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The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.



Pretty unlucky to get this weather in Brisbane this time of year, probably won’t have to worry about it again for a long time.
Could always put a roof on Suncorp.

Magic Round just became aquatic round: Why you should never play eight NRL games at the same venue

I did miss Jesse Arthars for a bit of extra depth in the outside backs but he is still technically a bronco.

The best of the ex: A 17 of former Broncos

You can’t keep them all but I suspect there are some regrets about letting Walker and Walsh go . Don’t know what the story was with Dearden either, maybe just a bit more patience as he has been going great this year too.

The best of the ex: A 17 of former Broncos

I thought this article was going to be about why the NRL grand final should stay in Sydney’ but 0 reasons given other than there is ‘something special’ about a Sydney GF?
And that games at at least 3 different stadiums there had a good atmosphere? And that winning games on the road is hard and you have to be good at it?

MICHAEL HAGAN: Why this proud Queenslander thinks NRL grand final should stay in Sydney

Red Herring. In revenue terms for an event like this, sales of actual tickets is a minor factor and should be treated as such. A visionary, national and expansionist mindset would also not be held to just sticking to your existing market.

Tradition be damned: It's time to take grand final away from Sydney to highest bidder

Can’t leave out an immortal!

The best Broncos who never played representative football

Certainly as games get closer a penalty in front of the posts can be much more of an advantage than 6 again against a team that cynically and continually slows down the ruck and defends offside.
Perhaps the captain could have the power to put up their hand at the 6 again call and say “no thanks, we’ll take the penalty instead. “

NRL coaches have defeated the set restart rule and the game is better for it

The Storm’s 2021 record seems to contradict the central premise of your article.
Yes, they missed the GOAT in the preliminary final, but then again they missed plenty of current players who were actually on the field in that game!

No GOAT, no glory: Is the Storm’s purple reign coming to an end?

That’s right, Robinson should have been fined less for saying that the officials stuffed up (which appears to have the defence of truth) and more for claiming the Roosters were the target of some weird conspiracy which implies the officials were cheating.

The 2013 precedent NRL should have used to let Robbo off the hook after Abdo's intervention

Eels have already had 50 put on them during the season so none of it matters anyway!

The Eels' Round 25 team says plenty about them – nothing of which is positive

Didn’t get dropped for performance issues, retired from on field duties due to heart condition.

UPDATE: Trell's monster ban, bunker ref sacked, Manu's op and Robinson investigated

Sounds about right.

UPDATE: Trell's monster ban, bunker ref sacked, Manu's op and Robinson investigated

To summarise the article and answer the titular question: yes!

Are Tigers fans precious about Marvel Stadium?

The point is the seating capacity argument is a red herring when 99% of revenue comes from television. As you correctly point out atmosphere can be just as good at Suncorp ( or Qld Country Bank, or Mt Smart or any reasonably sized stadium in a good sized city.)

My club's not from Sydney: Sell me on NRL conferences

MCG has more seats than stadium Australia, just saying!

My club's not from Sydney: Sell me on NRL conferences

Some good points but the starting premise is comparing apples with oranges. The “elbow” in Mitchell’s case is irrelevant as the 10 minutes was for a professional foul (whether you agree with it or not).

Two elbows, two outcomes: The NRL’s priorities are stuffed

A bit poor to make that point number 1 after one off Qld’s best ever wins. Where was the rage from NSW though? When White did exactly the same thing to Steve Price in 2009 it fired Qld up for years at what was done to one of their own.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 3

Sounds like Trump last Monday.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Game 2, 2020

The board did however sign Siebold to an inordinately long contract ( with or without performance clauses? ) that has cost the club a fortune to get out of.
They must also have signed off on all the weird ” in the players favour” contract extensions that have resulted in a slew of underperformers that the club can’t get rid of.

Official: Kevin Walters quits Maroons immediately to coach Broncos

Three was at least one example last night when the Broncos were bringing it out of their corner and got a 6 again for offside on the first or second tackle, when I am sure they would have much rather received a penalty and opportunity to restart the set 30 metres up- field.

NRL rule tweaks here to stay as Broncos pick up deserved spoon

And yet somehow the Roosters end up with the penalty????

Brawl erupts after furious Josh Papalii cops elbow to the face

Funny a Raiders fan complaining about ruck speed and wrestle, Canberra had the 2nd slowest ruck speed in defence in the comp last year (well ahead of the Storm).

George Williams shines as Raiders steamroll Storm

I think overall it is a positive but jury may still be out. Coaches will have looked at this round and I suspect next week we may see teams “managing” it differently.
It certainly seemed in a couple of the games the 10 metres was the victim of the changes so expect to see teams continue to push the offside. I also noted a couple of deliberate strips with the intent of giving away the penalty and resting/resetting the defence rather than risk 6 again slowing the ruck.
It does seem from the small sample that score blow outs may be increased as momentum is now much harder to stop and the resultant lack of close games may detract from spectator engagement and enjoyment.

The six-again rule is a game changer for the best

I think duds like Flegler, Carrigan, Ofengahue and possibly Lodge will help out????

2020 NRL season: Round 3 preview

What if GI decided to play for the cockroaches?

The what-ifs of NRL history