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The NRL do not need to promote it as a round awareness just start by putting recycle bins & food bins at the grounds and sell items that are recyclable in their stadiums. Putting solar panels on the roofs of stadiums, they don’t need to get all preachy about it. Hopefully the rules they implement get some media attention.

Why doesn't sport do more about climate change?

17 Sunshine Coast – Redcliffe Dolphins
18 Ipswich
19 Wellington
20 Perth
21 PNG
22 Adelaide

What criteria do we need for the NRL's next expansion club?

I thought I read something a while ago about Annandale doing the same as what Glebe are trying to do but can’t find anything about it now.
I probably got confused with the Glebe story & thought Annandale could do the same and over the years it kind of merged as a reality but still not a bad idea for Wentworth Park I think but I don’t like it’s chances with it’s funding though.

Never mind the Bears, bring back the Dirty Reds

Nice article ! Gave me a little giggle but all jokes aside I had an idea a while ago about turning Wentworth Park into a rectangle field with some old looking stands, like North Sydney oval but rectangle, Glebe & Annandale could use it & maybe a NRLW team could play there. I could see Glebe & Annandale become a NSWRL team in the future so might not be too bad. Having them in the Ron Massey Cup is not a bad option as well.

Never mind the Bears, bring back the Dirty Reds

Good article ! I’m in the process of doing a SL season structure myself, I can see you have put a lot of thought behind it with a lot of research. I’ve been looking into SL on & off for the past couple of years with mainly focusing on the season structure & how it could align themselves up with the NRL so there can be more internationals & maybe a RL World Super Bowl between NRL v SL at the end of the year instead of a pre season fixture.
I’m still however using the same relegation/promotion system that already exist but I don’t like the idea as there is too much uncertainty in an environment that is uncertain in a country that is dominated by soccer & Rugby Union.
I haven’t looked into a alternative yet because as you mentioned they have changed their structure a few times over the past 2 decades & thought anymore changes might see more people walk away from the game or less interest in viewership.
I don’t think they should have relegation/promotion & should set a criteria’s to have get a license eventually having 22 teams in the ESL with 22 Rounds with a French & Great Britain Conference System below with opportunities to be promoted if they fit the criteria.
12 teams with 22 rounds top 8 finals fits perfect for the moment though because each team only plays each other twice & a top 8 would keep the competition interesting in the bottom half of the comp during the season even if in the finals they are just making up the numbers it would keep the fans engaged.

Week 05 – 9’s + Round 1 1895 Challenge Cup
Week 06 – Round 2 1895 Challenge Cup
Week 07 – Round 3 1895 Challenge Cup
Week 08 – ESL Season Launch
Week 09 – ESL Round 1
Week 19 – ESL Round 11
Week 20 – Weekend off
Week 21 – Internationals + Round 4– 1895 Challenge Cup
Week 22 – Internationals + Round 5 – 1895 Challenge Cup
Week 23 – Internationals + Round 6 – 1895 Challenge Cup finals
Week 24 – ESL Round 12
Week 34 – ESL Round 22
Week 35 – ESL Semis
Week 36 – ESL Semis
Week 37 – ESL Semis
Week 38 – Million pound game or GB Grand Final – French Grand Final
Week 39 – ESL Grand Final – NRL Grand Final – French winners v GB winners pre ESL Grand final
Week 42 – RL World Super Bowl

'The game cannot afford to alienate the core': How I'd restructure English rugby league

Perth Redbacks, wearing the 1980’s North Sydney Bears jersey since it looks a bit like cobwebs in the design. The Sydney Roosters could take a home game against Perth to North Sydney Oval once a year since it’s their feeder team. Everyone wins

Reconnecting with lost fans through expansion

The chemist
Not much different to when you where born hey.

Rugby league in France: The dawn

I would love to see France get the World Cup in 2025, with Catalan making the final & Toulouse making it into the Super League there is some good signs for the future of league in France.

Rugby league in France: The dawn

I think their best chance of a bid would be to concentrate their efforts on branding themselves as the Central Coast Bears and play out at Gosford Stadium. They could take a game to North Sydney Oval when there is a heritage round but I don’t like their chances if they are up against Perth, Wellington or the Jets.

Bring back the Bears: A million reasons why they're needed right here and not PNG


Their juniors are very small only 8 clubs not sure of the numbers but probably only a few thousand . The area has a decent population & it’s a pretty wealthy area but North Sydney Oval is an awesome ground because I love the old look but not up to NRL Standards.

Bring back the Bears: A million reasons why they're needed right here and not PNG

North Sydney Bears are a foundation club but were shafted after the super league war when they amalgamated with Manly to become the Northern Eagles & playing games in Gosford Stadium. It didn’t work out and Manly ended up with the license. There’s more to the story then that but you will have to look up I can’t remember all the details it was a while ago.

Bring back the Bears: A million reasons why they're needed right here and not PNG

I looked into it & I don’t see it hurting the NRL, could be interesting. I was a bit confused on how it could start but if it was to be implemented in say 2023, I would have the 2022 Grand Final winner hold the shield until the following year until someone beats them at home during the regular season then it continues along it’s merry way. That’s how I would implement it, whether it be popular is another thing but if it can boost crowds why not ?

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams


Week 05 – Indigenous All Stars
Week 06 – 9’s + Round 1 KO Cup
Week 07 – Round 2 KO Cup
Week 08 – Round 3 KO Cup
Week 09 – NRL Season Launch
Week 10 – NRL Round 1
Week 20 – NRL Round 11
Week 21 – Weekend off
Week 22 – SoO Round 1 – KO Cup Round 4
Week 23 – SoO Round 2 – KO Cup Round 5
Week 24 – SoO Round 3 – KO Cup finals
Week 25 – NRL Round 12
Week 34 – NRL Round 21
Week 35 – NRL Round 22 (Bye)
Week 36 – NRL Playoffs
Week 37 – NRL Playoffs
Week 38 – NRL Playoffs
Week 39 – NSWRL – QRL Grand Final – ESL Million Pound Game
Week 40 – NRL Grand Final + NSWRL v QRL Super Bowl – ESL Grand Final

Week 42- World Super Bowl

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams


I’m sure sponsorship dollars would be contingent upon the strength of the competition with the understanding that all teams would be at full strength, or close to full strength.”

If I was to negotiate a deal there would be an understanding that most NRL Clubs would take the pre season games as just trials & during the state of origin period there would be a lot of stars out.

No team would risk it mate, which is evidenced by the fact that the majority of teams rest their star players in the pre-season trials”

I would anticipate this & this is why it’s the best time for a knock out comp against lower tier clubs when NRL are resting their stars however most clubs will have to give some star player some game time before the season starts to blow off some cob webs as you wouldn’t want your star players making their first hit up of the year in round 1 of the season. I think it would be more interesting competition if the lower tier teams could get a few wins, especially if teams like North Sydney, Newtown made it to round 4 or 5 would make a stir in the RL community & get some good ratings. The comp could even bring back a Bears v Sea Eagles game during the pre season in round 2 if the Bears win their first Round they would play against the Sea Eagles, that’s how I would organize it anyway.

The only way I would like to see W.A in this tournament would be for the West Coast Pirates to enter into the QLD Cup then hopefully Perth Redbacks enter into the NRL and if West Coast Pirates won the 1st round, Round 2 would be West Coast Pirates v Perth Redbacks which hopefully intrigues the locals to come and watch.

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

The Bears compete in the NSW Cup which is a 2nd Tier competition and is 1 step down from the NRL. The Bears are now affiliated with the Roosters and are the Roosters reserve team.

Bring back the Bears: A million reasons why they're needed right here and not PNG


So I am playing Qld Cup, training two sessions a week plus gym and video. Trying to hold down a job, and now you want me to travel and play mid week.”

It’s not a midweek game it would be played in the pre season on the weekends over 3 weeks then it resumes for 3 weeks during the State of Origin period on the weekends while having State of Origin play on Wednesday night.
Playing in the QLD Cup you would play round 1 against another NSW Cup or NZ Cup team & if you win you would play an NRL team the following week, if you lose your out then you can go back to the regular season in the QLD Cup.
If you win all 3 games then you will go back to your regular season until state of origin is on then you have a week off then play 3 games over 3 weeks if you win every game then you go back to regular season.
The chances of your QLD cup team getting that far is pretty remote, I don’t see many Cup teams getting past round 2 but it would be a good warm up pre season for you maybe gained a bit of experience which hopefully lift the standards of the NSW, QLD & NZ Cups.

Oh year and if I get injured will not be at work Monday.”

If your playing in the QLD cup you risk this scenario every game

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

I do remember an article on here something about that but I’m unfamiliar with how it works but sounds interesting I will have to look it up. 👍

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

The commercial reality and player welfare aspect wouldn’t allow it.

Commercially your adding a new sponsor to the competition rather then just the Telstra Premiership so it could be extra money for the NRL & might get better viewership then they get during the pre season & state of Origin time when it is at it’s lowest.
On the topic of players welfare the NRL said they were going back to 26 rounds plus 2 pre season with 2 byes & 3 mid week state of origin games spread over 6 weeks with some clubs expecting their Origin stars to back up a few days later.
I’m proposing 22 rounds + 2 pre season (11 Rounds + 4 weeks + 11 Rounds) playing 21 games with 3 mid week state of Origin games played over 4 weeks with a break in the 1st week so the state of origin players would stay in camp for 4 weeks and not have to back up.
There would only be 8 teams left in the cup when it resumes and only 2 teams left by week 4, so most player would get a descent break and if you made the Cup final your still only playing 24 games + the 2 pre season cup games which works out to be equal as what the NRL propose.

“The game is one more expansion team away from being forced into splitting into 2 conferences as it is. Already, gone are the days where each club plays each other club twice a season.”

I would prefer 22 rounds & 22 teams each team playing each other once. I don’t like a conference personally but while there is only 17 teams it leaves a few teams to play each other twice & this is where they should put more rival games on however I would rather them play against the rest of the comp first before they play a 2nd game against each other again.

If this were to happen it would have to be limited players outside the top 20 for each team with only one or two top 20 players thrown in on a rotational basis.”

I don’t think they should have any restrictions on clubs in terms of how much experience is in the squad because there would be descent prize money and I wouldn’t want to restrict their earnings if they have a chance.

State of origin, Pacific Cup and a possible NZ v England would take a few players out of each team. I reckon some clubs would want to commit while others have bigger goals and not risk it but the fans want a descent quality game so more experience the better but the whole concept in my opinion is to give as many young guys a shot playing against NRL players as possible without lowing the standard too much.
I think the game being in quarters would give the lower players a chance as well.
I’m not sure if unlimited interchange should be applied or not what do you think.

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

No one
“The midweek cup died because teams began resting all their players and it was becoming a farce. Multiply that by a million today”

This wouldn’t be a midweek Cup just 3 rounds in the preseason then another 3 rounds during state of origin period.
The whole concept is to give the young guys some experience with out having to worry about upsetting the season points while state of origin period is on and a good warm up in the pre season that has a bit of meaning.
I would expect some clubs would commit more then others if the prize money was descent however with state of origin & a Pacific Cup most clubs won’t have a choice. Being a knock out comp I would assume that most of the 8 teams that remain after round 3 would be NRL teams left (hopefully not all) so I would expect a mix of experience, reserve graders & some young guns coming through while some players would rest up but I’ll still watch it because it’s a knockout comp even if my team isn’t in especially if North Sydney made it that far, the whole world would be glued to their TV sets 😛 .

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams


“These days, the game is played primarily by fully professional players, some of them playing 80 minutes per week ???? , who seem happy to earn more than the Prime Minister for doing as little as possible. Imagine the outcry and gnashing of teeth if they had to play another five or six games per year.”

Well the NRL wants 26 rounds with each team having 2 byes so 24 games each team plays.
My idea is to have 22 rounds & play 21 games with a extra 3 games if you make it to the finals, so it’s the same if you reach the finals but everyone else gets a break except state of origin players & P.I players so they shouldn’t be gnashing their teeth too much 😛 .

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

The Sydney Sea Hawks doesn’t have to be the Sea Hawks, I came up with that name a while ago & just haven’t changed it yet but any name suggestions would help me just not any NRL teams. I only thought of using the Fire Hawks a couple of days ago since it’s some what of a recognizable logo now and probably will never be used in the Men’s comp so why not. There is apparently plenty of non Broncos supporters in Brisbane so being a separate identity gets everyone on board not just the Bronco’s fans.
So I would rather keep the Fire Hawks & change the Sea Hawks
I suggested Nth QLD Cowgirls but maybe Gold Coast might be better option not sure.

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

The AMCO Cup is not my idea I just worked out a way that it might work

“Perhaps an alternative would be to be play this out using only the bottom 8 NRL teams and top 4 from NSW and QLDs cups during the finals campaign”

That’s not a bad idea but maybe bottom 4 NRL and top 2 from NSWRL & top 2 from QLDRL hmmm have to look into it. Although I don’t mind the Super Bowl style between NSWRL winners & QLDRL winners on Grand Final day I think is a good concept. Your idea would be more useful though if there was relegation/promotion which for the NRL I don’t think is a wise move given the uncertainty of the competition when Brisbane could be replaced by Mt Pritchard Mounties.

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

Tell you the truth I barely remember it I started to get interested in league in 88 & the Panasonic as I remember it called, finish in 89 but it confused me at the time and I didn’t understand until years later what the concept was.

“There’s lots to be said for the early rounds being pre-season because Clubs could factor these games into their early conditioning, but the mid year games are more problematic.”

So the way I have it set is 3 rounds in the pre season, round 3 being 8 v 8, so only 8 teams would be left once the 2nd half of the comp starts during state of origin period so the rest of the NRL teams wouldn’t be playing so they can give their team a break during this period. I think a descent prize money should be an incentive but clubs would have to factor in if it’s a risk to there season campaign incase of injuries. I think if a young team could reach the final & the finals attract a good crowd it would be a good experience for the younger players.

“I wonder if there can’t be some system where a few senior players team up with other developing players during the SOO series?”

I don’t think it needs a system for players to be excluded some Clubs might not want to risk their season and send there young team to play and other clubs will take it serious & send there best team after all there would be prize money so I wouldn’t want to restrict any Club from their earnings

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

Newtown would be in it for sure as well as the North Sydney Bears. I don’t know about Phil Sigsworth coming back though he might be a little rusty. 😂

Bring back the Amco Cup and bring in more women's teams

The simple answer to who funds it is easy, The NRL can add to it as well as pay tv Fox/Kayo & FTA tv, Clubs could also lease their players to NRL teams until the NRL clubs sign them full time so country clubs can get a return on developing their players. Then there is sponsors & some teams who might get some healthy crowds. Being a development & stepping stone for NRL players
North Coast Dolphins – (Coffs Harbor)
New England Razorbacks – (Tamworth)
Newcastle Knights (2) – ALT – Hunter Miners
Central Coast Centurions
Manly Sea Eagles
North Sydney Bears
South Sydney (2) – ALT – Glebe Dirty Reds
Newtown Jets
Balmain Tigers
Western Suburbs Magpies
Parramatta Eels (2) – ALT – Wentworthville Currawongs
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Penrith Panthers (2) – ALT – St Mary’s Saints
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It's too soon for an 18th team... but the NRL should still expand