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Passionate writer based in Melbourne who supports Port Adelaide and all that is the AFL. Avid cricket supporter with lofty dreams of following the team on tour.



Best available at the time. Finch did well. In UAE, same as Head. Harris second on the the shield charts. Best of an underwhelming bunch. Not much they could do.

What's wrong with the baggy greens?

Seriously David. Yes, they will be back but once again they will carry an inexperienced and underwhelming batting top six. Doesn’t fix the problem. Papering over cracks as we have done for three years.

What's wrong with the baggy greens?

Thanks guys. Form and techinally sound was my point. Yes, no one’s firing and haven’t been for some time, but they need to look at kids like Patterson, Hughes amongst others, that bat time and are technically correct. Not flashy shot makers. Some of these guys are averaging well in the shield this year. More of a something fresh and different approach to flogging the same players over and over again that keep failing.

Australia on the brink: Why it's time for a fresh approach

If picked, Lynn and Head will struggle big time on asian pitches, only make runs on flat/placid decks.

Australia will have to rely on the typical players, Warner, Smith , Maxwell etc

Players to watch out for in the World T20

When players are in form that are currently in the national side there is zero reason to drop them

Just ask most domestic players in the 90’s, 2000’s that couldn’t get a game when they were consistently scoring over 1000 runs a season and Australia was dominating ODI’s and Tests

He can bide his time and play tests

Let's all calm down about Usman Khawaja

Port Adelaide paid way over the odds for Ryder from the get go, especially when they were looking to recruit another tall to assist their forward line, recruiting another ruckman/part time forward did not provide the stability needed.

He is indeed a handy player and one that could bare fruit for port upon his return, there just needs to be more thinking about his role within the side.

CAS bans could aid Port Adelaide's resurgence

Well deserved to Warner, not only being the top run scorer in tests but also due to the voting process from players and media alike, showing his growing stature in the game when he steers clear of self inflicted controversy.

David Warner's big night at the Allan Border Medal

As both Brett and Glenn mentioned, T20 internationals are becoming irrelevant outside of the world cup, players don’t seem to take it seriously and when they are being played after an entire summer fixture, do you really blame them?

Should be the T20 world cup, a few warm up games beforehand and leave the T20’s to the BBL and other domestic competitions where they can still play top class cricket against quality opposition to find form and demand selection

Do players even care about Twenty20 internationals?

The main issue here is that the players have themselves now been found guilty and have to take responsibility for not even questioning the clubs drug program.

There will inevitably be Essendon players (mainly the older players nearing retirement) suing the club, i think the younger batch will just look to move on, get traded or even keep quiet so they can stay on the list.

I just hope this whole thing will end after this year and we can get some bloody normality back

Clubs of former Essendon players should seek further compensation

I suppose with the amount of talent and short form players making consistent runs makes it hard to displace players already in the side, he will just have to bide his time and keep making runs to wait for an opportunity.

Although it could be worse, at least he has earned and will get a very extended run in the test side, if he isnt picked in the T20 WC squad then he will be very hard done by.

The Khawaja snub: Now it's personal

Essentially i am saying that Ryder’s absence will provide Port with the structure and tap ruck work they were missing throughout last year and hopefully provide the structure they were successful with in 2014 with one sole ruckman and a set forward line.

Dixon will hopefully provide port with a more reliable, tall target up forward in Ryders absence.

This will all mean nothing if port adelaide cannot regain their kicking/disposal efficiency which was lacking last year and resulted in plenty of rebound goals from turnovers

CAS bans could aid Port Adelaide's resurgence

Something tells me they wont touch Paine for the ODI squad, Wade will get the nod, especially if he does well in the upcoming ODI’s.

Depending on injury/availability i think Behrendorff will miss out, if Paris does well in the upcoming ODI’s i think they will give him a go, If they dont pick Lyon i will be livid, but unfortunately it wouldn’t surprise me.

Paine and Hastings in my Australian World T20 squad

I think with the lack of a viable alternative, Marsh will have the spot to lose for the foreseeable future.

Especially with tours of NZ and a rather soft tour of Sri Lanka later in the year, Faulkner is the only realistic option going forward, but as Ronan stated, he hasnt been setting the world on fire, his only claim is his rather impressive ODI record over the past 2 years.

Although i do think another soft showing in tough batting conditions, Marsh might find himself in a bit of trouble.

Stoinis the man to replace Mitch Marsh

Thanks mate.

Yeah i don’t really get that one either, especially with the lack of overs bowled in the Sydney test, but you never know, they might be giving him a rest until the last 3 ODI’s.

The new dawn of James Pattinson

I completely agree, there have been far better spin bowlers that have played for Australia.

Hauritz was serviceable to a certain extent, but he was purely a defensive bowler, bowling on a negative line and not giving the ball a chance to spin.

Yes there is very much a love fest for Lyon, its just a relief that when you have a supportive captain, a decent keeper and a spin bowler brimming with confidence ,that is bowling attacking balls/lines, that you can prevail and be successful.

Poor wicketkeeping the source of Lyon's early woes

Luckily Lyon is only 28, and he keeps improving then we wont have to worry too much about a replacement for many years to come.

But through injury/poor form, it will be interesting to see if they pick and stick or we go back to the dark old days of the revolving door.

Poor wicketkeeping the source of Lyon's early woes

Maxwell did well during the World Cup, so naturally he keeps his spot.

Richardson being an international Unknown is a bit rough. He’s played ODI’s before and has always been a back up bowler of sorts.

I don’t see an issue with picking Paris as a Bolter, he’s young and the World Cup is three years away, maybe as well give him a try.

Hey Rodney, why pigeonhole Nathan Lyon?