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I reckon Sticky might still have Robbo covered. In terms of whinging Sticky has a body of work the Beatles would be proud of. Canberra going a bit better this year also helps. Robbo is definitely sooking it up this year. Just waiting for JWH to clock four blokes without sanction and Robbo unable to comment because he didn’t see what happened.

NRL Round 7 Talking Points: With big wins come big losses, and which coach is the game’s biggest sook?

I’m sure the Germans have a word for players that go to weaker clubs for less money.

I just love the short-termism of all the armchair Cockroach selectors (and the actual selectors). Wade Egan was a lock for number 9 last week. Lomax is the second coming despite underperforming over 3 seasons whenever the pressure was on. Of course Origin being a pressure free zone he should be picked after a few good games against mostly weaker teams (except maybe the Wahs)

Dragons were good tonight and the Warriors were dreadful after the first 20 minutes.

'Complete performance' sees Dragons stun Warriors - and Lomax rocket into Origin contention

You’re right. An absolute crock from Annersely. Unless I am mistaken the bunker is happen to offer an opinion on offside every time a try is scored from a kick. Not sure how one sort of offside is different to another.

'F--- you': Insults fly after Des confronts Ricky as Annesley admits yet another blunder robbed Titans of victory

I thought the Titans got the rough end of the pineapple throughout the game (six agains were apparently 10-1!) but Annersley’s Monday public bagging of officials is just so unnecessary. Keep it behind closed doors.

I hate the focus on single decisions towards the end of the game and morale must be awful among the refs and touchies. There must be a better way to deal with these issues.

'F--- you': Insults fly after Des confronts Ricky as Annesley admits yet another blunder robbed Titans of victory

Don’t bet on anything that can talk.

'F--- me, he's on another planet': Stuart rips into Hasler after Titans coach fumes at referee calls in golden-point thriller

Maybe. Did you watch? I just think you could ping sides twice in every set of six for something in the play the ball or having a defender offside but of course the game would be unwatchable.

Canberra wrestle and have hands all over the ball in the tackle and sneak inside the 10 the same as every other side. It is just how the game is played now. I didn’t go looking for the stats but it felt like 6 agains were running 5-1 to the Raiders. I find it hard to accept that the Raiders were that dominant.

NRL Round 6 Talking Points: Concussion sub needs a fix, learning about 'disruption', why does everyone hate Gutho?

Titans were great. Hasler had every right to have a whinge about the ref. Constant subjective six agains to the Raiders late in the count. Don’t know if it was the crowd influence or Kasey Badger just not up to first grade. It seemed to me as a neutral that only one side was being scrutinised.

Hoskings back after missing a week a week under HIA protocols got two head knocks and was wobbly. Didn’t come off for either. Most clubs are not serious about head injuries and will leave players on the field until the independent doctor orders them off.

Gutho is a fine player but if he flapped his arms at the ref any more he would take off. Just dumb. Be a little calmer and more subtle and he might have more luck.

NRL Round 6 Talking Points: Concussion sub needs a fix, learning about 'disruption', why does everyone hate Gutho?

You’re a bit one eyed about the Dogs but fair enough. Xerri and Tracey were great but even they and their other good players dropped off for short periods and that was the difference.

Spot on about Hutchison. Not in this universe is he a starting 7. Just won’t work with Burton at 6.

Bulldogs grab moral victory, but Melbourne take the two points as Storm overcome Foxx hat trick in comeback win

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe his defence in the front line might be a concern but Hutchison just offers so little in attack.

Dogs had enough ball in the Souths 20 to win that game.

Foxx off AGAIN, Wighton grabs double and Latrell booed as Souths ease Demetriou pressure

Same thing at Brookvale.

'It’s pointless us playing here': Richo's grave warning on Leichhardt as Tigers take aim at 'gold urinals' Panthers

Perhaps the NRL can tip in few bucks and that whining inner west mayor can tip in the rest. I’m sure the residents would be stoked with their rates going to improvements to Leichhardt Oval.

Next time your lying on a trolley in Emergency for 2 days you’ll feel much better knowing that NSW taxes have gone towards a series of new or upgraded ovals for professional sport.

'It’s pointless us playing here': Richo's grave warning on Leichhardt as Tigers take aim at 'gold urinals' Panthers

While I agree Nikora was lucky to only get 10 minutes how did Kikau not have to go for a HIA after that high contact? Only made worse when Kikau got a bad head knock late in the first half from friendly fire and was left on the ground. Sure he then went off for a HIA but he was back on early in the second half. NRL protocols around head knocks are a joke.

'It didn't look great': Ciraldo rages at ref after Nikora escapes send-off on wild night in Cronulla

The obvious solution to teams just having a crack at DRS is to reduce the number of failed DRS referrals available each innings to either one or two. One would probably be closest to the original intention of just eliminating howlers.

I seem to remember it was only two reviews per innings prior to Covid but with home umpires standing at one end during Covid it was increased to three. If this is right I can’t understand why it now wouldn’t be back at two reviews per innings.

Test Mortem: Aussie aura living rent free in Kiwi minds, Marnus officially in a form slump, DRS needs review

If you had said at the start of the summer that a drawn home test series against a very weak West Indies side looked like success you would have been laughed at. That said the test cricket this summer was more enjoyable and more competitive than I expected.

Really looking forward to the next two summers. Generational change in the Indian test side would seem to give Australia a chance for the first series win against India in what seems like a long time.

Australian cricket summer summary: A successful but not great season as bigger challenges await

My memory of Greg Chappell was the best Australian batsmen of his generation. He had a couple of years of World Series Cricket playing super tests against the best of the best which are I understand are still not included in his career stats. He did seem to drop off towards the end of his career.

Steve Smith v Kane Williamson - is the Test series across the ditch to be their last battle?

That’ll do me. I’ve always thought sportsman should be paid what the market dictates so kudos to Starc.

Starc raving mad: Aussie to bank insane $13,000 per ball in IPL as Cummins and Head also go for big bucks

It all depends on how you put it. Australia hasn’t won an Ashes series in the UK for over two decades despite having a stronger side for most of that time and has lost the last four test series’ to India.

Gap's never been wider between cricket’s Big Three haves and the have-nots ... and it’s only getting worse

Good on you Don. You are on a very slippery slope when you start sacking people who express a view contrary to the company line. CA has never been accused of being the intellectual elite but this is really welcome to Stasiland.

'Everyone's best interests': Mitch Johnson loses CA gig after personal attack on Warner

Good luck to Cummins but in what universe is he worth 4.5x Travis Head in T20.

Starc raving mad: Aussie to bank insane $13,000 per ball in IPL as Cummins and Head also go for big bucks

If you applied that standard about illicit drugs most teams would be a missing plenty. Jennings definitely should get another go if he is not past it.

Not sure what I think about Curtis Scott. There are blokes running round in the NRL who have done plenty worse. His conviction doesn’t read well though.

Sacked stars plead case to NRL for return after domestic violence convictions

Aboriginal men being charged with something they didn’t do and cops lying on oath about it. Shocked I tell you.

'A traumatic experience': Latrell relieved after brawling charges with Wighton thrown out of court

Kudos to Stephen Crichton for staying solid with Samoa.

Samoa squad: No Suaalii and no Luai, but no question for Crichton - it was only Samoa

The players are no more a product of the junior league team they played for as 12 year olds than they are of the school they attended.

My point above is only that a number of very good athletes are having their schooling and boarding at Sydney GPS schools paid for in full by NRL clubs. I am aware of multiple examples at one school and one NRL club. I believe the Waratahs do something similar but it is not as generous and their talent identification is behind the NRL clubs.

Regarding why these schools rather than “rugby league” schools I think the prospect of boarding nearby is beneficial to the NRL clubs. I also think the intangibles of expensive private schools around networks and maximising final exam outcomes might both be relevant.

I have no strong view either way. Good luck to you if you are good at footy and you get a decent education as a result. What code you chose to play is a matter for you.

I would observe the two best Wallabies backs in the past decade are ex league players and neither was particularly missed in league. Even though the article might be a bit of a wind up there is some truth that most of the best athletes initially tend to go to the NRL. Rugby admin might ask themselves why this is the case.

Don’t worry, Wallabies: the NRL is here to save you from yourselves

You misunderstand how this works. The NRL clubs identify the potential gun players at a young age. The NRL club pays for the boy to attend a GPS school, often as a boarder. The boy kills it at school boy rugby union. At the same time he continues to attend the development program for the NRL club. On leaving school or shortly after he signs with the NRL club who has looked after him by providing a good education and opportunity he probably otherwise wouldn’t have got.

These players aren’t lost to the rah rahs. They were never there to be lost.

Nothing to stop rugby offering a similar deal but this doesn’t seem to happen for whatever reason.

Don’t worry, Wallabies: the NRL is here to save you from yourselves

I thought the newish rule was unless it is a reportable offence the bunker can’t intervene. Walker caught Grant high with something less than full force. I’m happy for the ref to make the decision of no penalty on the run especially when Grant clearly just layed down expecting the penalty. I accept that sometimes during the regular season such a tackle would be a penalty. Suggestions that it was worth 10 minutes are off the mark.

I have some difficulties reconciling my view that rep games and finals shouldn’t be decided by a soft penalty in the last few minutes as against what I believe is a pretty soft approach by the NRL towards concussion.

NRL Prelim Finals midweek talking points: Why do clubs keep thinking so small with stadium stupidity?