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LOL, you want consistency.

Played A gets caught speeding and over the limit and Todd gives him a character reference. Hardly a cleanskin, Player A previously had been charged with assaulting his girlfriend, and had to attend a court ordered anger management course as a result.

Player B has consensual sex, its recorded by a 3rd party and released by another party without anybodys consent. Player B, although he is the victim here, will most likely be watching and not playing the first 6 weeks of the season

Dylan Napa has 'no idea' how videos were leaked

He didn’t fight the charges because he was too successful?

Will there be a way back for Darren Weir?

Take Brady away from Belichick and he has nowhere near the success. Put him in GB with Mike McCarthy and Rodgers in NE with Belichick and the SB win count for each team would still be the same

Bill Belichick is the GOAT, not Brady

Tom Brady vs Michael Jordan: Who is the true G.O.A.T.?

Graeme Lloyd won 2 World Series with the Yankees

But it wasn’t basketball, so it doesn’t count apparently

The top 10 greatest Aussie players in US Sport history

Except for the guy who is Sports Editor-at-Large for the Daily Telegraph, and the other guy who is the Sports Editor at the Sunday Telegraph. Nah, they never say anything positive about the team

Twelve talking points from NRL Round 24

the guy can be a tool at times, but he is himself. Can’t criticise a guy for being marching to his own beat

Andrew Fifita: Superstar, Enigma, Nong

what Chris Uhlmann said on 9 yesterday extends to the NRL coverage, just replace Sky News with Fox NRL

Andrew Fifita: Superstar, Enigma, Nong

The cutoff is 1 point better then 9th

Will the actual NRL premiership favourite please stand up!

Considering the team that finishes ninth can’t do better then 28 the cutoff isn’t 30

Will the actual NRL premiership favourite please stand up!

It doesn’t help when you lose your most senior player mid-season and your 20yo halfback has had the same issues as dozens before him and struggled from his first Origin series. Neither of these are the result of anything Gould or Griffin has said or done

The Panthers' psyche is shot to bits

Henry has a losing record at 3 different clubs, and each club has improved after his departure. Should never be considered for an NRL job again

Sea Eagles confirm Barrett is goooone: Reports

Are players like Valentine Holmes and Jordan McLean, who have a maori background but have committed to Australia, eligible?

Maori team set for NRL All Stars fixture in 2019

We’ve seen from the ratings that Winx gets these aren’t really worth much. Apparently last year Our Ivanhowe, and his one start, was rated better then 2x G1 winner Tosen Startdom

Winx reminds us why she's the greatest of all time

She did beat Europes all time highest stakes winner, who won G1’s on 3 continents

Winx reminds us why she's the greatest of all time

Word is his attitude has been great since he arrived, mentoring younger players and put a rocket up some of the high priced “stars” (i.e Moses). And he was injured early in the year

Why the Eels are right to offer Jarryd Hayne one more year

Penrith need a fullback that can catch the ball and is confident when running it back. Peachey offers niether

Ten talking points from NRL Round 23

The facilities weren’t an issue when they made the finals last year. The facilities weren’t an issue when the previous two coaches took them to a GF. The facilities are an excuse. Barrett and his manager are trying to create the narrative that he is leaving voluntarily a season early so that they can get another high paying gig, because it won’t be coming when he gets sacked next season.

What the hell do Benny and Baz know that the rest of us don't?

You do know how and why races are elevated to G1 status don’t you? Obviously not

A race must have an international rating of at least 115 for 3 consecutive years, which this race has. Victoria also has veto power in any elevation to G1 status. Also, have a look at the hounour roll

Winx Stakes preview and selections

No mention of the fact that it seems as though Barrett simply cannot coach

Trent Barrett was doomed from the start

McInnes, Aitken and the fullback have all lost form, are playing nowhere near the level they were in the first half of the season, and they didn’t play any Origin

How Origin mismanagement has contributed to the Dragons’ slide

I’m now convinced David lord’s pieces are satire.

Clean up your own backyard Todd Greenberg, before you woo the USA

Canterbury, not the farm

Behind the barriers: Five bets for Wednesday August 15

We might see the 2 Guineas winners in the first at Warwick Farm today

Behind the barriers: Five bets for Wednesday August 15

A privately owned club where the owner doesn’t want to spend money

Trent Barrett set to leave Sea Eagles at end of 2018: Updated

Jumped before he was pushed. Very underwhelming as a coach. His handling of Gladstone and Hasting show he is sinking, not swimming.

If Manly get one of the good young coaches out there they will be much better off then they are with Barrett

Trent Barrett set to leave Sea Eagles at end of 2018: Updated