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Isaac Symons, a distinguished sports journalist and writer for @ausftblnews, is a seasoned storyteller illuminating the intricacies of Australian football. His bylines capture the essence of the game, weaving together narratives that resonate with fans nationwide. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the sport, Isaac continues to carve a niche in sports journalism, providing readers with compelling insights that go beyond the scores. Follow his journey as he unfolds the untold stories within the realm of Australian football.



Highly agree with you

Unite Round was a small success - but here's how it can become a 'pinnacle event' in Australian football

Members couldn’t enter the game with membership due to Unite Round which is ticketed via APL

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An interesting article – really well written Mary!
Thoroughly enjoyed your article. 😊 😊

NRL presents united front on jabs, but behind the scenes it's going to get prickly

Nice article Zander, One of the best Rugby Article Ive seen in the past 👍 🏉 Who do you think will win Zander??

So who should play ten for Australia?

I wonder who will win the comp next year Bruv I hope the NSW Waratahs win the comp tbh

Trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition confirmed for 2021