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Isaah Yeo gets marched for first time in nine years after blatant professional foul

The live commentary guy had Fury up 5-3 but Usyk cleaned up at the end as he so often does. From all accounts a great fight and to my mind great to see all these events in Saudi Arabia which so upsets the self righteous , jonny come latelies, of the world.
Their aren’t to many nations without a dark history towards humans and the UK and Australia have been far worse perpetrators than the Saudis will ever be.

Gypsy King dethroned: Usyk takes down Fury in epic fight to become undisputed champion, create 24-year first

Yes but the Poms are born cheats. They just don’t think others should be like them.
We played by the rules.

'You write the rules, you f--king idiots': The Test doco lifts lid on Aussies' response to Bairstow stumping, hilarious quip

Nice article. Head may be the most valuabe? We hope so. Warners form has been abysmal and he still has a sore thumb. He’ll probably come good but these new guys are scoring faster than Warner at his best. The ramps are speccy. The conservative approach isn’t going to win the World Cup. Even Kohli is slogging from the start and very successfully in the IPL.
Maxwells form has been atricious and so he got dropped from the RGB side. He has to come good as well but is capable. Green is doing ok belatedly and bowling at up to 145kmh. Wade is the odd one out. I’m not sure that he even got a bat in the IPL despite playing at least once.
The Windies players have nearly all been doing well in the IPL so they must be a threat at home.
Nathan Ellis is our best performing bowler in the IPL and bowling at the death.
It’ll most likely come down to pretty fine margins in the end. Certainly if McGurk and Head were opening together it would guarantee fireworks.

Head and shoulders above: Why Trav is the key to Australia's T20 World Cup success

Losing to the USA. Horrific.

Wallaroos suffer shock loss to USA in massive blow to World Cup plans as set-piece put on roller-skates

They don’t come any weaker than Andy Maher in media. Obviously a mate of Stokes. How else would such a poorly educated fool hold down a job any where.

'Let yourself down': Andy Maher cops brutal Front Bar roasting for massive Blues Radio anti-ump tirade

It should be noted that the WSL (premier English womans soccer league) runs at a profit and is independant of the debt ridden EPL. Arsenal woman had an average attendance last season of 52000 spectators when playing at Emirates Stadium. Their home ground has a capacity of 5k.
The spectacle of the female game is equivalent at the top level in most sports.
It’s only the retarded males in the senior positions eg Spains ex Soccer boss, of organisations which is retarding progress for women. In 30 years I expect to see a similar playing field. If it takes longer I am unlikely to be alive to see it :))
Lets hope Qld trounce the Blues again!

Why it's one step forward, but another one back in women's Origin evolution

He’s a great player. He needs a team that can perform on the big stage. For his career Roosters are better. For his family Titans are better. He has decided family over career for the present.

For Fifita’s sake he now needs to show he's the real deal to shed 'lazy Davey' mercenary tag

That was a great save. He anticipated and moved early.

'Goodness me!' Pep's reaction says it all as City keeper makes biggest save of the entire EPL season

I’m guessing Fafitas family got in his ear.

Roosters chief stunned by HUGE Fifita backflip but Gus says they've 'dodged a bullet'

Wrong on your concussion suggestion. It was a heavy hit to the head. Standing alone Cameron was breathing heavily trying to get it together. So an independant doctor will bring him off immediately just from TV shots. The independant doctor doesn’t even need to be at the game as the club doctor can deliver the procedure required.

Six Points: AFL must act on Cameron concussion farce, 2024's best game, and the end of days arrives in Victoria

Haynes and Grenidge both way superior to Fredericks. Andy Roberts the length of the straight in front of Jason Holder. I’m not sure the writer has seen to much cricket.

The West Indies All Time XI

Rubbish Geoff. You must have been a slow prop and moving from the 20th to the 21st century has been tough for you.

Scrums banned from free-kicks, 20-min red cards and shotclocks: World Rugby tries to speed up the game

Buying penalties like soccer and AFL and League is going down that path. The ref now has to decide if he ducked his head, or dropped his needs intentionally.
Union is full of it with scrums treating winning a scrum penalty like winning a game. A three man scrum would sort it out quickly.

Scrums banned from free-kicks, 20-min red cards and shotclocks: World Rugby tries to speed up the game

You missed the worst incident. At the start of the sprint race Hamilton buried his car down the inside on turn one causing the two Aston Martins to collide one of which took Lando Norris out of the race. And he got away scot free much to the annoyance of all the commentators.
On the bright side Alpine scored a point having been pretty much uncompetitive, except with each other, up to this race. And a memorable and very popular win for Norris.
The 2026 regs aren’t out but you can be sure Newey will be scrutinising them the moment they are. That is what he likes best. New regulations and opportunities.
Aston Martin made him a huge offer which was rejected, prior to him resigning from Red Bull.

Miami Grand Prix talking points: Norris finally breaks the F1 maiden for a fan favourite 2024 victory

What a lot of self serving half witted hogwash. Another piece of low life trying to big note himself by passing judgement on others. Go and hide under your bed Hamish. Its safe there for you.

COMMENT: It's a disgrace rugby is heading to Qatar - but that's not because of sportswashing


Wayne's not done yet: Kodi steals show as Phins avenge Cowboys thrashing with stunning Townsville boilover

You guys were one race early with these predictions. As for green grass burning 😁 It was the synthetic stuff.

'Welcome back': Reliving the last Chinese Grand Prix ahead of its much-anticipated return five years later

Yes just have the bunker checking touchdowns (and foul play without being called on), as the game has stopped and we’re celebrating or hoping.
But its probably to late already. We see these weak commentators get it hopelessly wrong so often but they influence the masses.

NRL Round 9 Talking Points: Abuse of Kasey Badger is way out of line - on and off the field

Re: run out calls in cricket. That seems to have changed of late and the run out person doesn’t challenge. I guess cricket umpires have been instructed to make a call. That’s improving the system gradually. Unfortunately they have gone the other way as well with wides and bouncers able to be challenged.

The Wrap: Rugby Australia gaslights Rebels staff and why ‘I Can’t Go For That’

Well move here and see for yourself. Need to be over 65 to enjoy.

AFL News: League blocks Carey's NSW Hall of Fame Legend nod, Hinkley's brutal admission on skipper's selection

Geez Don F, Unlike you to be looking for kudos. Adelaide fine city, “spare me” . The whole whole state is retarded, nearly as bad as here in Qld.
As for footy, well they’re very good at that.

AFL News: League blocks Carey's NSW Hall of Fame Legend nod, Hinkley's brutal admission on skipper's selection

Seems like a load of rubbish. You pick players to win a game of football which requires the best players at your disposal. A “run of the mill “sick” journo who has pet hates in every sport on “The Roar” will hold zero sway. He just has a platform to cast his hate on those he dislikes.

If Maguire is picking his Blues team on 'character', here's who is in - and who he should avoid at all costs

It seems to me H Pandya continues to fail under pressure and Sky hasn’t really done enough to justify his inclusion. Last T20 India was way to conservative in batting and as you say, apart from Jaiswal they have pretty much the same team. Have they learnt?
Well they’re all capable but haven’t delivered. Jaiswal may need to lift the batting and will.
He looks to be a gem in all forms of the game.

Are India selecting themselves out of T20 World Cup glory?

But what if we lost? That would be worse than losing to NZ, which we’re used to.
Nice article Ben.

The insurmountable problem facing Australian rugby in a doomed rivalry with New Zealand