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Oar is over rated. That is why i did not include him. He probably left because of too high his salary, not because of JA’s poor coaching and management.

Maccarone was at the fringe of retiring. So, there was no point for any A-league club to sign him.

Solorzano was not as good when he was older. So, he was omitted in my consideration.

Kaluderovic, agg….. may be maybe.

Hervas, not good enough.

Brattan had left already when JA took over. I have just double checked.

Danning, Jackson, Sarota and Ploenz, they are not impressively good to entered into the list of players possibly left because of poor coaching and management of JA.

Basically, I meant JA had succeeded a very good squad. Then after poor coaching and management, the good enough to be re-signed young players had left.

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar

Who are the good players who has moved out from Brisbane Roar to another good club after JA has taken the rein?

Apart form those moving onto retirement or a semi-professional club, the good players are:

Devante Clut

Steven Lustica

James Donachie

Henrique (transfer back later)


Demitri Petratos

Brandon Borrello


Nathan Konstandopoulos

Corey Brown

Ivan Franjic

Rahmat Akbari

Even if Maclaren (who asked for big salary) is not included, the above players can form a good team which any A-league coach are please to take over.

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar

Rado Vidosic together with Dario Vidošić in the same club!

Jason Culina and Branko in the same club!

JA and Ross in the same club!

Always controversial, always do not get better results.

Ryan Edwards and Cameron Edwards under the coach who is their father. Sick!

Has JA think critically? What would be like for the 1 and a half left in his tenure?

Maybe! As he appeared in the match against Melbourne City, he had not shaved, like Ange Postecoglou’s look under huge pressure when Socceroos was possibly out of the World Cup last year. Luckily, Melbourne City was in transition, transiting from having to not having Fornaroli.

Yesterday, he did not shave again. He must have too busy to think.

Has he thought of family partnership has many problems? What should he do to make him and Brisbane Roar better for the remaining of his tenure?

There are a number of possibilities; resignation; waiting to be sacked; or keeping on struggling for 1 and a half years.

Why good players do not like to remain in Brisbane Roar?

Would it be better to get different opinions from another assistant coach? Would it be better to have the assistant coach resigned rather than both resign?

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar


Ankle not angle.

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar

Adam has missed a golden opportunity to score yesterday. Again!

Why has he been being like that? There were couple of possible reasons came to mind when watching the match in progress. However, after consideration later, there is a most likely reason. The reason is that he has hidden injuries. We know that he wants to perform to show the socceroos’ coach his ability of returning to the international level. So, he hides his injuries.

There is no better reasons as A-league is a decent league.

It is not uncommon that players would hide injuries to get lining up. We have heard sometimes that players telling retrospectively that once losing the position, it is difficult to regain.

This guessing is a reasonable one as Taggart had had injuries back in his stay in the Glory.

This guessing is also supported by my self experience. I had motor-bike sporting injury. No fracture, but many muscles around the angle torn. Then there was plaster casting to make the ligaments grow firm. The doctor said that the cast should not be taken away early, making sure the ligaments firm first before exercising to make them flexible again. Other, he said, you would feel a drop of strength in the foot occasionally.

That was exactly what happened as I remove the cast of plastering early. I could walk but sometimes my foot lost strength on uneven surface. It took me decades to totally recover.

Watch the video again. Taggart lost balance in front of the goal mouth suddenly. This is not the first time he misfire in front of the goal mouth in this season. Despite he has got 6 goals, half of them are from penalty conversions.

JA should find a very good doctor/physio to examine and test Taggart’s legs and feet.

Again, about players hiding injuries, many players would do that. Remember how Jason Culina got Gold Coast United to sign him by hiding his knee injury.

Why JA’s medical staff could not find out the possible injuries of Taggart’s?

Why for a few years, under the management of JA, there have been so many injuries in Roar squad?

Has JA managed or coached well?

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar

The list of points Brisbane Roar has gotten since JA has taken the head coach job is as below:

2015 to 2016 – 48 points
2016 to 2017 – 42 points
2017 to 2018 – 35 points
2018 to 2019 – 18 points (projection after 9 matches)

In 2015 to 2016, the team could still get good results because JA had succeeded a very good squad.

After the players have left to other clubs or retired, JA’s Brisbane Roar squad has become very weak. The list above shows the declining of performance.

Why good players do not want to stay in Brisbane Roar?

Have said weeks ago that JA cannot coach defence.

The squad under his management is so bad. There have been injuries all the time.
Has he considered that he is not good enough to be a coach on this level?

Aloisi feeling pressure at Brisbane Roar

Jose Mourinho has left MU.

Liverpool lop off the rotting head of United: EPL wrap Matchday 17

“John Kosmina says the referees can’t play the game themselves and therefore don’t understand the mechanics of it”,

What is his position in Fox Sports? Paid journalist? Guest? Commentator? Football expert? Is he employed to make people entertained?

What chance do A-League referees have after Kosmina’s ridiculous comments?


What chance do A-League referees have after Kosmina’s ridiculous comments?

Cannot understand!

“One word- Quality.”

“The problem is the game is too fast and not enough Aussies can keep up. Improved quality is just making the game less accessible to the majority of Aussies.” Cannot agree with this. Actually, many matches in this season are slower than seasons before.

How to measure quality?

Why have so many people stopped watching the A-League?


Trent Alexander-Arnold is 1.75 m also.

Liverpool lop off the rotting head of United: EPL wrap Matchday 17

Mo Sallan is 1.75 m and 70 kg in weight. Matt Mckay is 1.71 m and 65 kg. Henrique is 1.65 m and 60 kg. Massimo Murdocca is 1.65 m and 60 kg.

Calleti is 1.62 m and 60 kg.

Mo Sallan is 5 inches taller than Calleti

Mo Sallen is not short if you compare James Troisi (1.76 m) with him.

On the field Mo Sallen is short because the players surrounding him are tall in average.

The magnificent Allan Simonsen is 1.65 m and weigh 69 kg.

Liverpool lop off the rotting head of United: EPL wrap Matchday 17

In the 1970s and 80s, Liverpool was the best club/team in European until that tragedy.

Liverpool lop off the rotting head of United: EPL wrap Matchday 17

Statistics is not subjective. Just the interpretation may.

The best seasons are from 2012-13 to 2016-17, 1.77 millions attendance. The culmination of attendance happened in 2013 to 2014 season with the number at 1.89 millions.

What happened between those years. Firstly, Del Piero and Broich were still playing. Then in 2014 to 2015, Fornaroli came in before Broich retired in 2017. The meaning of interpretation is about good players and good matches. How good was that in the 2015 to 2016 season when the top 3s are separated by just 1 point. Was exciting. Was spectacular. They played good football.

As for this season, many matches are tasteless.

Would it be better to use the money in VAR in investing a good marquee player? Choose a good one please. Del Piero! Choose a good Italian or Greek for the sake that there are many Italians and Greeks in Sydney and Melbourne. It is good to hear that the newly selected MWG wants to choose a marquee player with the equivalent weight of Del Piero.

Corona played very well too.

If the players and marquee players play good football, the media will do free marketing automatically.

Why have so many people stopped watching the A-League?

JA just cannot coach defending. This has been being the case for 3 years, including the recent season.

For the last 3 seasons from 2015 to 2018, the average GA per season is 39.

It is ironic that Jamie Young got the best goal keeper award last year with 40 goals lost for the whole season. Should there be another goal keeper, the number of goals lost would be even higher.

As for this year, the projection is 43.875 for the whole season. The GA number now reflects well the BR’s current position, 9th.

Statistics tells no lie. JA still have not improved the defence from the first day 3 years ago.

There were voices 2 seasons back calling for a defending coach. However, is a defending coach normal. Can the defence be coached separately?

In the conference, he said BR will become strong for the rest of the season like the last one. However, this year, there is no pre-season problem. Yet the result is worse in comparison.

The lining up remains rather constant, despite the defence is bad.

There are too many out-dated players. Are there many injuries like in the last season?

JA cannot form a good squad. The recruits are either old (and near retiring) or lack of physicality. There cannot be too many small guys in a lining up (and the squad).

As for Bautheac, he is just like Oar. How can he be a marquee player? He is good but just not very good. He said he would be different in this season. However, that is not apparent.

There are so many players, who should not be playing in the next season, are still playing now. There are Bautheac, Kristensen, Makay and Henrique.

Those who should retire or leave next season are Holman and Caletti. Holman had been a very good player. However, if he has injury at this age, he better retires. As for Caletti, he is just not physically big enough.

After Phoenix lost 1-6 to Victory, Merrick resigned. When will JA resign? What will be the catalyst?

The coach is the soul of a team. If the coach is not good, the team is not good.

Phoenix, with a new coach, has just got a second goal against Mariners minutes ago.

Victory go top after defeating Brisbane


The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

Yeah you are right. However, they are 11.3 km apart. Has he played with words. Doesn’t matter, we will see.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

I have just researched the property market at Tarneit. The middle price of house and land is $500,000.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

Read this

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

Greg O’Rourke, “WMG have a stadium; they’ll play out of Geelong’s Kardinia Park for their first three seasons as they build a football-specific venue near Werribee.”

Not Tarneit!

Only people have been to AAmy Park should feel comfortable in talking about going to an outskirts stadium.

Secondly, “Ultimately one of our goals is to go to 14 teams and then you have a balanced home and away potential”, O’Rourke.

Wellington Phoenix may survive if they keep winning like last week.

Just two more spots.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

The latest news says that the stadium is to be built at Werribee, not Tarneit.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions


I should not have posted this one as the latest is about building a stadium at Werribee VIC 3030.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

The licence contract must have clauses about building a stadium in time. Then, who would raise capital to build one?

Probably, the consortium to build a stadium in Tarneit comprise of land developer partnering real sport people. It is okay that sport and land development go hand in hand.

Once the project has been confirmed the land price should have made another leap higher. Investors envisage development at the vicinity. Stadium first, then facilities follow. There may be a huge shopping centre like Robina shopping centre near Cbus Super Stadium in Gold Coast. Ten years ago, nothing was there in Robina.

Then came the Brisbane to Gold Coast rail and the Robina train station just not so far away from the stadium

People in this The Roar have been talking about the lack of train station these few days. However, that may not be a very important factor. Remember what was like when the Broncos dominated the NRL in the mid of 1990s. At that time, Brisbane Broncos played in the then ANZ stadium (now where QSAC is). That was the venue of the 1982 Commonwealth Game. There was/is no train station nearby. So, whenever there is a Broncos match in that stadium, it bought huge traffic congestion to the area. There were not enough parking spaces. So, many shops and gas stations would lease out parking spaces at $10 to $20 a night/day. That was the story that make Brisbane council to redevelop Lang Park (now Suncorp Stadium).

The point is why people would go to a stadium without train station? That was because that Broncos played very well at that time.

It is therefore fair to say that if WMG can have a team playing good football, fans would be more than happy to go to Tarneit.

The core business is football.

Expansion has arrived, and we have some questions

This is a good idea.

So, the relegating club negotiate with the promoting club about the transfer of licence at a certain cost/price. However, what will be the cost/price for transfer of licence? Would the cost/price be flexible?

If the licence transference fee (ie cost/price above) is flexible, would the relegating club open a big mouth to scare off the promoting club?

The second possibility is to have a fixed licence transference fee. That is to say, every year, FFA has a mathematical model to calculate the up-today licence transference fee. If the eligible promoting club and the ruled relegating club agree the deal, these two clubs exchange division levels. Else, they stay where they are playing on.

This is a good idea.

Anywhere in the world there is such a promotion and relegation model? There are people saying that EPL and first division is similar. Is this right?

More A-League teams for Sydney and Melbourne: Did the FFA get their A-League expansion decision right?