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I like Oladipo for MIP. I hope he can keep up his hot start.

Handing out the NBA's end of season awards after one month, part 1

You note that Hannigan “may one day be of international standard if he bulks up and improves his breakdown technique, along with getting a bit more ferocity in his attitude” but also think he doesn’t have potential??

The Wallabies' end of year report card: Part 1

“Everyone thinks Hoops has a big engine but you should watch Taf once in a while”… agreed, yes, I mentioned this in the article…

The Wallabies' end of year report card: Part 1

Agree he shouldn’t really be in the current squad. But you’ve got to admit that he has outstanding potential. The guy is only 22. I’m tipping him to improve out of sight over the next year or two.

The Wallabies' end of year report card: Part 1

Germany beat Brazil 45 – 12, 5-2 to the North. Why not count that too. They are superior lol.

The north beats the south in weekend rugby

Agree! How good was Ingles yesterday – career year coming his way. Gotta feel sorry for Baynes, after Bucks game, all over the highlight reel for the wrong reasons! Looks like he is having a bigger impact for the Celts compared to previous years. I read somewhere that he is a starting calibre centre but has played behind Drummond and now Horford, not sure what I feel about that.

Aussies in the NBA: 2017-18 season preview (Part 2)

I can’t stand the hype around Ball. Everyone doing exactly what his dad planned.One fan even put tape over his Bryant singlet to read ‘Ball’. No words.
Simmons was so impressive against Memphis, agree, shooting is a worry, hopefully that comes in the near future.

Why Ben Simmons can win rookie of the year

Success surely isn’t measured in titles alone. As long as there are plenty fans willing to attend games, they can be a strong, successful club. The Drua’s introduction to super rugby has been labelled a success, why? Because they play an exciting brand of rugby that keeps fans interested.

The Drua should be just the tip of the iceberg

He had a cracker of a game didn’t he! It’s a shame Geoff, especially when considering the creative shortcomings of our current 10

Melbourne Rising vs Fijian Drua: NRC live scores

Thanks mate, yeah, all credibility gone with that one. That’s a fairly accurate assumption I would say.
Agreed about the Tahs going bush, the Brumbies seem to have a much bigger presence out there. Wasted opportunity.

Shute Shield tapped into something country rugby had all along

Great point, dropped the ball on that one, Australia’s only true NBA super star.

Meet Jonah Bolden, the next Aussie NBA superstar

Thanks for the comment, agreed, I like your backline swaps. It won’t be long before his job has a serious question mark over it. Losses to the Springboks and Argentina will probably do it.

Let’s respect our opposition and start playing defence

The AD and Boogie partnership is an outlier though. Both are freakish big men with range. Pelicans could be scarily good this year. Rondo to average 25 assists?

Centre stage: Who will be the NBA’s last great big man?

Hang in there mate. Can’t jump ship just yet. Just as you said, “when it happens, how sweet it will be”

I found out I'm a Kiwi citizen - can I justifiably support the All Blacks?

A shaq-type player couldn’t rely simply on his weight today like he used to. There’s also the annoying hack-a-shaq, hack-a-howard etc. Not sure if the NBA has cracked down on that or not? Weren’t they looking at introducing rules to stop it? Drummond, Howard, Hibbert have all made way for the new age of centre, KAT, Embiid, Porzingus etc offer so much more than the centres of old.

Centre stage: Who will be the NBA’s last great big man?

It’s definitely a long shot. Cavs want too much for Kyrie, negotiations will fall through pretty quickly. Portland and Houston would both be pretty exciting destinations.

Carmelo Anthony trade talks start again

Yes, Twiggy is a champion… of a losing cause! Where was he 12 years ago? 12 months ago? Heck, 12 weeks ago? If somebody like Twiggy had invested in the Force years ago, things would be different. This is so true. A last ditch effort to save the club. Helpful, but not much of a saviour.

Damn you ARU! The wrong team is dead and you know it

So keen to watch Philly play this year. I didn’t get to see Simmons much during his college days, but if he lives up to the hype I’ll be getting ready for Tokyo 2020! Simmons, Exum, Maker. The Golden age in Australian basketball.

NBA schedule: Ben Simmons to debut against Washington, finals replay on Christmas Day

No worries mate, much appreciated

Lions vs Hurricanes preview: Super Rugby semi-final prediction

Hey Brent,

Glad to know what you think about my name, what did you think of the article?

Believe it or not, that is my real name, so perhaps you should comment with some relevant sports opinion instead of getting hung up on trying to make the world a better place.



Crusaders vs Chiefs preview: Super Rugby semi-final prediction