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Wallabies winning is going to be hard if they can’t pay the players. Sydney paper reporting a $15M loss for RA in one year. Mostly due Folau and RWC. Getting the financials right is going to be the first headache for the new CEO. Will also hamstring player pool and retention in building a winning Wallabies team. Wonder what Rennie is thinking right now.

Eddie Jones weighs in on the state of Australian rugby

“ To save Aussie rugby we must scrap the states”

/Morgan Freeman voice/ “good luck with that”

To save Aussie rugby we must scrap the states

Until this article was thinking there is no stand out to replace Hooper, so he keeps it by default. Would like to see more of White than Perth. Arguably that was an outlier. Teams like the ABs play silly buggers before RWC. We also had a rare night. Anyway great read, hope White gets some time to prove your premise

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

Another SMH day reading about RA. Starting to get a sore neck

AOC boss Matt Carroll sad for rugby's demise

What was that game where Quade scored all the points through his skills along with intercept passes. Remember watching it with bemusement. Think it was a reds game. He’s come a long way since then. Would have no problem if he’s the best 10 we have, but hope we can find someone else that holds the wallabies 10 at a decent international level one day

Like sands through an hourglass, this is Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia is like watching an episode of “Dark” lately

More turmoil at Rugby Australia as potential chairman threatens to resign over CEO choice

“Force Majeure” sounds like you gave her the perfect title for her book

Australian rugby has its problems, but Raelene Castle was not one of them

If I get what you mean, the last few years has been reverse fantastic.

Raelene Castle resigns as Rugby Australia CEO

I had no idea if Castle was right for the job or not. She did seem to be making some progress, but she also came with some question marks. There’s no way Kearnes, Alan Jones or NFJ can do any better. Hope they select a well qualified replacement, and that Rennie stays on. Anything is possible

Raelene Castle resigns as Rugby Australia CEO

Thought Rugby in Oz was at rock bottom before Wuhan. Almost vultures fighting over a rotting corpse now

Raelene Castle resigns as Rugby Australia CEO

Well balanced article thank you

Have to bring up Cheika’s siege mentality failure. Here we have rugby in “the midst of a pandemic which has put all rugby on hold, forced broadcast negotiations to be postponed, and put an awful strain on Rugby AU’s finances…”. Siege mentality can bring out the best in people, but it can also see people eating their own children.

Captains' call offers nothing by way of real Rugby Australia solutions

Agree with Peter, the pitch forks and torches towards Folau was, and still is, out of hand. The same herd mentality that has seen people hoarding toilet paper recently.
Folau did himself no favours with the bushfire comments

Shadow of Folau obscures signs of rugby's revival in Australia

Agree with Peter, the pitch forks and torches towards Folau did, and still is, out of hand. The same herd mentality that has seen people hoarding outlet paper recently.

Folau did himself no favours by saying the bushfires were the fault of homos and abortions though

Shadow of Folau obscures signs of rugby's revival in Australia

Hope Rennie sees through Hooper as a narcissist corridor creeper

Hooper has no regrets over Folau saga

Gritty and resilient….apart from the results

Three strikes and you're out? Thorn needs finals footy in third year of Reds reboot

Suggested playlist for the Wigan game:

“Small town boy” by Bronski Beat
“It’s a Sin!” By the Pet Shop Boys
“Lola” by the Kinks
“Walk on the Wild side” by Lou Reed
“Money” by Pink Floyd
“It’s Money that I Love” by Randy Newman

But I’m sure there’s many more good songs they could play for him

Rival club has the perfect response to Israel Folau signing with Super League side

If an overseas player diminished since leaving, then he won’t be selected on form. Agree with going local for 3/4 of the World Cup cycle. However, we need to field our best team for RWC. So scrap it for that year
And yes, it is a pleasant change having an adult in charge

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

Almost all the Australian rugby public thought Fardy was a great loss to us. Unfortunately, Cheika knew better. Fardy isn’t the type to want to get rich from sweat shop labour, so no wonder he didn’t fit in with the Cheika ethos

The Australian view from across the water: Scott Fardy

Re: Wales. The telling factor to me was the postmatch interview. Cheika came across as someone who had run out of ideas, from a cupboard that only had one idea. The QF exit was certain after seeing Cheika wallow on the bad side of the Dunning-Kruger curve through that interview

The good, the bad and the ugly of Australian rugby in 2019

The expected management screed

Rugby AU publishes recommendations from 2019 Wallabies review

Another good one. Would seem that getting rich off cheap labour isn’t the best predictor of future performance. At least Cheika is gone now. If only he was the only management type pulling these stunts. All the best to Larkham’s future as coach

Thanks, Merry Christmas (or Winter solstice if you prefer), and a great new year

How Stephen Larkham is finding his feet at Munster

Hope one day the internationals win a few. It’s needed to generate interest. No reason the President’s cup, can’t be similar to the Ryder cup. Just need it to stop being so one sided

Tiger Woods helps USA retain Presidents Cup

How to improve golf as a spectator sport. Fights between caddies and the crowd. A rollerball/golf hybrid. A few more caddies looking like Happy Gilmore’s won’t go astray either. Reed makes a good shooter McGavin

US star Patrick Reed's caddie in Presidents Cup fan fight

Good points here. Cancelled my irrelevant pay tv a while back and went to streaming.

Foxtel versus rugby: The next battle

It’s sci-fi. Hari Seldon had the art of predicting social future down to a precise science. Predicted the demise of the current empire. Some parallels, I see, with the AB’s empire.
One of the best sci-fi ever written imho, and I don’t say that lightly. There’s talk of a TV series.

Did the All Blacks pick the right successor to Hansen?