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Guelfi was a gun! Six tackles in just over a quarter was crazy. Does he start next week now?

Essendon Round 8 review

He did get a lot of the ball but his disposal efficiency, especially going inside 50 was very poor. As an Essendon fan I think he’s definitely had better years at the club. In saying that hope he stays he is one of our best players and hopefully a future leader

The case for Essendon: Why Zach Merrett might stay at the Bombers

Him and Draper will be a great combo for the Dons in the year to come

AFL Round 7 rookie report

Yeh I reckon Powell should of got the nom this week over Jackson

AFL Round 7 rookie report

He’s shown a lot of promise so far. If he can add some scoring power to his game he’ll be a good chance for rising star

AFL Round 6 rookie report

I’m only including 2021 debutants

AFL Round 4 rookie report

Cox is going to be a star. He’s developing into a cult-figure of the club

Essendon's round 4 review

He isn’t in top 5, read the leaderboard. I didn’t pick the image for the article

AFL Round 3 rookie report

Only players that debut this year, doesn’t matter when they were drafted

AFL Round 2 rookie report

Thanks Jess

AFL Round 1 rookie report