who would want to go there? The off season will be gloomy with no high profile recruits, no Top 10 picks and more of the same in 2020. What a depressing outlook for a dispirited team. They deserve the ranking drop you gave them.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 21

You are too generous on the Bombers. With their current injury state, narrow win games and a thumping, they should be 9th and have to fight for another win or 2 to deserve to be in the 8.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 20

Looking at the position of the goal umpire and the clear view, he obviously is not qualified to be a goal umpire at the highest level.

Another score review farce robs the Bombers of a goal

Saints in box seat to take 8th if they defeat the Crows this week. The draw favours them. What a shock that would be!

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 19

Josh, Essendon 11-7 not 10-8.

Five talking points from AFL Round 19

Surely in a case like this the Emergency Umpire / Goal Review Umpire should alert the Central Umpires that a goal has been scored and they should stop the play.

Another score review farce robs the Bombers of a goal

I too am a great fan of Brown. Not so sure about dumping Stewart. He too has had to struggle through injuries and could still became a very valuable forward target. I rate him above Laverde who also is plagued by injuries. At the end of the season some tough decisions need to be made and maybe one of these 2 or even both will be in the trade mix.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

Justin, an excellent assessment of Mitch Brown. Essendon would have been in a lot of trouble without him. Sadly, at times, injury has limited his impact but he is now a very important element in Essendon’s progress.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

McKenna’s trip to Ireland at this time was arranged and approved pre-season so don’t accuse the club of being weak on this. If we want the best from our Irish recruit(s) then we must respect their family links. Cut them off from family and we could lose them. The homesick factor is a big issue for interstate players and more so for those coming from overseas.

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

If Essendon keep their form they could make the Top 4. Win all 5 they could end as 2nd. Most likely scenario is finishing 5th and playing a home final against Adelaide, Footscray or Hawthorn, Lose to Footscray and Collingwood and they may miss the 8. Lose to Fremantle as well and they’ll definitely miss the 8. The result this week will be critical. Lose and they’ll be history. Win by 60+ and they could leapfrog Richmond or Collingwood. I expect that Richmond will defeat Collingwood and Essendon plays Collingwood in final H & A. Many possible scenarios but only if Essendon win next 2 weeks against GC and PA and favourable results in rivals’ games will there be any real sense of their possible final position might be.

Broken Bombers might finally have what it takes

Yes, great bunch of youth coming through. Although in the 2nds at the moment and having had an interrupted pre-season, Begley seems to have improved significantly since last year. Could he be the Bombers “Cripps” or “De Goey” next year. He seems strong enough but just needs to build his tank. What do you think?

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

Good speculation Nathan. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to dream? It is a distinct possibility that the Bombers could win the next 5 because the Colliwobbles have returned. However, the Bombers have danger games – Bulldogs and Port so although I dream with you I am afraid the bubble will burst. A month ago I was afraid of meeting Collingwood or Geelong, but look at them now! The biggest threat come finals will be Richmond. Maybe they are still a bit soft with players returning and now is the time to strike because if they get a top 4 position they will be mighty hard to beat. In the meantime, let’s dream on!!

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

As a Bomber fan I think you are too kind on the Bombers this week. It’s time for their injury toll to explode with so many key talls out against a team that has them in abundance. This is the recipe for a slaughter. The caviat to that is if it rains the whole game and the Bombers small fleet get on the move. All said I expect a slaughter but will watch the game with my fingers crossed.

Adelaide vs Essendon: Friday Night Forecast

In recent weeks I have watched Hartley in the VFL. In the backline he has been very solid but when moved forward he’s been a surprise packet and goal kicker. I would love to see him in the AFL forward line (CHF) and his long accurate goal kicking could help the Dons forward line find some potent structure.

Essendon are red hot, but is their form real?

If the Score Review eliminate the howlers then it is a valuable tool.

In comparison, there are many marks that were finger touched by an opposition player in a marking contest which are allowed and subsequently a goal followed. Where’s the weekly uproar? How many “advantage, advantage” calls have we witnessed after everyone stopped then some player decides to test “advantage” and races in to an uncontested goal. Where’s the weekly uproar?

The problem with fingernail touches, “Oh, I saw the finger move” – well is it not possible the finger moved for some other reason? Escpecially when the image is all blurred? Was the finger, [erhaps, already moving in that direction? Possibly. Let’s not over react. Put it in an overall context where obvious touches and deviations impact the decision ratjher that 45 seconds of a very blurred vision of a maybe or maybe not decision.

Don’t get rid of the score review, just review it

2000 not 2010.

Are Richmond actually set to miss the finals?