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Like all New Zealanders, rugby is my bones but world sport is my flesh.



It’s interesting when you write an article like this. I hope that it will stimulate some thinking at a level deeper than the ref was a cheat, etc, etc. The Sharks played a brilliant game and should have won. But it wasn’t the ref’s fault that the Hurricanes pulled off a great move for Barrett’s try; or that West was able to split the line and give the backhander to Laumape. Just like it wasn’t the ref’s fault that the Sharks got the tries they did – it was a mixture of their skill and the Hurricanes’ errors.

I hoped to get people thinking about how the Sharks lost from their position of dominance – and not just blame the ref. And how the Hurricanes hung in while everything was against them. And what a great game it was right up until the 84th minute.

There was so much good in the game to marvel at. Why do we descend to petty nitpicking on such occasions?

Super Rugby: Lessons from Napier

Sometimes editorial changes can polish an article, and sometimes they can make it look like the writer doesn’t know their facts. West’s backhander that led to a try did not produce “the first try” but the first one for Laumape. I’m not sure why the editor chose to not give Laumape his moment in the sun.

Re Ardie Savea’s possible impact on this game, it would have been more in the symbolic area of showing the rest of the Hurricanes pack that they could fight fire with fire. Often the Hurricanes forwards were driven back by Sharks backs.

And what about Robert Du Preez’s kicking? That gives the Sharks the confidence to really have a go, knowing they already have about 15 points in the bank.

Super Rugby: Lessons from Napier

Hi Chris,

Very little response, which is par for the course. People focus on petty point-scoring rather than deeper issues. I like any sport that puts a premium on attack while respecting the need for defence, and when Brazil plays soccer I can enjoy watching. But when players dive for penalties, pack their defence or kick the ball back to the goalie, I go and watch the grass grow.

Code War? Football is already miles ahead

Shades of Michael Cheika in Ricky Stuart’s histrionics. How can a coach expect their team to be cool and calm under pressure, as they will be in every game they play, when they see their mentor carrying on like a jackass on the sidelines?

Ricky dances into the night

Sounds a bit like whistling in the dark to me. Soccer’s problem in Australia is that elsewhere in the world soccer doesn’t need to keep boosting itself by constantly saying “we’re the world game”, etc. The less advantaged of those countries just play or follow the game for whatever reason. In Australia people play or watch a sport through choice, not because it’s the only show in town. Australian soccer will always at best be second rate as all the best players seek their fortune overseas.

Code War? Football is already miles ahead

There is a rich irony in Warner being offended when someone slurs him or his family in English, and offended when someone might be doing the same thing in another language. Speakers of all the other world languages, please don’t speak your language near Mr Warner as he could well take offence.

The whole point with sledging is to disrupt the concentration of the person being sledged, and Warner is reinforcing why it is so successful against him.

In defence of Davey Warner

Superb effort, Harry. England chose the wrong Jones to carry them to greater heights.

The Ballad of Super Rugby

It’s a bit grim when the base for Queensland hopes is a player who last showed some razzle dazzle a few years ago, and who has been exposed so often when the going got tough. I think there’s a lot of Graeme Hick in our Quade – star against the minnows but a bit wanting against the bigger boys.

Super Rugby preview: Reds No.1, with Cooper the key

Rieko Ioane already has his All Black shirt!

Super Rugby 2017 preview: New Zealand conference

If they’re going to give NSW players a blue cap and a baggy green when they first play for their State, then they’ve got to be able to use them both. But Hughes shouldn’t give up hope. Almost the last 10 Aussie captains have come from NSW so when he gets his chance he may come in at the top.

Why was Dan Hughes overlooked?

I hate to be the fall-guy in this discussion, but when did autumn become fall? If you wrote an article on a US website and referred to autumn rather than fall, the editor would change it. So why do we tolerate these USisms that are creeping insidiously into our vocab? If we don’t make a stand now rugby players will soon be trash-talking like US basketballers, baseballers, etc.

2017 Six Nations preview

Alison is superb, and it sounds like the Test veterans who sit beside her recognise her absolute professionalism and competence.

The rise and rise of female sports commentary

G’day Chinmay,

I think euphemisms are more a feature of US English than Indian. Thus, bathroom for toilet; passed away for died; ass for arse; butt for bum; etc, etc. Our misfortune is that people around the world watch the drivel that comes out of the USA, particularly on TV, and accept that these US sensitivities are how we speak English.

As for the reign of the Lions in the early 70s, many people think back to the 1971 tour and see the Lions overwhelming the ABs – in fact they won the series effectively by one point! If the ABs had won the last Test 15/14 rather than draw it 14/14, the series would have been tied. No quibble with their win in South Africa in 1974 – they were magnificent.

I hope that you are spreading the rugby gospel amongst your countrymen and women. We need a country to replace South Africa!

SANZAAR year in review: Part 2

Chinmay, you have done a superb job on summarising the AB year, and I’m guessing your heritage gives you an objectivity that many other writers do not have. Three minor quibbles amidst the gems: a try is only a try when it is awarded – Dane Haylett-Petty caused an avoidable obstruction on Savea and was rightly penalised; your euphemism of “bathroom” in relation to Aaron Smith’s blunder – I can guarantee there was not a bath in the toilet where he did his thing; and the Lions upset the ABs in 1971, not 1974 (when they did the same to the Boks).

SANZAAR year in review: Part 2

The Lions winning the First Test would make a huge tour even bigger. But to get there they need to survive playing most of the Super Rugby teams first. Drop a few of these and the mountain gets Everestish. Win them all and they will have so much momentum. Wouldn’t the Rugby Championship be great if all teams are firing? Putting aside my wish that the ABs win everything always, my biggest wish would probably be that the Boks return to where they should be, fighting to be at the top of the tree.

The annual Christmas wish list: Rugby edition

I would be very careful about counting my Irish chickens before they truly hatch. In the euphoria of the Chicago victory and the monster lead the Irish jumped out to, it has tended to be overlooked that the ABs were undermanned in the forwards; they let in tries even the Springboks would be ashamed of; yet still they came back and almost stole the Test again from the Irish. If the Irish can perform another miracle and win in Dublin, it will be against an AB team that is ready for them and will have no excuses. Ireland needs to win a lot more than a one-off game in Chicago if it is to join the elite of the sport.

The Neutral Weekly: New waves ready to rise in Irish and French rugby

Since Mark Taylor took over the captaincy there have been 5 long term captains, and of these 4 (Taylor, Waugh, Clarke, Smith) played for NSW. The fifth (Ponting) lived in Sydney. Of the two short-termers, Gilchrist started with NSW and Watson played for NSW. Of the team that got humiliated in Hobart 6 come from NSW. The reigning Sheffield Shield champions, Victoria, had nobody in the team. And the solution to Australia’s batting woes is to put in Patterson and Maddinson – where do they come from?

Up to six changes for Australia's Test team at Adelaide - who's in?

Interesting article Harry, but you’ll have to brush up on your Olympic history. Armin Hary won the 100m for Germany in 1960 and Valery Borzov for the USSR in 1972. In the 400m Juantorena from Cuba won in 1976, and Markin from the USSR won in 1980.

A Saffa ramble

Harry, NZ does have a medallist in the Olympic sprints. Arthur Porritt won the bronze in the 100m at Paris, 1924. If he had allowed his name to be used in the film you would have seen him commemorated in “Chariots of Fire”. I didn’t see the game because of those b….s in Foxtel, but it seems like the game had all the hallmarks of the loss to the Wallabies in Sydney, 2015. Weak defence letting in soft tries; and just not turning up for the game. But there have been very few comments on the fact that the heart and soul of the All Black pack was injured, and without them the experience and grit was not there to counter the Irish fire. Remember though what followed the loss in Sydney last year – the Wallabies got massacred in Auckland. The All Blacks rarely play badly twice in a row.

Option two: To beat the All Blacks, be different than the All Blacks

If anybody wants to visit Dally Messenger, pop down to the Eastern Suburbs (Botany) Cemetery. I’m sure he would love a chat (as long as you do the talking!).

Herbert Messenger: The forgotten immortal?

Spiro, you’ve stolen all my thunder. What a clown Cheika is, and what a gaggle of village idiots posing as ex Wallabies who fell in behind him. I’d like to nominate Cheika as Roach of the Year – a title more justly earned than his Coach of the Year in 2015. He had the opportunity to make a gracious speech after the match that acknowledged the All Black record, but also recognised the vast improvement in performance by the Wallabies. Instead, he turned it into a bitter rant about inconsequential matters. His captain Moore, who finally showed some of the grit that has been sadly lacking for most of the season, had the gall to say that the newspaper cartoon showed a lack of respect for the Wallaby jumper. If you want to see lack of respect for that jumper, have a look again at this year’s Bledisloe Test in Sydney.

As for the ravings of Kafer, here’s a hypothetical. A prop breaks into the clear with 40m to go to the line. A winger turns to chase 5m back but is tripped. That’s OK booms Kafer, it’s behind the play, as the prop lumbers on to score. As for Nigel Owen’s future as a Test referee, he has refereed some of the best Tests in recent years and the one at Eden Park was another of them. The fact that both sides missed a try that could have been awarded shows that even when he might make a mistake it tends to even out. And the leniency shown to Foley as he impeded Coles over the line has barely rated a mention in the indignation expressed by Kafer, Horan and Kearns.

If Cheika spent a bit more time on analysing how the Wallabies can dominate possession and territory, but still be outscored 6 tries to 1, then the Wallabies and Australian rugby would be in a much better place than they are after his vitriolic ranting. If he carries on with his clownish behaviour in Europe the wolves of Fleet Street will tear him apart, and that certainly won’t help the Wallabies.

Rogue Cheika tarnishes the Wallabies once again

Richie McCaw is mindful of the fact that, while the ABs have been very impressive over the last few years, even then they have had slip-ups. The Irish should have had their first win in 2013; the ABs played poorly and lost in Sydney 2015; the Pumas won the second half in Argentina this year, and dominated much of the first half in NZ. If Stephen Bradbury could win gold at ice skating, anything is possible.

Saturday's Bledisloe a dream scenario for Cheika

Sounds like whistling in the dark to me. Even if the Wallabies win all their lineout ball and steal a few AB ones, they’ve still got to use the ball effectively. If the ABs can put 9 tries past a team that the Wallabies could only score 1 against the week before, I think the issues go beyond the lineout. Kerevi and Haylett-Petty have offered something in some Tests but if that’s all the Wallabies can threaten with at Eden Park, then even with 60% of the ball they will struggle. The Wallabies will still be in the game after 60 minutes – even the Boks could compete that long. It’s the last 20 that will really count.

Dismantling the All Blacks, one lineout at a time

Remember the old saying that it’s darkest just before the dawn. In 1949 the All Blacks lost 6 matches, 4 to SA and 2 to the Wallabies. It took the ABs till 1967 to emerge from the overhang of that year and the conservatism it spawned. Brazil has got beaten in its two World Cups, and humiliated in its last. But it will always be a soccer power and the Boks will always be a rugby power. Why not be creative in finding answers to the current malaise? Offer Wayne Smith a million rand (or is that two million now) to come and be an assistant to Johan Ackerman; set up an interchange at under 20 level where talented players swap between NZ and SA on a scholarship; get recent big names like Carter and Campese to go into the townships and get the indigenous youth hooked on rugby. Rugby is too important for South Africa, and South African rugby is too important for the world to just let things slip into the bog.

Durban Disgrace will bring no change for Springboks

Moaman, my tongue may have been in my cheek in the comparison I made, but there are probably some Sth Africans now who feel that bombs are raining down on their rugby reputation. And remember, Britain survived as will Springbok rugby.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man