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When you put it like that Ronan it doesn’t make for good reading.

In our favour, we have a good record at Lords and England side relying on a debutante to fix their attack.

On Archer, I don’t think he’s going to save their attack, and at Lords, he doesn’t need to be – Chris Woakes averages 9.75 with the ball and 68.5 with bat there and looks to be in decent form (well, 1st innings if the 1st test anyway).

Australia must shed overseas yips to win the Ashes

Great article, and something that’s been on my mind for years.

Another facet to this is when teams use it as a ploy to help force a draw, absolutely infuriating.

Gloves can be changed at drinks breaks, physios can come out a drinks breaks, fielding changes should happen as players are running between positions in between overs – once the bowler is at his mark it should be game on. On reviewing run outs, don’t signal it, just do it the second the bails come off from a throw – there’s usually a minute or so of fixing the stumps/ batsman getting back to their mark, more than enough time.

The insidious evolution of Test cricket – and who's to blame

I didn’t see it like that, more as questioning why the selectors were overlooking a guy who was in outstanding form for a sustained period. I feel they were, given our selectors err, enigmatic past. On top of that his SR made him the type of player many felt we were short on in our squad.

Mitch Marsh and Handscomb can help Australia beat England

I don’t think that’s fair Ronan. Wade has plenty of detractors on here and throughout the media. He is in undeniably exceptional form – better form than any batsman outside the original squad.

Certainly not opposed to putting Handscomb in instead of him, but any ‘hype’ for Wade has been justifiable – he’s done everything asked of him and then some.

Mitch Marsh and Handscomb can help Australia beat England

Sure, but if they can only get up for spiteful dead rubbers, then they’d be better off playing park c grade moaning about that time Burnley put on a bad spread for lunch.

Surely they’ll be up for all of their games, especially ones that count – and this one doesn’t.

Aussies have plenty to play for against Proteas

Every game is a danger game really, but I have to ask, why would South Africa be up for this more so than their other games, particularly those when their place in the tournament was on the line?

Aussies have plenty to play for against Proteas

Prepare a road at your own risk, England’s bowling has been so so at best – Warner, Finch and Smith have been in the runs on difficult pitches, Maxwell has hit wicket balls out of the park on them too. Feel like backing Archer/Wood over Starc/Cummins in a pressure situation on a flat deck? Be my guest.

Australia keep winning as the selectors keep ignoring Shane Warne

Can’t argue with any of that Paul, only thing I’d add is temperament comes into it too, being able to bat within yourself when the pitch isn’t playing ball.

Of course you still have to keep the scoreboard ticking over, but 6 singles an over is still 6 an over.

Sri Lanka stun England in World Cup boilover

It wasn’t just them Paul, it was from what i heard/ read in the lead up to the WC from almost everybody – England will happily let you set whatever total you desire because they will chase it down.

The huge scores that were predicted to be a common factor in this WC so far haven’t really materialised. Why? One thing that I’ve noticed anecdotally is that many of the pitches have been a little two-paced, making blazing away from ball one tougher. The other is the pressure factor, every game has meaning, especially if you lose one early.

I agree, tomorrow evening will be interesting. Lose a couple quickly in a chasing situation- will they be able to adjust?

Sri Lanka stun England in World Cup boilover

Yup, I reckon you’re on the money there. Lose an early wicket or two and they seem to carry on with plan A. Moeen Ali’s dismissal seems to back this up.

Sri Lanka stun England in World Cup boilover

If you include the warm up game against Australia, England have lost 3 of their last 4 while chasing. Johnny Bairstow was out cheaply in all 3 (2ducks and a 12 I believe).

Seems like getting them chasing any total might be the way to beat them.

Sri Lanka stun England in World Cup boilover

At the end of the day a win is a win and we’ll certainly take the points. Bangladesh are not the minnows they once were, as they proved against the West Indies, and i wouldn’t mark them off for this tournament just yet – although it’s a tough road ahead.
Some random thoughts;
Batting order is still a mess, the cracks were covered over thanks to some good late hitting from Warner, Maxwell and to a lesser extent UK.
Zampa struggled, not helped by the fact we were leaking runs at both ends at times.
Bowling line up is also still up in the air.
Stoinis Bowled well enough, didn’t have enough time in the middle to get a good look at his batting.
So we continue on, we keep winning without really answering many questions. Was good to see UK get some runs though.

Enormous batting effort blasts Australia past Bangladesh

Nothing unfounded about my assumption Paul.

There was a run, in fact Stoinis and Carey ran a tighter one a couple of overs later.

UK takes off, maxwell follows and UK sends him back.

Enormous batting effort blasts Australia past Bangladesh

Completely disagree Paul, firstly there was a run there. Secondly, it was Ussies call, he charged off then called no. He played a good innings but that was a poor end to it.

Take your Maxwell hating glasses off for once.

Enormous batting effort blasts Australia past Bangladesh

I kept seeing in the press during the lead up that Kohli apparently ‘thrived’ on sledging. Maybe he does against other teams, against Australia however he seems to over do it, to try too hard, seemingly given recent returns to the detriment of his batting (superb ton aside).

Whilst he might thrive on it, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the team do. From the outside looking in, they don’t look a happy team.

Virat Kohli's sledging has lit the fuse on this series

Like Melbourne? There will probably be more at the MCG on day one than there was for the entire Perth test.

Australia vs India second Test talking points: Great pitch, average crowd, and cricket just the way it should be played