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He did the basics which is all that’s really asked of anyone

Wallabies DIY player ratings from the England Test: The results

Have you heard of letting go of the past..
Most religions commonly call it forgiveness.

And Kurtly is not Michael Cheika or is he responsible for checkers actions or failings..

Wallabies DIY player ratings from the England Test: The results

I absolutely agree Ozinsa
Christy Doran writing for Fox Sport gave both Kurtley and Hunter a 7.

KB took all his high balls, made some yards and missed one tackle..

Also the drop ball from Hunter paisami was above his head.. yes his attempted grubber was comical I absolutely agree.. but the level of derision of kurtley Beale and his performance on that day are highly distorted.. by pass remembrances perhaps..

If you did this to someone in the workplace it would be called harassment..

Wallabies DIY player ratings from the England Test: The results

Good advice WB..keep it simple..If a forward has to spend 2 weeks in camp to get with the system could be it’s too complex.

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

I find your response very insightful and free of much of the vitriole that gets directed at players ..keep it up Muglair

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Do I detect a hint of generosity towards HP and KB rather than the usual rubbishing that occurs in their direction?

I agree that both were certainly not as bad as they were predicted to be.. and I agree Hunter had his best game and made some great tackles until he threw that poor pass 2 KB.

I’m so glad Kurtley’s grubber did not decide the game..for his sake

Cheers mate.. enjoying your contribution.

ANALYSIS: So little time to fix so many holes with RWC 2023 rushing at the Wallabies

I think you missed the water carriers there Hansel 😂

ANALYSIS: So little time to fix so many holes with RWC 2023 rushing at the Wallabies

What I’m attempting to do in my articles is separate the person from their actions… Someone once said seek first to understand and know that everyone is doing the best they can even when it doesn’t look like it.

So with Hunter I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and realise that just like everyone, he has dreams and motivations, and perhaps like Jordan Petaia is trying too hard to be like his Heroes and just needs to be himself.

Would have been good to be coached by someone like you..

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Hi Charels
It means the world to me that you got a smile from my article as my aims in life are to make a difference, and make people smile.

Glad some things resonated with you and thanks for letting me know. 👍 👍

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Yes Reds Harry
I screamed at the set when he threw that! Didn’t he read my article before the game”If ZI was Wallabies Coach for 3 weeks” which definitely said’no wild passing. 😡 😂

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Isn’t it time we developed our own ‘haka’?

How about a welcome to country and ceremonial dance with a didgeridoo solo at the beginning. 😛

Also as a sign of appeasement or good will we could present Eddie a didgeridoo as Hoops did to Roman Poite, and toss in a boomerang and stuffed kangaroo for Owen Farrell. 😂

Yes I can fully understand some of the predictions given last weeks effort, our injuries and the quality, power and pace of the England side.

What is revealing, revealing I say more about the posters and less about the players, is the way the negative brigade are already scapegoating individuals like Kurtley, Hunter, JOC and Skelton for the loss, rather than giving credit to the depth of English rugby.

The British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa had 11 English players and 8 Scottish players. England has at least 6 players from that tour in this game, as well as two of the best players from Harlequins, the winners of the Gallagher Cup final in June this year. NH clubs have a longer season, play 6 Nations and have a very financial base for clubs and the union, so it’s natural they would have more player depth, because they also have greater numbers of players to choose from.

Rugby in Australia is the fourth choice winter ball sport after league, AFL, and soccer. The money and coverage of NRL has more appeal than the ‘state of the Union’ for athletes content to represent their clubs and state.

So it won’t be Kurtley Beale that loses the series or the game for us. It will be the depth of players in the talent pool, the shortness in our season, and lack of intensity and skill level honed by constant competition against teams of our own ability as in the NH. It will be the injuries and unavailability of players for this game.

I guarantee you none of our players that take the field will give anything less than their best on the day. That may be mitigated by the size of the challenge, nerves, inexperience, our underdog status, the messiness of the lead up, any number of factors.

But doubters please remember that the Wallabies beat the French side with 14 men when Marika was sent of in game 3. So I would expect them to show a similar fighting spirit.

If you want the best from our team then I suggest expect the best, wish or hope for the best.
“Your example has more power than your opinion” Paulo Cuelho(Author of the Alchemist)

UK View: Eddie's 'curveball' could leave Smith exposed to 'stinker', Wallabies 'worried'

By the way, surely ANDRE ESTERHUIZEN from Harlequins has an Australian relative and is available for a quick call up tonight. 👍

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Love your analogy of polishing a scratched car with a hammer..Mind if I store that in my rugby writers closet for future reference?

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

This clip missed the final edit, but wanted to remind Roarers what Hunter does bring to his game.

PS. For a little history of the rivalry between our two nations, here’s a brief highlights reel of England’s greatest tries against Australia to whet your appetite.

PPS. And just to update you on some of the players playing this Saturday, including Nic White, Owen Farrell, Mario Itoje, Jamie George, Will Skelton and Henry Slade to name a few, here’s an exciting highlights reel of the 2020 Gallagher Cup final between Exeter and the English stalwarts Saracens.

And please, in the event of a loss, hold the invective(insulting, abusive, or highly critical language) for at least 24 hours and never post when angry, frustrated, or disappointed, just as you wouldn’t hit your kids or kick your pets when in a foul mood. There are human beings playing in this test who have endured lockdown, travel and hotel life, absence from families and loved ones, and who risk serious injury for the privilege of wearing the gold jersey.

They are doing their best and that is all we can ask of them, and your words can hurt!

“Go you good thing…MATE”

Or in Samoan “Alu oe le mea lelei uo”

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Hey Tony,
Great work. This test has certainly generated a lot of meaty content..really enjoyed your quotes from Dave Rennie. Amazed he actually reads this site but then why not as there is some excellent content from knowledgeable writers, and then there are the ‘hacks’ and wannabes like myself. 👍

O'Connor vs. Smith: Rennie backs JOC to bounce back in epic battle of old and new

Yes Wooliej, he certainly was fast. But how good to be running off Campo..forgot how good he was as well..the over the shoulder pass – amazing. Will have to get Nella to add that to his repetoire. 😊

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

I’ve seen Crosby, Nash and Young but Stevie Stills is out the back smokin’.. 😂

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

Me too Bobby. I found that HP, TT and Jordie all have Instagram accounts, so I sent him a message in Samoan and told him about the article. Certainly if comments were respectful he/they may appreciate well wishes and supportive comments before the game if Dave hasn’t placed a social media ban on them.
I certainly wouldn’t want to be Hoops, Hunter, JOC or Will Skelton and be reading the Roar comments…you’d need either skin like a rhino or an ego like Donald Trump.

Here’s what I posted to Hunter’s Insta account..thanks Google translate 👍

“O le Aso To’ona’i nei e te tamo’e pei o le matagi, tuli e pei o le leona ma ta’alo ma le agaga o le lupe o lo’o nofo i le fatu o lau pepe.”

I’ll leave it with you to get a translation Roarers 😊

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too

The rugby great Andrew Johns when commenting one day said something all our team and Hunter may want to consider. He said that when you tuck the ball under your arm and run straight at a tackler, he can set himself and deliver a tackle with all his weight. However if a player holds the ball out in front, like QC or Marcus Smith, and /or sways the top of his body as if about to change direction, that puts uncertainty in the mind of the tackler who is unsettled and won’t deliver his full weight into the tackle. That allows the runner to either break the tackle or get through the line and deliver an offload.

Likewise a small sidestep or left/right step before impact upsets the tackler’s balance or causes them to miss the tackle as happened with Hunter and Stuart Hogg last Saturday. Perhaps that would be something else we could develop in our game, especially Hunter to offset his different statue to his idols. Hopefully Dave will use Izaia Perese to come in off his wing and run some crash ball at first or second receiver, when HP would be ideally suited to running off his hip or inside shoulder, using his hard straight running and leg drive to maximum effect.

As Dave Rennie said, the numbers on the shirts won’t mean much as he expects the Poms to mix it up in the midfield. I trust we’ll do the same……but why are our best players “Turning Japanese”? 😢 Is it the sushi? 😂

Dear Hunter ... bring your strong game, but bring your smart game too he a young man trying desperately to play and hit above his size and weight..
And after Australia’s experience with samu kerevi, trying to be a mini Kev.

I agree with all those that say it would be good if you could tone his game down.
Also as a young man whose just had a baby and left his family behind is desperately trying to secure a permanent place in the Wallabies and make his family proud..

So I’m of the opinion that all those underlying factors are driving him to play too hard and trying to be something he’s not..

Turning it down 10% would probably work wonders

The Thursday rugby two-up: Break out the scorecards

Oh dear.. not that tired old argument again.
Surely you can find another angle to look at it that elevates the discussion rather than dragging down the contribution of a courageous individual who gave his all for Australian rugby..

And I get in one sense there does seem to be some contradiction in that but there is a large question of degree don’t you think?

I look forward to future comments that are moving humanity forward rather than trying to drag an individual back… You know you are much better than that ????????

Rugby World: White would 'love to have a beer with Eddie,' Wallaby assistant's verdict on Jones v Rennie

Apologies Ben.. thanks for the heads up 👍

If I was Wallabies coach for three weeks...

Then Warren must have had a great footy brain heh like us.. I did see that Andrew mehrtens was bemoaning the Wallabies famous kicking game.. dab probably kick as much as any team except the box but they just do it so much better.

Still I thought we had some good kicks just not enough and not enough accuracy..

If I was Wallabies coach for three weeks...

Hi gatesy
Good comment..Agree mate… I did mention that in my recent article ” if I was a Wallabies coach for three weeks”.

Finn Russell scored 1 X 50:22 and attempted another that nearly went in there but we didn’t attempt any despite 5 or 6 opportunities.

I thought some good cross field kicks in the first half into the corners for position and territory worked well…

But then we reverted to the high and long downtown kick return rather than kicking low and hard in towards the sideline.. I thought we lost a lot of territory because of that…

MATCH REPORT: Wallabies will be 'filthy with themselves' as Scotland end winning streak

Hi Muzzo
Good suggestion re being involved.. agree that it gives me a behind the scenes view I lack.
And I am very much on the Dave Renniwhate train..I believe in what he brings ????????

If I was Wallabies coach for three weeks...