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If ever we are in a situation where I am "the voice of reason", we are in a very, very bad situation.



One of the things that makes Australians so proud of our successful sports people on the global stage is that inevitably they have overcome the odds to achieve that success, coming from such a small country with a tiny population. So we are proud that our hard work has enabled us to beat the best in the world. We have always played hard, but fair. But using sandpaper on a cricket ball to many of us is no different to using performance enhancing drugs. It is a decision to play outside the rules in case your talent or hard work is not good enough to gain you victory. It doesn’t matter to me that lots of players in cricket did similar things and received lesser penalties. It simply says we have a higher moral standard, and I’m proud that we do.
Like many, I disliked the way Warner carried on before South Africa. Add the word cheat to being a flog just cemented his legacy for me, regardless of his stats…

Missed opportunity: Graciousness could've taken Warner to another level but he went the other way

First Mills misses most of a season from tripping over while walking from a cafe and now while having a drink at the pub. The bloke shouldn’t be allowed to leave home without a bodyguard…

AFL News: Booze-fuelled Mad Monday barney sends star Swan to surgeon, Frampton comes alive, Ratten back at Hawks

Giving a child extra lollies because he didn’t end up with any good lollies because he picked the wrong ones initially, or was careless and lost all his good lollies, is simple bad parenting. It doesn’t teach the child anything and just makes the other kids rightfully angry. All we have here is an example of the AFL being a bad parent yet again…

AFL News: 'Blatant manipulation' - Coaches angry as Roos get draft boost, Lions star pushes through Payne barrier

There has never been more pressure on umpires with every play and stat available to the media and fans. So to have them make subjective assessments about players immediately after a game without statistical information opens them up to even more scrutiny and ridicule. As we see every year.
That said, several statistical models predicted Neale would either win or be in the top three and I was happy to take the 13/1 odds available, in what I thought was probably a four horse race.
Like the AFL fixturing system, it is inherently imperfect. But if we allocate votes based purely on stats, we remove the “fairest” aspect of the award.
The fact that a very fair player may not be eligible for the medal based on an umpire’s or MRO’s mistake or interpretation about a single incident which makes them ineligible should be the larger discussion…

COMMENT: Lachie Neale's baffling win proves it's time to take Brownlow voting off the umps

I appreciate neither maths nor logic are Pies’ fans strong suites, but when you have the most number of members and a set number of seats for each team, you can’t just “magic” a solution. The Pies play two thirds of their games at home, and at the grand final venue. But no complaints then. They don’t have to try and get grand final tickets AND plane seats at inflated prices like all the interstate clubs. Lucky them. And they invariably get the best of the umpiring given the noise of their large home crowds. All good there too.
But put them into a ballot system where they suddenly don’t have an advantage and watch the tears roll and the hissy fits take off. Entitled spoiled brats…

Outrage as farcical Ticketek flaw leaves thousands of Magpies premium members without grand final seats

If you are running head on at a player and launch yourself into the air you would know a collision is inevitable. If the result is hitting a player in the head and knocking him out for 2 minutes which will likely end his season and maybe his career, he has to get games. Accidental contact or not, the head is now sacrosanct and the AFL will want to reinforce that stance. Anyone who doesn’t get that is dreaming…

Maynard incident reaction proves the AFL still doesn't get that accidents can happen

No Tim, they haven’t got themselves to blame. Bad kicking or missed chances throughout a game are irrelevant if a team is good enough to storm home and kick more points than the opposition at the final siren. Which is what they did. In close games there will always be instances of missed chances and mistakes which result in a victory or a loss. That’s sport. This game was decided by a blatant error which could have been overturned except another blatant error was made. The blame lies firmly with the umpire. No one else. Without his error the Crows would mostly likely be playing finals. You’re making it a complicated story. It’s not. It’s a very simple one…

Footy Fix: The Crows were stone cold robbed... but they've only got themselves to blame

The name is irrelevant as people adapt quickly. Is there anything strong or powerful about swans, cats or saints? No. We don’t give them a second thought…

What's in a name? Should AFL's newest clubs make a change?

Clarkson’s intensity is well known and his ruthlessness is no doubt a factor in his success, so as horrifying as these allegations are, I can believe that he is capable of not seeing the line between family and work as clearly as the rest of us. But I simply can’t get my head around Chris Fagan being part of this story. He is the one coach I would bet my life on to put family above all else. I can’t imagine the pressure placed on AFL coaches to succeed by their boards, administration, the AFL, corporate sponsors, members and fans. But if these “allegations” are true, no person involved in aiding what has happened should have any future part in our great game.

North Melbourne and Brisbane must sack Clarkson and Fagan after Hawthorn racism revelations

A great article Peter! And I agree with your summary. We live in an age where many large corporations push the boundaries of both legality and morality. But despite the culture the CA administrators condoned, grown men still know right from wrong. They chose to cheat. And a year out of the game is fair. The fact that other players who have similarly cheated and not been punished by their countries to the same extent is irrelevant and indicative of a lack of respect for the game and sportsmanship in general.

We can’t handle the truth - Australian cricket’s culture

You lost me when I saw Freo and premiership window in the same sentence…

Dear Fremantle, I hope you know what you're doing

What a sad and depressing way to look at a grand final that had everything. More of an indictment on an ever growing sporting media where writers have to invent useless narratives to gain attention.

A close grand final does not a classic make

If he wants to chase a flag over money, why the hell would he want to go to Collingwood!

Here's where Tom Lynch will play in 2019

Not so sure Paul. World Series Cricket was called a gimmick too. Most sports are looking at abbreviated forms of their games, even AFL which essentially hasn’t modified its game ever. I think that any game that takes a whole day to play is on the way out. Even traditional shorter games like soccer and rugby league are seeing dropping attendances. Going to a live event these days in the cities is getting more difficult and more expensive. Plus people have more recreational choices than ever before. I think most sports administrators have or will embrace the idea that it has to be able to be easily packaged for TV and hence advertising revenue, as evidenced with the AFL’s broadcasting rights deals. Unfortunately, with that seems to come this obsession with non stop action and constant noise, music, quizzes, games within games, rather than an appreciation for the game itself. I hope I’m wrong, but I don”t think I am…

Remembering how to play one-day

Well written Les. Whilst I read everything I can on footy, I’m increasingly left wondering why some of the stuff was even written. Like all media, everyone’s looking for a scoop and there’s a lot more everyones than there used to be. Which means they’re all looking for angles, real or imagined.
In the end it’s up to us to not follow or read the people or organisations that treat the game we all love as a business first and sport second.

The ugly side of the fourth estate

Everyone loves Eddie. Not just because of what he can do, but because he enjoys the fact that he can do it so well and people love what he does. If you get my drift….

Football as modern art (feat. Eddie Betts)

Agree with nearly all of this, although if Hawks are playing Melbourne my hard earned would still be on the Hawks. They’re ageing, but experience still counts. That said, if Henderson’s in your best 22, you’re not flag material. To me, much of their demise can be summed up in six words. Mitchell out. Lewis out. Vickery in.

The Hawks are gone, finals and a flag beyond them

No Cat. What it means is that before a bet is even taken he is rated in the top 5 chances as decided by the bookies, not the punters. They only determine what happens to the price afterwards.

2017 AFL preview series: Adelaide Crows - 7th

A good summary generally Cameron, although I strongly disagree with the comment “Rory Sloane is a gun, but not quite in the very top echelon.” Every betting agency has him in their top five Brownlow chances. If that’s not elite, I don’t know what is!

2017 AFL preview series: Adelaide Crows - 7th

Port Adelaide are in the middle class Ryan? Why?

Enough positivity! Who makes way for the AFL’s rising middle class?

I totally agreed with Geoff’s piece yesterday. I don’t like watching AFLW but totally respect the rights of people who like it and do. That doesn’t make me small minded, biased, bigoted or a misogynist.
Whilst I would like to get involved in the conversation, I have just arrived home from a hard day at work. There’s no tea on the table, the kitchen’s a mess and don’t get me started on the fact that the breakfast dishes are still languishing on the table where I left them this morning…

Don't like AFL Women's on the news? Change the channel

The Eagles will be a better team with Mitchell’s experience and skills. And knowledge down the track. Sorry mate, but if it was possible to disagree with an article more than 100 percent, I would be 110.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

Stumbled across your article today Joanna. May just be the best summation of the whole Goodes thing I have read. Well done!

Adam Goodes a provocative figure in Australian sport

Unfortunately sport is littered with things that make us go “what the?”. Like Shane Watson being the sum of ridicule as a batsman by so many for so long and now commanding $1.7 million for nine weeks work in the IPL.

Adam Voges makes me mad

Nailed it AnotherFastnet. Well put!

Sorry haters, but AFLW is here to stay