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Of those 3 fionn only rodda is an option.

DHP will struggle to make the squad at all and hodge will struggle to make the 23.

Rodda should be captain of qld. If kervei leaves next year as some say he will because qld is such a basket case, then he will be.

He has the makings of an eales like captain, no screaming and shouting or look at me stuff, just getting on with it.

Mick O’Connor? Start Pocock in the 7 and Hooper off the bench, thanks

the crowds will come back with displays of guts and skill like those of what i have read about the game.

one player does not make the team.

long live qld rugby!!

Thorn’s cultural revolution at Reds set for first examination

one game doesn’t make a season.

but a lot of childish, keyboard warriors comments on here and some even on this particular thread have been made to look wrong at best and downright pathetic at a real level.

it’s like some people get great joy out of hoping their team loses or even change loyalty to another team because their favourite player was decided not right for the team.

i loved the broncos since inception and also king wally. but when wayne moved him on i didn’t hope for them to ever lose or change to support the seagulls!!

team roster changes happen all the time, in all sports. it is what it is!

c’mon qld!!

and rodda for wallaby captain!!


Thorn’s cultural revolution at Reds set for first examination

so he has gone for the plugs?

Welcome back to the big time, Quade Cooper

sexton threw an intercept against the poms.

barely rated a mention. everyone was congratulating the guy who did the intercept.

let’s wait and see before we pop our cherry early doors.

CONFIRMED: O'Connor a Wallabies selector

am an unabashed fan of snoz.

superb player that i fractionally remember in union but definitely do in the sky blue…. urrggghhh.. why couldn’t he have had just one game for wynnum or redcliffe before going down to manly??

let’s see what happens now with cheika and johnston.

i hadn’t forgotten he had the same role over 10 years ago. couldn’t have been too memorable but then again it was kunckles’ time.

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

yep.. here is another..

what i had forgotten was that same week he had announced his move to ireland.

seems incredibly childish and petty to do it if that was the case.

lost 2 games on the trot, drop one of your best because he has signed somewhere else.

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

evening nick!

another great article.

way to get over 300 comments!!

i am known and upfront of not being a fan of coopers.

that being said it is great that he is back playing at super level.

whatever is best for oz rugby i will get behind.

can we have a hunt article after say 5 weeks. unless they play him in a different position each week at the tahs.

i think he will be a key to us kicking on in japan.

a 12 and 13 of hunt and jordan.p could be something great!

Welcome back to the big time, Quade Cooper

here u go mate. am finishing off a drop of red and am procrastinating to start the paperwork of the day.

google was easy. larkham drops fardy..

amazing this internet thingy. 🙂

Scott Fardy sensationally dropped for Brumbies’ clash with the Force

read thru the comments. there are some classics in there don’t stand the test of time.

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

cheers mate.

i remembered something along the lines of that he wanted more from him and that he needed to go away and work on it.

to be honest can’t really be bothered to search for it!! 😉

you have a great memory and are a brumbies fan. so i know you will be correct.

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

fionn quick question, didn’t larkham drop fardy while he was brumbies head coach?

i could be wrong but i remember it clearly because i commented here.

it wasn’t a rotation thing, he was dropped.

and then after that season, he left.

disclaimer. i wanted him captain of oz after mowen, before moore and hooper. i am very long on fardy.

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

i don’t think foley is that bad a defender.

i think quade is a lazy defender. he can go low and make tackles but for some reason or another usually goes high.

missed tackle vs missed tackle and card are 2 very different results.

hannigan seemed to have put some weight on. saw some good runs and some good lineout takes.

was rushed too early into the wallabies.

ps try and keep the words to 2 syllables for me. 🙂

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 1

good to see.

it is good for oz rugby to have options.

The Wrap: Cooper and Genia go ‘back to the future’ in Super Rugby opener

though farrell is probably my player of the year so far. he is absolutely nailing it now.

captaincy is working with him.

makes me laugh about all these commentators on blogs up here that he was only in the england team because his dad was selecting him.

the guy is a great player and if keeps that red mist and aggro pill under control, he could really go on to be one of the greats.

watching england play over the past 2 weekends has been wonderful to see. a team so relaxed and under control without the ball is a real thing of beauty in our game.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 1

what was cooper’s success rate off the tee? did he kick goal well. genuine question.

The Wrap: Cooper and Genia go ‘back to the future’ in Super Rugby opener

as a defender, foley he is definitely better than ford.

sexton i see miss many and farrell gets some red mist and goes high too often.

my neutrality by all means call into question but as a disclaimer i don’t know any of them.

i just the see the application and effort put in. if they miss, going low and giving their all, who am i to complain?

going high on a regular basis i am not nor never have been a fan of. as another coach said at schoolboy level, going low and tackling is more about heart and commitment.

also the view of foley is much higher up this way than it appears to be on the roar and gagr.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 1

credit to the lad for fronting the media after and taking it.

best coach i ever had used to say kickers can win you the match but they won’t lose you the match.

we had some fine kickers who appreciated that view.

Waratah Foley to lift kicking consistency

i really don’t see the turnstile defence that u, twas and many others go on about.

first half of the tahs game i saw and he was near on always defending at 10. and only saw one missed.

always went low and always go low.

not bad considering the guy had some serious concussion issues a couple of years ago.

i have seen a lot more misses from ford, sexton, farrell and russell up here than i seem to see with foley.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 1

cheers geoff. great to have the super rugby back again.
unfortunately only managed to see last min of the rebs and first half of the tahs.
so no real justifiable views on the weekend.
feel for foley. he had 5 from 5 before that kick and nailed a beauty from the sideline from a conversion. as a piggie who used to kick a bit, i have a soft spot for the guys who stand up take on that job.
on a purely different tact. looking at the foto of cooper on this article has he had a hair and teeth job?
shows my age but remember dave ‘stinky’ wilson copping grief for using after shave.

The Wrap: Cooper and Genia go ‘back to the future’ in Super Rugby opener

cp i am looking forward to it. but don’t watch very much to be honest.

different hemisphere makes it harder.

will try to get as many qld games in as possible and some tah games.

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

only saw the first 1/4 of the 4 quarters game.

wasn’t pretty at all.

hegarty for one seems to have no gas.

hunt, of the trio, was the one i didn’t want to lose. hope he has a great season for the tahs and makes that wallaby no.12 position his own.

scrum was good for those penalties at end of 1/4 but that doesn’t materialise in a non-trial game.

wasn’t what i was expecting let alone hoping for.

onwards and upwards.

we can still top the conference!


Reds centres aim for point of difference

slipping under the radar at bit is also the sacking of head of athletic preparation, hayden masters.

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

are we really surprised or are we surprised that grey and simon r are still there?

change was always going to happen after last year. cheika’s job was declared safe until end of wc 2019.

i promise you that if no change had of occurred before the start of the season there would have been a lot roar commentators posting ad nauseam ‘why hasn’t there been any changes made?’

personally not overly upset at larkham moving on, the attack was stagnate and stale last year.

also though think simon r. is extremely lucky. the pack as a whole went backwards from the irish first test.

as for grey, no idea how he survives, so many better options around.

as some state i presume the ra has no cash and the balance sheet isn’t looking too pretty.

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

2019 fionn!!

i made a promise to be good!


Seven talking points from Round 1 of the Six Nations

let’s hope so.

i have a feeling though it could be closer than many will think.

Seven talking points from Round 1 of the Six Nations