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Interesting analysis, Andrew and I think you did a great job trying to breakdown the different dynasties of past years.

Melbourne Storm is such an elite team, I think what they have achieved since the salary cap breach has been nothing short of incredible. I do no support them, but it’s clear they run such a professionally rugby league football program down there and they really get the maximum out of the players, which strong coaching.

How well does the Melbourne Storm dynasty stack up in NRL history?

Surprisingly the Roosters are doing better this season than last year with a debatable stronger roster.

For & Against from last season sits at a 1 point difference, (+93 last season) Currently, +94 and they were sitting 6th position same time last season before winning the Minor Premiership. Now 4th.

They definitely miss his work-rate out their own end but I still think they’re the team to beat for the competition.

P.s great article.

Fergo is the reason why the Roosters' title defence is stuttering

This article speaks to me a lot. I am still that kid that is GM-ing on 2k til this day. The landscape of the NBA changing is a beautiful thing, and Kawhi double-crossing the Lakers and Lebron to recruit Paul George was priceless.

Parity is back in the League and I just want it to start already.

PSA: The NBA is officially fun again

He most certainly did win the 2008 Rugby League World Cup with New Zleand.

Should Benji Marshall make the NRL Hall of Fame?

It says he won the World Cup Challenge in 2004, it was actually The World Sevens tournament. Pre-season 7s tournament.

Should Benji Marshall make the NRL Hall of Fame?

The New York Knicks, if they miss out on the top tier free agents, should not try to tie up all their flexibility with multi-year deals. They have been a horrible franchise for so long, but surrounding their young players with some veteran experience and even taking on some bad contracts for draft-picks would be a move forward for them.

Where do the major stars go in free agency?