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I live for the sound of leather on willow, and will drop anything to watch a round of MMA. I am always happy to settle for a game of League in the winter months. Fascinated by the history of sport.



I want him to stay at Featherweight. With Zabit and Yair there is plenty of flair in the division coming up, not to mention: Edgar who deserves a shot; Moicano, who was the backup to the 231; or, the winner of Mendes vs Volkanovski (an Aussie).

He will not beat Khabib, and while matches against Tony and Conor are mouthwatering I don’t actually rate his chances. Diaz would be a mad fight, as would Gaethje, but I don’t want to see him take those years off his life.

Just a note, Ortega was 12-0 before this fight.

It's time to talk about Max Holloway

Agree on Lewis, therefore also about Hooker. Hooker (who I actually thought would win) is not that sort of miracle one punch winner, and was getting smashed.

Totally disagree on Holloway v Ortega though. The 3rd was Ortega’s best round, so coming out in the 4th makes sense. But more importantly, Ortega is known as a bloke who can pull out a sub from nowhere, particularly late in the game. His coach Rener Gracie knows this and has spoken about it in the past.

Daniel Cormier slams ref's failure to intervene in fight earlier

Totally agree (with Chris) about Clarke. Hindsight sees him as ein vanker, but that’s only because of his personality. He was a good and creative captain who carried the Australian team in a time when they were relatively poor, notably in the bowling department (hence needing creatively attacking fields).
I agree Smith is not great at using Lyon.

Lyon is mauling India

Usually love your comments Barry, but I’m pretty sure this was just meant as a joke. The Beetson rating was a bit rough, but otherwise I think it’s just ribbing. Wouldn’t take it too seriously.

A New South Welshman ranks every Queensland State of Origin captain

I think 8 for Inglis is generous. He too a lot of hit ups, but was never that dangerous. He also refused to pass the ball on at least one occasion when the winger would have most likely scored. Leading from the front doesn’t mean you have to hog the ball. It’s like Paul Gallen.

Queensland Maroons player ratings: State of Origin Game 2

I think his body is a bit underdeveloped to take big hit ups coming out of defence yet. He’s only young, and although he apparently weighs 102kgs, on his tall frame it doesn’t give him a lot of power driving forward; he just gets chopped in half because he can’t get low. He runs sideways looking for gaps but it doesn’t work when the defence is already up and in line.

However, scary to think what he’ll be able to do when he grows into his body.

New South Wales Blues player ratings: State of Origin Game 2

I’m so confused about that. I don’t know why Freddy decided not to put him back on in the last minutes when the blues were trying to get out of their own half. His metres would have been valuable. There must be a reason.

Freddie’s Baby Blues finally end the Maroon dynasty

He’s confusing the NSW fans for Queenslanders.

The Blues will win the series tonight

It’s a Sunday night and the Rugby was last night. It’ll still be pretty packed though, you’d think.

The Blues will win the series tonight

Good post.

Ten players shortlisted to become next rugby league Immortal

Geez I’m behind the times. Thanks tim.

Australia vs England: ODI preview

I still think we’ll get hammered, unfortunately. I agree about their attack though, it’s not great. But I don’t think they care. As Ronan said they’ll probably churn out flat wickets and their very good battling line up will just slap the ball around until they have a huge lead.

The Aussie side is so green I’m surprised gumby isn’t in it. But I do like that a few of these guys are going to get a real test, though. Agar seems perennially to be one of those “potential” types. While I’m not as convinced as others about him, I am totally happy to be proved wrong and hope he has a breakout series as a bowler.
He actually going to be the linchpin to our team (if he’s at 7). Batting so high allows us to have five quicks so he’ll need to perform.

Does anyone know if the new changes abandoning the toss applies to ODIs.

Australia vs England: ODI preview

You’re right about the short pass. This is the real blight when it comes to forward passes. If there is a pass anywhere between 1 and 3 metres from dummy half, it’s forward a huge majority of the time.
But really I blame the ball runners. Just like wingers tend to be standing too laterally these days, the forwards are too far into their run before the hooker even gets the ball. They have to pass forward to hit the runner. The NRL have evidently concluded this is fine.

Penalty Wars 2018: The NRL surrenders… again

I’m hoping he fights Mundine and then done. Few mil from this fight, few more from that, retire.

Deserves a good end to his career as he seems like a top bloke.

Jeff Horn loses welterweight title to Terence Crawford

Good card. A bit disappointed by Anderson, but I tell you, better Holly than Cyborg. From what she showed she is no where near the level of the champ.

Good wins from the other two Aussies, though both were borderline calls I would say.

Whittaker has to be one of the toughest person I’ve seen. But is he made of glass? First his knee and now his hand, is he ever going to fight properly healthy?

UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 live blog, round-by-round updates

Interesting point, Nardio. Same for me. But I was in Brisbane, and I assumed it was because Horn is a Brisbane boy.

UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 live blog, round-by-round updates

I love your optimism Jason mate, but geez I have to agree with Rabbits. I’d love Horn to win and will be shouting myself horse at the pub tomorrow, but I can’t see it happening.

Horn vs Crawford: History set to repeat in Vegas

I hope you’re right mate, on both the result and the cash. He’d get more if Crawford could promote himself at all.

UFC 225: Breakdown and predictions

Thanks mate, I actually find myself a little excited about the Punk fight. I’m interested to see how he’s improved. I think he’ll be aggressive.

I am tracking the Horn fight but unfortunately I can’t see him winning. As the bigger man, he certainly has a puncher’s chance. Horn’s major plus as a fighter is that he is tough, comes in well conditioned and is keen to fight. But Crawford is too skilful. But for Lomachenko, Crawford might well be the pound for pound best in the world. I expect him to beat Horn pretty convincingly. At least Horn will make a cool 2.5 mil, even for a loss.

UFC 225: Breakdown and predictions

Yeah I hear he’s likely to move up. Love to see him vs. Volkan Oezdemir

UFC 225: Breakdown and predictions

Update: Yoel Romero has missed championship weight for the second time in as many fights, meaning he will not be competing for the Middleweight title. It is unclear wether the fight will go ahead, but it seems Whittaker wants to take the fight.

UFC 225: Breakdown and predictions

It’s a good question. I think it’s really important for SOO that NSW win this year. Hope is a naturally neutral emotion, and when that is all that’s left, passion wanes. The vitriol and intensity have diminished in the last couple of years.

Don’t get me wrong, Origin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it just might lose some of its magic. As ever, Origin is really about Queensland, and when Queenslanders lose their sense of inferiority, what are we left with? One side who has been validated by its record, and another one who never needed validation in the first place. Not exactly the recipe for die hard passion.

Queensland? Queensland is over

I think you’ll find the point of the article is not to talk up NSW as certainties to win, or even to say they are better than Qld. It’s simply saying that the days of Qld being an unstoppable force whose victory seemed as inevitable as death, are over.

Queensland? Queensland is over

I wrote an article basically the same as this, I’m guessing you got in first, haha. Oh well.

Totally agree with most of your calls though mate. However, I think Anderson might get it over Holly, and I reckon the Romero fight will be closer than you think. He won’t gas as fast this time because he’ll abandon the early takedown attempts I think, and look to strike.

UFC 225 preview and predictions

Like Dave says, it’s in the title. Small part or not, it’s crucial as it continues a trend in NRL media which continues to put a ridiculous amount of focus onto the refs. Like I said, there were plenty of calls ignored throughout the game, they were just being consistent.

This article would have been perfectly respectable without any mention of the refs somehow causing Queensland’s defeat; it could have simply been a love letter to Inglis’ ultimately ineffectual efforts last night. But as it, it’s clickbait, it’s boring and it is a bad look.

Inglis’ gritty Queenslanders go down as they don’t get the crucial calls