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my team for the next game:

15 DHP
14 Folau
13 Hodge
12 Toomua
11 Banks
10 Foley
9 Powell

8 Timu
7 Poey (c)
6 Tui
5 Rodda
4 Coleman
3 Thor
1. Sio

16 FF
17 Kepu
18 AAA
19 Arnold
20 Hooper
21 Genia
22 Beale
23 Jordan.P (huge early door call, but could end up at 13 in japan in wc)

Wallabies go down with a whimper against Pumas

he keeps getting a freepass.. i don’t see what everyone else sees.. which is admittedly not a new event.. would much banks or even jordan.p.. same with koroibette.. am not a fan..

both of maddocks efforts of his for the tryline had no strength.. and always gets found out on defence as the last man..

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Springboks

yes nick… was all shaved, prepped, correct knee with a black x on it.. iv line put in, lying on my fat ass in the theatre.. doc leaves the room.. comes back in and says sorry we have an emergency who has just been rushed in.. he is a wee bit more important than you he added with a laugh..

so they wheeled me out into the corridor.. 15 mins later robbie bl oo dy fowler rolls past me and gives me a wave as he goes in..

bumped for a soccer player .. and a scouser no less.. shows how low i had fallen!!

grau was a superb player and a lovely guy..

Why the grass is not always greener up north

cheers sgt…

not here much anymore..

not a fan of so much negativity..

but will always come and have a read of nick’s works.. don’t always agree with what he says.. but as i said.. i always learn something..

Why the grass is not always greener up north

they always wanted to make it at least a break even affair i believe, not a money pit, especially the likes of levitt and the late great tom walkinsaw of glou’.. the reality is that it is not an easy business.. but there are some tax benefits for those in the power..

on memory lane again.. another guy who played that day for sarries, u might also remember.. argentian prop roberto grau.. great fellow piggie..

a year later we were both being operated on the same night by the same ortho in london.. though we both got bumped down the list for a nobody soccer player who busted a toe nail that night, robbie fowler was his name…

goes without saying i was the least talented of that trifecta that night..

Why the grass is not always greener up north

i don’t know nick..

i enjoy watching the premiership and have been fortunate now for the past 20 odd years.. was bought up with how boring and dross the northern rugby was.. but for me it was a joy in the months of dec, jan,feb… cold and wet those months were but there was the rugger.. in many different ways it was thoroughly entertaining and eye opening..

many a writer has said the same thing as you about the english club rugby demise since 96..

from memory, correct me if i am wrong..

sarries and wray started the ball rolling with sella, francois and noddy…

people said it would die.. still here now and with mulitple heinken cups under their wing..

then there was levett and richmond and the million quid signing of clarke..

they did die..

seems to me that it will roll on.. teams will come and teams will go.. relegation and promotion is fantastic in my eyes.. as it should be in the 6 nations.. but that is a whole other article i think..

on a side note back in the day when i was 25.. had a romantic getaway in bath with an unlucky lady, the weekend of the good friday agreement, hence my memory of it stays sharp.. we stayed in a little hotel, the bath priory.. owned by the the ex major shareholder of bath..

watched a good game at a packed out rec.. guscott, de glanville, catt, evans, ubogu et all vs noddy, sella and francois.. plus a galloping green on the wing..

the joys of english club rugby..

rugby can take you all over the world.. can open up so much..

long may it live on..

excuse the story telling but as there is so much negativity on this site these days about how bad we are or certain players are etc.. i just wanted to highlight how great our game is and the doors it can open and the adventures it can bring!

cheers again for your regular weekly write ups.. i always learn something new and look forward it!!

Why the grass is not always greener up north

baylionn was going to say the same last night..

individual teams have their stat junkies and are very complete.. type of kick, type of tackle, type of run metres gained, type of pass etc..

us joe public only get some random things on very general things.. the reality being only the win/loss stat is perfect and non-debatable from the lists we get..

for the past few years a few people on here have used those basic sin context stats to push their narratives and agendas..

i very much agree with paulo and his ‘how to lie with stats’ topic..

baylion am not having a dig at your stats mate.. they have been interesting and definitely have more colour than we what are used to on here from a certain few..

you have set them out with any bias or agenda..

cheers for that mate..

enjoy the games on the weekend..

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

and to u fionn!

enjoy the rugger on the weekend mate!!

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

yep.. it is going to one heck of a big push up the hill for the piggies..

but if they can get close to parity at lineout and breakdown.. then the tahs will win!!

c’mon the tahs!! all of oz rugby is supporting you lads!!

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

cheers baylion..

so foley’s conversion success rate is 85% and his penalty success rate is 77%..

sort of makes a statement to all those repeaters that used to bleat on about how foley cherry-picks his penalties.. if that was the case the success rate would be reversed..

the majority of tries (that i have seen, probably 80% this season) he has converted would be closer to the sideline than to the sticks..

i am very happy that we finally have a kicker in oz who is at over 80%.. been a very long time since we have had that..

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

rw.. i am tipping the tahs.. but that is all heart and very little head.

they just don’t have the breakdown nous nor ability to compete with the lions.. (marx has taken the #2 position to a whole new level)

i think the backs are on top of the lions by a loftie wedge..

unfortunately forwards win matches and if they don’t have the pill it will make it very hard..

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

brett i am a thickie… but how are you adding foley’s numbers?

33 + 21 = 54 no?

41 + 28 = 69 no?

apologies if i am being dense and missing something obvious..

Waratahs vs Lions: By the numbers

yep paul..

so there might be some more to come.. atleast for mafi..

as people have said this could have some negative kickbacks on his japanese contract..

an expensive little late night out it is turning into..

Rebels hand down sanctions to Mafi and Timani following New Zealand incident

people use white noise to help them get to sleep..

Israel Folau reacts to speculation around Queensland Reds switch

cheers rhys..

i enjoyed the character of the team this year.. something we had been lacking for a few years..

it is a work in progress there will be bumps along the way..

let’s see how the qru and their respective managers handle the elephant, hippo and giraffe in the room..

A good starting season for Thorn’s young Reds

i don’t mind kirk.. loved the player.. first webb ellis winning captain..

we have a couple of swarmy saffas, kiwis and argies here.. no idea why they need to get their kicks here, but each to their own..

we have some quality kiwis here which i enjoy reading their perspectives..

rt, digger, highlander even tman has grown on me.. apologies for those that i have missed..

And then there was one... Waratahs last Australian team standing

why can’t they punish them?

there are financial penalties that can be enforced no?

Amanaki Mafi arrested after allegedly assaulting Lopeti Timani

not good..

not much else can be said about this..

Amanaki Mafi arrested after allegedly assaulting Lopeti Timani

dave .. peter k is not a fan of foley, like a few others here..

these lads write a lot and therefore generate a lot of anti foley sentiment..

the guy did not play badly at all tonight.. he was solid.. something superb.. restarts, probably best in the world at the moment with them and not just with folau.. ned took some..

great penalty kick for 5m.. some good tackles, including one on arnold in the 18th minute.. nearly double his size!!

i thought his distribution was good, passing in front of the man..

but yet peter k and certain others will bag the guy..

it is what it is..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

i enjoyed the game as well dave..

there was obviously some errors and play from both teams..

but i love watching oz teams and i thought the brumbies deserved their win..

poey is an absolute legend of the game..

we should treasure the time he stays with us..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

i have just got back peterk.. put you knickers back on..

when i posted those two comments asking for stats check the times..

then check your times for posting your answer..

i disagree 100% with your view on foley.. he was not dreadful.. dreadful was rona..

you throw out your opinion with numbers that had no source.. why can i not ask where you get them from..

if you want to shout at me go right ahead matey..

makes no difference.. tomorrow i am back at work and will not be posting on here like you do ad nauseam..

most probably saying foley had a terrible game.. which is just not the case..

if you say you love the game, judge the players fairly and evenly..

if you think cll performed better than foley.. that is your opinion..

and mine to disagree with if i choose..

the fact you will post it 100 times over the next week.. doesn’t make it right..

it just adds conformation bias to those who haven’t seen the game and don’t like foley..

very unhelpful and not very mature.. i might say..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

folau had a nice off load for the tahs try..

he caught some restarts..

poor is when they make mistakes that cost..

pretty sure that is a universal concept of poor..

solid to me as i have said..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

how do u get beale as average and foley as dreadful.. seriously??!!

beale fell of tackles.. looked like he didn’t want to be there…

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

kepu gave away another stupid penalty..

didn’t see much else from him..

scrum was solid.. but that is a 5 man thing not one man..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog

okay.. walk me through the mistakes..

poor for me is mistakes..

solid is nothing flash..

good.. is making things happen..

very good is some great individual play.. like poey tonight and most nights..

Waratahs vs Brumbies: Super Rugby live scores, blog