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Correct, Lukas.

Coach's Corner: Here's why the Wallabies have fallen off a cliff

I think he would say that if the Wallabies are to ever be as competitive as they can be, it won’t be because of a particular coach. Coaches are only as good as the systems below them. That’s why really good coaches seemingly often fail to perform, and not so good coaches sometimes look pretty good. Until we understand what really produces winning teams, and re-jig the rugby system in Australia accordingly, the Wallabies are always going to end up back in this place.

'No answers': Only questions and confusion left lingering from Wallabies' loss to England

Hey Brett, you should do an interview with Ben Darwin. Put all the questions to him.

'No answers': Only questions and confusion left lingering from Wallabies' loss to England

Love the haka, but I do think it should be performed before the national anthems when in another country. The home team should get the final say before kick-off.

The haka's increasing importance

Widely recognized as the best in the world.

I think the Aussie anthem could be a lot better than it is if they slowed it right down. The time they played it live with it sung first in an aboriginal language was closer to the mark for me.

Are the Wallabies on the road to their back-row nirvana?

I think the main reason for the disappointment was because everyone was led to believe they would be on tour. That was what everyone was expecting. And when expectations are dashed like that, we see this kind of reaction.

I feel most empathy for Rennie, with game-plans and selections in place. Can’t be easy for him.

Life lesson #324: Get things clear up-front so that everyone has the right expectations.

Anyway, I’m still pretty excited for the tour to see IF these new forwards make any difference.

The Wrap: Why the long face? Wallabies availability issue is just par for the course

Hi KCOL, sorry getting back to this so late. I hope you’re able to read this.

I’m not sure what you mean by “First3 past the post”.

Your suggestion is the winner of SR AU qualifies for SRP + 2 other Australian teams, which are made up by combining the other 4 SR AU teams. Is that correct?

I’m suggesting each year, the top 2 (or 3) SR AU teams qualify for SRP, which are then bolstered by drafting in the best players from the SR AU teams that didn’t qualify. So it’s not much different to yours with the 2 (or 3) Australian teams in SRP being made up by combining them with the other teams. We end up with all the best players in 2 (or 3) Australian teams ready for SRP.

It keeps all the advantages of yours I listed above. The only difference is, it involves no new brand names.

I don’t mind having 3 Australian teams in SRP, but I think having only 2 would be even better for the cohesion of the Wallabies.

To be or not to Wallaby? A question posed to Tier 2 by the Rennie-vation of Tier 1 rugby

That’s not unusual for the Wallabies to have trouble putting their foot on the jugular (unlike the ABs who almost never fail to do so against lower ranked teams). There seems to be something deep in the Aussie psyche: never work harder than you have to. Always look for a chance to relax, etc. Anyway, I hope it jolts them into gear for the next three games.

Have my doubts playing JOC at 15. I just don’t think he’s fast enough anymore. I know DR has said he is up to speed at training, but I’m struggling to believe it. However, I could be wrong. And I don’t think bringing in a European player at 15 would be great for cohesion, especially where they would need time to get up to speed with set moves played at pace, etc. That’s why I’d still go with AK at 15 at this stage. He reliable, and he’s got potential, and he is up to speed with how DR wants 15 to play.

I had no problem with the lopside AB v USA result. I don’t think it did the game any damage at all. However, I don’t think it would get the praise it did, if it was an annual fixture and result.

I would have no problem with Japan being in the RC now. But without the Sunwolves, and now picking test players from a wider spread of club teams, I expect their level of cohesion to drop over time.

The Wrap: Wallabies shake off the rust while All Blacks raise the ton

Apparently Paisami made 12 tackles without a miss. Apparently that’s the joint-third-highest without a miss for a Wallabies #12 against any opponent since 2010.

'Rusty and frustrating': Everything Dave Rennie said about tactical error, Cooper's status and Hunter return

I wonder if it’s been the recent change of head coach or a turnover of players, because up until very recently, the ABs were still the most frustrating team to play against in the ruck area.
I think it would only take a small tweak and the ABs would be back to being the best at it.

How Dave Rennie’s Wallabies are pushing the limits in contact

Not only does the culture seem more mature and less erratic than in recent years, but I have more confidence in the in the players and the combinations that are developing. It feels like a safer bet to bet on the Wallabies because they seem more reliable.

In previous years, it just felt like we were relying on individual x-factor of ‘young’ players. It felt like more of a gamble to bet on the Wallabies.

'A chance to change perception': Successful spring tour would mean more than usual for Wallabies

I am personally optimistic, especially with McLennan on board. But I can understand the scepticism coming from many Oz fans.

They’ve heard CEOs talk like this before, and on The Roar no less! Good intentions, raising hopes, only to be let down by false dawns.

I think many Australian fans will need to see concrete plans and action before they let themselves be sucked in again.

Understandable that the CEO is not able to reveal that just yet. A lot of things seem to be in the pipeline along with a lot of uncertainty. There is also the need to move slowly with transparency and everyone on board.

However, I am looking forward to a further interview where Marinos broadly outlines how PE money will be spent.

I’d also like to know what the plan is to increase the depth of our SR teams. SRP has the potential to be a rippa competition and secure rugby in the Pacific region in relation to the rest of the world — but ONLY if the Australian teams can quickly become equally competative to their NZ counterparts.

Optimism, a fighting spirit, and simply playing the NZ teams more often is not a plan, and hasn’t worked in the past.

Without a plan to increase the depth of the Australian teams, SRP won’t last past 2023 and it will be a wasted opportunity.

Australian fans will bemoan it louder than they did old SR. And no amount of “cheer up, keep fighting, you’ll get there” comments and articles will help at that stage.

However, I understand that such a plan, and what it looks like, may be waiting until other things are more certain, such as PE.

I do like the current board, and I’m prepared to trust they have the game’s best interests at heart.

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

Hearing a concrete plan is so important before we can decide whether to support PE.

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

Yes, his comments were pretty vague. I like his intentions, but it would be nice to see some concrete plans.

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

I think one of the problems in the past has been both RA and NSWRU think it’s the other one’s job to promote rugby to the community.

I remember asking the ARU if they could put some banners up advertising rugby to juniors along side the banners of almost every other sport. They forwarded me to NSWRU, who forwarded me back to the ARU. When I pointed this out, they were clearly frustrated with each other.

I’m sure things have changed now.

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

Hi Nick, what do you think about the idea of Tupou starting on the bench, but coming on after 30 minutes, 10 minutes before half time, and playing the rest of the game from there?

Is Taniela Tupou top of the props?

Correct MI. Rugby is king in NZ, not in Oz. Rugby wins the battle of attracting it’s best athletes in NZ, not in Oz. Rugby in NZ has a much, much better chance of protecting its young players than rugby in Oz does. That’s just the way it is.

Any governance changes that can help RA hold its ground against other codes, and even fight back a little, will be a good thing.

'We're absolutely committed': RA chief reveals plan to centralise control of Super Rugby clubs

How exciting! Thanks Brett.

It just feels like having a few older and wiser heads in key positions has caused some of the younger players to have to wait and take small steps instead of being essential to the test team before they’re ready and getting burned as a result.

And when you have those older, wiser players in a more cohesive team, that’s when you can bring young guys like Ikitau in, and watch them grow and shine fairly quickly. Ever noticed how the Crusaders or Melbourne Storm can bring a 19 year old kid in and he looks like test quality straight away? Same reason.

The thing I really like about Kellaway more than his number of tries is his reliability. He just does everything right: his decision making, support play, catch and pass, defence, always in the right position, etc.

I actually think he could make a very good fullback. He has great spacial awareness, is very reliable under the high ball, and he’s not just a finisher, but can draw and pass. A player like him at fullback could help our wingers to play even better.

And that’s what we’re discovering isn’t it? It’s not just about picking individual players and relying on x-factor, it’s about picking players in relation to combinations, cohesion, and balance. A champion team is always better than a team of champions.

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

Thanks Geoff, is there a link to images of players from all four sides sharing the same plane on return from Townsville? I’d like to see that. While fans of all sides can be pretty disrespectful to each other at times, I’m pretty sure there is great respect for each other among the players from all teams. At least, that’s what it looks like after the games.

Also, suggesting that it was a political decision that allowed the games to proceed (which wouldn’t surprise me) made me feel a bit bad for watching. 😂

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

As a Wallabies fan, I think there’s a little bit of truth in both. The Wallabies game plan prevented the Bok’s playing to their strengths, but the Bok’s also played their best game in their second test against NZ, primarily because they adjusted their game plan slightly.

The real question is, would the Wallabies have beaten the Boks if they played like they did in their second test against the ABs?

An ABs fan may say def no, while a Wallabies fan may say a def yes. I think both would be overstating their case. I think it would be pretty close and could go either way.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Panana, I agree that a lot of Aussies are too quick to blame the ref, but it comes across like you think all Aussies do that, and I know you don’t really think that.

'Immense, never-say-die spirit', 'Quite brilliant': SA and NZ media react to Boks' triumph

CW, I agree that Mehrtens went a bit far, and some Kiwis are too quick to blame the ref, but it comes across like you’re saying all Kiwis do that. And I know you don’t really think that.

'Immense, never-say-die spirit', 'Quite brilliant': SA and NZ media react to Boks' triumph

I agree with your selections based on your criteria, but it still feels very weird having more Wallabies than ABs in the side.

ABs still the deserved winners of the tournament. And based on the way both the ABs and Boks played last night, the Wallabies are rightly ranked behind them both. However, some real positive signs for the Wallabies after a very long time.

How good is it to have a tournament with the top 3 ranked teams in it?! Like it use to be. And I love the way we all have our own special rivalry with each other: the sibling rivalry between the Wallabies and ABs, the amazingly even battles between the Boks and the Wallabies, and the history between the ABs and the Boks.

And the Pumas also have a lot of potential but lack cohesion since the end of old SR and with players spread all over.

A bit off topic here, but i really like the idea that was floated a while back: a single round robin RC with 6 teams including Japan and Fiji. And then a single round tri-nations between Wallabies, ABs, and Boks. Carry the points against each other from the RC into the tri-nations.

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship

I agree with you re playing players out of position, but can see the logic in bringing on those smaller agile players who might have otherwise been able to run around the bigger, tired boks.

As a Wallabies fan, it actually sounds like you’re being a bit harsh on the ABs. They were clearly the best team of the tournament. But I understand as an ABs fan, your expectations are probably very high.

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship

Yeah 9 is a tricky one, but I think I agree with you, Geoff… just.

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship