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Cheers Scott, I think I’ll be taking a break from the Roar for a bit
(unless England can squeak into the semis!)
Did I ever tell you about my Kiwi cousins?

England crumble as Australia secure World Cup semi-final spot



Did the refs rob the Matildas against Norway?


Virat Kohli was right - England have got ahead of themselves

Mark Taylor as well , ha ha

Virat Kohli was right - England have got ahead of themselves

Ha ha ,wow, a classic , very witty.
Although didn’t Steve Waugh win Australian of the year? Literally the highest achieving/most outstanding contribution to the world in that year was……Steve Waugh ????

Virat Kohli was right - England have got ahead of themselves

Exactly, not sure why there’s so many chippy Aussies with their hot take that this shows that Eng are beatable. I’ve seen England beaten numerous times over the last few years. They had a shocker in the field and still got close to a world record (in World Cup) chase.
Anyone can beat anyone on the day and I assume England will probably drop another game, I just hope they get through the group stage- then it could be anyone’s.

Don't be mistaken, England are still World Cup favourites

Happy new year David but…..significant in world cricket ??. Don’t really think the rest of the world is that arsed

My bucket list for 2019

Gets pinged a lot?!

The Wrap: Cheika and Jones both losers, but heading down very different paths

Exactly, one of the most eye roll inducing comments that I see on the Roar is when someone immediately replies to any sort of article with “Why didn’t you write an article about ………..?”
It’s nonsense, disagree and put your ideas related to the article in hand or……..write it yourself !

(You write whatever you like Stuart)

The Roar's English Premier League review: Matchday 1

Think you’ve missed a trick here Mike, knock out a few paragraphs at your reception and claim the entire event as a tax deductible work trip (you may have to mention football in your speech )

Why I need to take a break from football

Once I saw the replays I assumed definite pen. However at half time watching the pundits (BBC in UK) they were aghast at the decision. They even read out the rule.
I think in my head I always think “where would the ball have gone if it wasn’t handled”. In this case it was right in the mixer- therefore pen.

France are world champions, but all the headlines are about VAR

For a moment I thought you were blogging this AND the Wimbledon final Scott. Even for you that would be a bit much!?‍♂️

France vs Croatia highlights: 2018 FIFA World Cup final scores, blog