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The author is a member of the Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA) and has a family member that is a Director of the GBOTA. These opinions are his own. I am a loyal Souths supporter and have played a lot of cricket, bowling an almost infinite number of full tosses in my life.



Wonder who signed the written authorisation?

V’landys: NRL has official nod for restart

If I were the NRL I’d be trying to find out exactly what the authorities are planning, a little easier said than done, then structure the season around that.

For instance, if there is likely to be an on again/off again scenario, travel restrictions or a two momth season then perhaps a knockout type competition would be the go. Four groups of 4, play twice then three rounds of finals would be one way to get around travel restrictions and a stop/start season.

Lack of details a cause for concern in NRL return

Singo shouting the bar when Belle du Jour won the slipper in 2000 certainly inspired me. To do what, I no longer remember…..

Australia’s ten most inspirational sporting moments

Well I hope you’re enjoying Germany!

I stopped writing because, more or less everything I thought should happen in greyhound racing did happen, and it seemed unfair to criticize the new welfare and regulatory body that I view as doing a fine job. Ridiculously busy at work considering I’m in lockdown, but maybe I’ll find the time to write something.

I can never decide which of Waterhouse’s imports was my favourite, Secret Savings or Fiorente.

Gai Waterhouse: Like no other trainer in the world

Good read, as always. It’s a shame she’s not yet won a Cox Plate, oddly the closest she went was when the rock hard fit 3yo led all the way and knocked off Fiorente!

Gai Waterhouse: Like no other trainer in the world

I atand corrected, he was at RacingNSW at the time. Apologies for the misinformation.

What’s more important: Public health or footy?

Two things. V’landys was at the trots, not gallops when EI hit. I think he was in charge at Harold Park rather than Harness racing NSW, but just think that should be clarified, even though V’landys always looks for aa much money from Govt as possible. Secondly, poker machine revenue is really vulnerable. With the age cohort and potential for infections to spread in pokie areas, I wouldn’t be surprised if the health authoritiea made a push to temporarily suspend them.

What’s more important: Public health or footy?

It’s not Plan A, it’s Plans A through to Z. Way back when, the NSW Govt wanted to privatize the TAB and V’landy’s was head of the trots. He realized that the Govt needed his signature, so put an ambit claim down then refused to negotiate until everyone agreed with him. Finally, the Govt caved and conned other parties to sign on the dotted line.

Right now he’s just following the same MO. Make as few changes as possible until you give me the amount of money that I say.

NRL Round 2 to go ahead behind closed doors

One of V’landy’s claims to fame as a racing administrator is getting handouts (sorry, favourable tax reformulations). For every $5 lost, he’ll have no shame asking the Government for $1000.

NRL to make coronavirus decision Sunday

That article is definitely well worth reading. I think the imagery of “flattening the curve” is a really nice way of encapsulating what health authorities are trying to achieve.

Australian sport in doubt as government advises against large public gatherings - from Monday

You raised a very good point that I hadn’t though of. Does the virus survive on the keys of a poker machine, or one of those TAB machines?

Australian sport in doubt as government advises against large public gatherings - from Monday

Smoking is likely to be a factor. Initially the fatality rate in China was much larger for males than females, and it was thought that the difference in smoking rates was accounting for the difference.

Australian sport in doubt as government advises against large public gatherings - from Monday

The crowd have been shut out of the All Star Mile for the horses on Saturday. The greyhounds are currently going through an outbreak of an unrelated canine coronovirus (causes gastro problems) and have been cancelling meetings and are in no position to schedule more racing. Harness racing, no idea.

I haven’t heard about the races in Sydney yet, but since it’s run by the same bloke as the NRL I expect they’ll have the same policy.

I would suggest that one promotion that should be suspended is the current TAB promotion that encourages people to place their bets at a TAB rather than online at home. Just with the age and smoking cohort of people that attend TABs, we shouldn’t be encouraging more people into them. But, that’s just my opinion.

Australian sport in doubt as government advises against large public gatherings - from Monday

In fairness to the MCC, the new law for the run out at the non-strikers end doesn’t state that you’re out if the bowler breaks the stumps when the non-striker is out of his ground. Instead, the law states that you’re out if you leave the crease before the ball would normally be expected to be released. So, the batsman is well within their rights to assume the bowler is going to release the ball, rather than having to stay in their crease until it’s released.

I think that the law is correct in spirit, but a bit difficult to enforce. This particular instance is out in my view, as the stumps are broken right at the start of the delivery stride, but then I would accept another persons opinion as not out if they were arguing the bowler slowed down in their approach to the crease. But there’ll need to be a few more precedents set before we can really judge the new law.

In my view, if you really want to stop players leaving their crease early, it is easy to stop in the international game. Whenever there is a review by the batting side, check the no-ball first, then the non-striker second. If the non-striker is out of their ground before the ball is released, the review goes in favour of the fielding side. That’ll stop them.

Debate reignites again as Mankad dismissal rocks U19 CWC qualifying final

Unusually for one of your articles Brett, I strongly disagree. One thing that DRS has done is to subtely but noticeably change the relationship between players and umpires at the test level. When deciding whether to review decisions or not, the players have to put themselves in the position of the umpire, and most have found it’s a more difficult position than they imagined. The upshot is that players show far greater levels of respect to the umpires than they did previously, and the game is better for it.

Player concerns a chance to shift DRS power base

I couldn’t work that either, but it listed first innings totals from highest to lowest with 50 to a page. After clicking the “next” button over a dozen times I got to 399 at the 708th entry. For the losses I found it through clicking a link on another cricinfo article. I’d be happy to be corrected if I miscounted or made some other error though.

Australia have no clear plan against NZ bouncer barrage

A team has scored 400+ in the first innings of a test 707 times and lost on 46 occasions, if I’ve used cricinfo’s statguru filter correctly. So, yeah, with 416 in the bank you’re chances of getting beat ain’t very high.

Australia have no clear plan against NZ bouncer barrage

Nice article, well put.
Obviously I could write an essay on the topic, some would say I’ve already written several, but I reckon the oversimplification of complex issues has made it much harder for welfare reforms to be initiated in racing. Conversely, where simple initiatives have a profound effect, deliberate muddying of the waters and weird abstract arguments were used to stymie reforms, all so that people could capitalize on anti-racing sentiment to consolidate power.
I haven’t written an article in a few years, the main reason being that the welfare and integrity reforms in greyhound racing have worked. Fewer greyhounds bred, better facilities, a more professional integrity regime and a huge increase in the adoption program. A large price tag, yes, but the job that the anti-racing crowd said many times couldn’t be done, is being done, and there’s a lesson in that.
Thoroughbreds will have different problems that I don’t understand and would not lecture people on, but I’m sure that there are plenty of good horse people that could come up with a suitable model for reforms. However, I would strongly urge people in the industry to do what they think is right by their horses and not allow themselves to be dictated to by politicians and the media that have their own egos and agendas as the first priority.

Why horse racing still has a future

Did they have footage of the steward’s room during the protest? I was flicking between channels and didn’t see any.

Big winner was Craig Williams, horse had to be ridden forward and he was smart enough to do it. Thought they should have done the same on Finche.

Melbourne Cup 2019: Winners and losers

I’m the same, Lys Gracieux to beat Kluger and Cape of Good Hope. Horses that travel to Australia and perform tend to be able to come back a second time and perform similarly (Prince of Arran, Red Cadaeux, Max Dynamite, Dunaden etc) so I’m happy to put Kluger in. Shame Shadow Hero isn’t in it, would certainly be on him if he was.

Excrutiatingly pedantic detail, but I believe the Turnbull Stakes is set weights and penalties, not a handicap.

The Cox Plate: No Winx provides value for the punters

Just woth Red Galileo, I don’t think he has been used as a pacemaker that often, but he has a few times and that’s one of those things that can skew the winning percentages of the European horses.

In saying that, I find it hard to go around Prince of Arran. I think the form around last year’s Cup has held up well and he continues to put in good runs in Australia.

Geelong Cup preview: Every runner analysed

Yes, you’re right. So, essentially the cost of the slot goes from $600 000 to $200 000, depending on the deal the slot owner does with the connections of the horse.

The Everest: Who will win Australia's best race?

The original charge for the slots was too much to be sustainable, so they gave $400 000 for turning up rather than reduce the cost of the slots. A lot of the marketing is based on the intrigue of who makes the race, so the terms for the slotholders needs to be favourable. I don’t agree the Everest is the best race, but it sure is the best marketed race in Australia by a country mile. That’s not a criticism, marketing is important and racing seems to have trouble marketing their traditional big events at the moment, in my opinion.

The Everest: Who will win Australia's best race?

Nice preview. The Everest is a BM70 at Gundagai in comparison to the Million Dollar Chase on Friday night though….(Can’t decide on Good Odds Harada or Shima Song. Real big fan of the Shimaguni dam line, breed with stayers people!)

The Everest: Who will win Australia's best race?

Hope you backed Cape of Good Hope, Aransan!

A full analysis of the Caulfield Guineas