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Robinson has cultivated an excellent staff around him. Fitzgibbon is the most sort after assistant in the game. Taylor may not be the greatest NRL coach, but he has found a niche as as assistant and NSWRL coach. There are wraps on Nathan Cayless and Robinson brought him in. Daniel Anderson has taken 2 different clubs to a GF, and he looks after retention and recruitment. Former Wallabies coach Michael Cheika is “special advisor”. I think former Swan Tadgh Kennelly is still there teaching skills under the high ball. At one stage they ate organic, with the chef coming in and providing them meals after training and to take home.

Trent Robinson: The best coach of the modern era

Both Bellamy and Robinson have benefited greatly from Peter O’Sullivan.

And coaches don’t look after the salary cap

Trent Robinson: The best coach of the modern era

Only Lomax showed ticker, the others are already on holidays

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

nope, incorrect decisions will be the same amount. It’s just one incompetent fool instead of two

Raiders' Stuart puts heat on referees

Who is going to take Norman? It’s one thing to offer him to other clubs, its another for there to be a taker. A team would take Josh Reynolds ahead of him

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

“the guys have nothing to play for but pride”

and they showed none of that yesterday

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

Only 2 players in the top 10 hit more then 50% of fairways, and five in the top 22

But he was 3rd in Strokes Gained off the tee

Bryson DeChambeau blitzes the field to claim US Open title

I’m not only sure, I’m certain

The good, the bad and the ugly: Part 1 (the bottom eight)

Dean Pay was sacked for no other reason then he could not coach. The players did not improve under him, the game plan was poor and they struggled to score points. Didn’t we have offseason talk about how they were gong to turn it around this year because of the their last 3 games last year (which was the same as last year and the year before)?

And he is a club legend that walked out on the club as a player mid contract.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Part 1 (the bottom eight)

they’ve quit for the season. The NRL might have to implement a mercy rule before next week

Eight talking points from NRL Round 19

Add coach giving player the bird to the list of the weird things 2020 has given us

Absolute gold as Craig Bellamy reacts to Cam Smith passing his career try tally

Paying big money for a prop is fraught with danger, and the busts far outweigh the successes.

All Kane Evans will do is replace a player on the bench. If he was any good the Roosters would have kept him

The Warriors’ forwards will be in the NRL’s top echelon next year

Clubs live up to their means and don’t have an original thought. Give them $10 million and they’ll spend it. Give them $50 million and they will spend it. And if one club has an assistant coach, every other team while hire one so they aren’t at a “competitive disadvantage”. If Penrith come out and say they hired a person to monitor the biorhythms of their players most clubs will do the same thing by the time next season starts

It’s the assistant coaches' turn on the merry-go-round

new club, learn new things

It’s the assistant coaches' turn on the merry-go-round

because it’s beyond Lewis’ skillset and thinking ability

Su'A lauded for 'skewering' Lewis... then gets binned

Agreed. Can’t have Titans so high, only poor coaching from Denver won them that game (and Denver were missing their best player)

I wouldn’t have SF 17 spots ahead of the team that beat them

Be wary of NO, Brees’ arm has little left in it. The second half of the season might be the end of him

Detroit were up by 10 with 4 minutes left and went for a 50+ FG? WTF??? He gets it and its still a 2 possession game, he misses it and Chicago get the ball midfield.

Pittsburgh defence was awesome, and Ben was more rustier then my first car. They will only get better.

Without running my numbers 1. KC 2. BAL 3 SEA

NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

you still have to deal with northern beaches people

Fonua-Blake requests Manly release

I don’t think Manly will consider the Dragons as out of Sydney

Fonua-Blake requests Manly release

They are professionals, with most of them on about $250,000 a year. If they can’t get it right and continue to do so then they deserve to be thrown to the wolves. They aren’t kids on 60k dealing with an entitled customer

I hate the Bunker

You didnt put the guy who should be hooker – Mahoney

Who Queensland should pick for Origin this year

the issue isn’t just restricted to the NRL. Soccer has VAR blowups all the time. MLB has decisions that baffle people. NFL are still trying to define on replay what is a catch. Cricket can be pot luck on LBW decisons.

The only one that seems to work is tennis, and that is because it rules on 1 thing and 1 thing only

I hate the Bunker

If a team wants to waste a CC on a strategic move to slow the play then that is to their detriment in the long term.

But I want to see more DWZ challengers.

I hate the Bunker

I thought the biggest injustice of the week was Henry getting another game

NRL flags bunker changes after wrong call

The biggest problem is we keep introducing new layers, but have the same issues. We keep getting more interpretations, and more people making decisions. The refs are crap, so lets bring in the bunker. The crap ref is now too old to ref, so throw him in the bunker.

Now people are calling for 3 bunker refs, and majority rules on the decision. We’re now just making up jobs to give to people

Strip it back. I’ve been saying for years that all we need is 1 ref, 2 touchies (who actually do what they are paid to do), 2 in-goal refs.

NRL flags bunker changes after wrong call

“The truth is that media companies pay more for sport than what it’s worth”

and that price is known and budgeted for. You can’t run a sport if you don’t know how many subscribers you are going to have at any point in time, and how long they stick around for. For the time being many sports will run a subscription only service in areas outside of their main market, and that money is cream.

Online streaming is part of the future, but it cannot dominate