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They went to the AFLW instead.

Where to next for football in Australia?

Te A League needs not only a reset but a change in public relations. We all know about the terrible bush fires in the eastern states and the closure of the Eyre highway in WA. The big sports in Australia have rallied around to raise funds. AFL with it’s state of origin match, cricket with it’s yet to be played match,tennis in Sydney last week featuring some of the worlds best. NRL also doing it’s bit. But where was soccer? Conspicuous by its absence. No charity matches.

The Wanderers need a reset - and so does the rest of the A-League

AA agree. We would then finish up with what they have in the UK premier league. The same clubs at the top. The same old boring competition year in and year out.

The Wanderers need a reset - and so does the rest of the A-League

The goal is normally the only bright point of the match

A-League wrap-up Round 11

There is usually some excuse as to why attendances are low. AFL, Melbourne Racing (spring carnival) NRL.National Oxcart championships. You name it all sorts of reasons. But for 6 weeks. Not just one week, but a trend is developing. Maybe if the tickets were given away??

The Melbourne derby showcased the best and worst of the A-League

“This might just be plain daft” Yes it’s daft

Are we too scared of opinions in the A-League?

No advert for a follow up test in Perth if today’s attendance is anything to go by. 6,000?

Why can’t Perth hold the Boxing Day Test?

Try reading the “West” in the football season. Would think that there are only 2 clubs in the AFL

Why can’t Perth hold the Boxing Day Test?

To be a truely national competition each state needs to have AFL clubs. Victoria is over stocked with non performing clubs such as North Melbourne, St Kilda, Carlton and Melbourne. Sure St Kilda made the GF in the past 10 years but has done what since? Melbourne one good year in the past 20. Carlton is an embarrassment. Has trouble kicking 100 pts.North well enough said. Combine any of those two clubs and move to Tassie.
The AFL missed the chance to move to Canberra which is now NRL country. Move GWS to a permanent base in Canberra.
Perth and Adelaide don’t need a 3rd side just yet.

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

Hawthorn and Melbourne. Ok That’s been tried before

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

Bancroft dropped on 4 then out for 13 batting on the flat WACA wicket.

Australia are two middle order batsmen away from balance

He only played the last test as the series was all over. Both Marsh guys are finished

Australia are two middle order batsmen away from balance


Whisper it, but Australia finally have Test XI again which picks itself

For those that don’t live in Perth, Ch7 over here is pushing for the 1st next season vs India to be played in Perth. Similar type of venue. A concrete bowl. Hot. Temps in Perth are about the same as Brisbane this time of year.

Strip international cricket from the Gabba

Perth Glory cant use Optus during the summer as it’s used for cricket.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

It’s about time that soccer in Australia started paying it’s own way. If FIFA wants Australia to become a soccer country then get money from them. But i will not happen for one simple reason. Lack of interest for soccer in this country, be it television or bums on seats at games. That is why games are played in the off season.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

The new multi sport stadium in Perth known as Optus was funded by the state government. Each user pays for the use. Football,cricket and Rugby League. Also music concerts pay there way also. So please get your facts correct

Docklands has passed its use-by date

The home of Perth Glory was fully funded by the state and local shire. No imput from Perth Glory. Was many years back in the 1990’s

Docklands has passed its use-by date

First and only water carrier to wear a tie

The Prime Minister continues his back-up career as a water boy

Only 2 comments about the Cup Final? Oh dear

Adelaide spank City in FFA Cup final

The end is nigh

Dear A-League fans, it's time to take off the rose-coloured glasses

Forget a 19th or 20th untill the current standard of football is increased. The aim is to have 2 sides except NT where playing conditions don’t warrant playing. So to do that move one of the Melbourne sides and relocate to Tasmania. Move another side from Melbourne metro to Canberra. That way it is then a national competition not the old VFL Then we have 2 sides in each state and one in ACT and Tasmania. 7 clubs in Melbourne

Where should the 20th AFL team be based?

“It will take generations to shift people around to football, there’s no quick way to do it.”
These comments were made back in the years shortly after the 2nd WW, with 10000’s of eastern Europeans came to Australia. Then in the 1960’s when we had the influx of 10 pound poms arrive. On both occasions football/soccer never took off. Will it ever? Doubt it. A sport that is to be played in the AFL/NRL off season untill it goes under financially and then someone with a truck load of money ( probably from China) will come up with starting up another soccer/football comp.

Is this D-Day for the A-League?

When Nat Fyfe made a comment when accepting the Brownlow that Ross Lyon will be still involved at the top level in the AFL a shudder went through me. Surely Adelaide will not take him on. Seems as though he missed the cut. Good.

Who will lead the Crows to the light?

“start supporting the competition or we may just whinge it away”
A very true comment. Football supporters don’t whinge. Or do they? Surely not in Australia

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League