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I’ve always thought Fury beats AJ 8/10 times but that’s probably at 9/10 now with how much more gun shy AJ has become.

Fury v AJ is still probably the biggest fight in boxing, but it has lost a bit of its shine.

Whatever happens, it’s still a great time for the heavyweight division.

Will AJ's loss help of hinder Fury?

I wouldn’t like to see him fight a werdum or Velasquez just yet maybe one more fight from the real big dogs of the division

Matches to make after the latest UFC bouts

Poor judgement by his corner sending him out for that second round too I think 60 seconds was never gonna be enough to recover the necessary amount

Matches to make after the latest UFC bouts

Never. Although I enjoy both, watching the game live in the stadium is a feeling you can’t get watching on the TV for obvious reasons.

Will football one day become a TV-only sport?

73-9 means nothing when you don’t win the championship at the end of the season. Lebron James is still the best player in the league even if not the MVP trophy holder.

Cleveland beat Golden State to claim the NBA Championship

The Welsh contributed to England’s early exit at the Rugby World Cup and I wouldn’t be shocked if they were able to get a result and send England home early from the Euros too

Is it all going to be too much for England?

They still have the talent and form players to make a decent run at the Euros especially with the extended 24 team format. I’d place England at the top of the second tier of teams so to speak behind France, Spain and Germany with the likes of Belgium, Portugal, Croatia and Italy

Is it all going to be too much for England?

Belgium as a team are extremely overrated and show how meaningless the FIFA rankings really are

Euro 2016 contenders fail to stamp authority

What do you think of Halilovic not making the final squad?

Previewing Euro 2016 Group D

I’d be surprised if they didn’t finish with 9 points in the group

Previewing Euro 2016 Group C

I’m hoping for a deep run for England it’ll be interesting to see how Kane and Vardy go after such a good season for them both

Previewing Euro 2016 Group B

I agree, Khan will go down midway through the fight I don’t see him getting past the 9th at the latest

Alvarez vs Khan: WBC middleweight title fight preview

Thanks for the read and comment. You’re correct it’s France’s third time hosting not fourth, I’ll get that fixed. As for the victorious hosts comment I meant that no host country has been the tournament winner since the French side of 1984

Previewing Euro 2016 Group A

I love MMA but it has its fair share of sideshow bouts too look at the recent fight in bellator between kimbo slice and ken shamrock and even in the UFC this past weekend two guys fighting for the right to fight 0-0 former pro wrestler cm punk

Who are the big players in heavyweight boxing?

Looks like you’re the only person who bothered to read the end of that sentence az_rbb

Arsenal face Manchester United in the game of the season

Wenger needs to go if arsenal want to win the league he’s in the running almost every year but arsenal can’t get it done and after a decade of not having won the PL arsenal need a change

Is it time for Wenger to go?