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Sport is the thing I know best and I know a lot about all sorts of sports. Rugby, cricket, Basketball and athletics are my favourites



You make some great points James. The offensive flourishment of many teams is very impressive.
There are some opinions that the current nature of the game is offputing to some fans with how defence is being diminished. Do you think the current iteration of the game is the best product for NBA basketball?

What’s behind the NBA scoring boom?

I agree Paul, I hope the Thunder compete for a playoff spot. They’ve been getting increasingly better through the season and there recent form has aligned with Giddey stepping up a level.

Have to give credit to the Thunder and Daigneault for what they’re building, particularly when compared to the similarly-rebuilding Rockets, who look in disarray. They’ve built a system which has these young players buying in. Any playoff or even play-in experience will be valuable. Add in the fact that Holmgren will be there next year and with Presti’s assortment of picks, have plenty of options to keep improving.

NBA Double Dribble: Giddey heights on horizon for Thunder as young Aussie rises rapidly in sophomore season