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Well said Tony. I also love that the Brumbies consistently win. If the Wallabies win more games by kicking more penalties I’ll be thrilled. I think most Wallabies supporters would feel the same.

A ‘take the three points’ model for the Wallabies is available

Barry I remember these players, I think they started their careers at Wests:- Terry Lamb, Ray Brown, Garry Jack, Jamie Ainscough, Ross Conlon, Jason Taylor, John McLeod, Darren Britt.

The forgotten players: Western Suburbs Magpies

I really enjoyed this article Bill. I agree with your line of thinking. Thanks

The trouble with Joe Burns, selectors and the blame game

Thanks for the article Tia.

Fiji names 47-member extended squad in lead-up to 2021 World Cup

This is a really good article hogie. Lot’s of research went into this-much appreciated!!!

The young Aussies to watch overseas in 2021

I think a lot of young Aussie soccer/football players have traditionally left Australia very early in their careers and their seems to be an increasing number of young Aussie basketball talent going to US college basketball. I may be wrong because I don’t follow those 2 sports.

The young Aussies to watch overseas in 2021

Nice article but I don’t agree with your comment:-
“I’d argue that RA’s achievements far surpassed what Peter V’Landys achieved with rugby league.”
Peter V’Landys was ahead of the curve and lead the world when it came to starting a competition again during Covid. He introduced new rule changes, reverted to one referee AND stood up to Channel 9/nine network and made them fulfill their contractual obligations when 9 tried to drastically cut the broadcasting payments to the NRL.

Thank you, Rugby Australia - now let's get people excited about the game again

You’re right and it’s a shame Kent. I felt Tino added a hint of mongrel to Qld

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

I also like the following article where Fittler said it was an oversight not to pick Papenhauzen on the bench. Turns out he rolled the dice, picked Brown instead then gave Brown 8 or 9 minutes in the end. Freddie was wrong. This was quoted on :-
“Fittler admits Blues could have done things differently.
NSW coach Brad Fittler has admitted that it was an “oversight” not to include Ryan Papenhuyzen as a bench utility for the State of Origin decider.

It seems obvious now given captain James Tedesco only lasted 20 minutes before copping a head knock as the Blues lost 18-14 to the Maroons at Suncorp Stadium last Wednesday.
ut Fittler noted “it’s not often you lose your fullback”, and had Tedesco stayed fit, he believes it may have been tough to inject Papenhuyzen into the game for his debut when NSW had to do so much defence.

Papenhuyzen hadn’t played since suffering a calf injury as he starred at fullback in Melbourne’s grand final win over Penrith.

“It would’ve been good to pick him for game two [when he was injured] but I thought [bench forward] Nathan Brown was fantastic in game two,”
Meanwhile, Fittler indicated that veteran prop David Klemmer’s omission from the team this year was linked to the Knights’ patchy finish to the NRL season.

“I think Newcastle in general in the last couple of years have faded at the back-end of the year. So given the Origin series was at the back-end of the year this year we decided to go another way,” he said.

“But Dave’s been a dominant figure for a couple of clubs now and it’s just about now Newcastle going to the next level.”

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

Coach Freddie turned out to be loser this series and out coached by a superior coach.
This article on Fox Sport sums it up perfectly. Have a read and look at what the majority of people think about Freddie’s poor choice of so called utility and hard man:-

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

Of course you’re correct. Yeoh started his career in the centres so that obviously makes him a state of origin class utility that could fill in the backs. He killed it filling in the centres in game three-he put up a man of the match performance filling in out there. Arthur Beetson started his career as a centre before transitioning to prop-obviously according to your reasoning Big Artie would have been a genuine utility that could have handled filling in the backs for QLD. Brown was given 8 or 9 minutes at the end of the game, obviously he was the chosen firebrand to stick it up Qld in the first half and set the tone of the game. Obviously you’re correct.

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

Can’t stop laughing at your stubbornness and inability to see the obvious. However, it is good to get alternative points of view. All the best for 2021. Go the NSW Blues.

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

He hardly gave Brown any minutes in game 3, sat him on the bench for most of game. Klemmer should have been in the squad and starting instead of Haas. Haas is a bit passive in my opinion. I’m an ex rugby Union prop that played 1 game of centre in my high school league team-that doesn’t make me a utility that can handle filling in at centre at State of Origin. Papenhausen would have been a better option.
If you check my history of posted comments the following is one of them that posted before game 3 so I expressed my concerns BEFORE game 3;-
“ Good article Scott. You are on the money regarding the impact Munster will bring. I’m a NSW supporter and I’m nervous that our bench has 4 forwards and nobody that can cover hooker or the backs if there is an early injury like Munster in game 2. We got away with it in game 2 but with HIA assessments nowadays I have a bad feeling about not carrying a dummy half/back utility on the bench.”

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

The Wallabies had Mark Ella at 10 and Michael Lynagh at 12 on a Grand Slam tour in the early 80’s

Tactical trends: The dual pivot

Disagree about Saifiti-he played strong. I said before the series started that Klemmer should have been selected ahead of Haas

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

Off the top of my head Moose McGuire from the Cowboys was a controversial omission when he wasn’t selected in the train on squad. Who was picked in his=Tino from the Storm

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

I don’t know what to think of this appointment. I’m not filled with confidence when I look at what Super Rugby was like when Marinos was in charge!

Marinos appointed as Rugby Australia boss

Bit disappointing that he he didn’t mention his mistake of not picking a utility on the bench or not picking a firebrand like Klemmer to give it to QLD.

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

I thoroughly agree. I also really enjoyed watching the NZ broadcast of this match which was shown in Australia. The pre-game analysis was spot on accurate, non-biased, identified the Argentinian’s threats. It really emphasised to me how poor (biased, inaccurate, tunnel visioned) the Foxtel Australian broadcasters have been for years.

The Roar's 2020 Tri Nations and Bledisloe Cup end-of-year awards

I think Sam Whitelock has had a wonderful career. He is on the downside of his career but he was for such a long time the unseen glue in the AB’s pack. I love to see Harry do an analysis of Brumbies and Wallabies lock/second row David Griffin-he was an underrated player but combined perfectly with John Eales.

Dream XV 2020: Second row of the year

I remember seeing Rambo Gibbs on the cover of Rugby League Week when he was announced as the Chargers first “marquee” signing. Rambo looked good sitting on a motorbike in a Gold Coast jersey.

The forgotten players: Gold Coast Chargers

Thanks for your articles this year Nicholas. In what has been an extremely challenging year with Covid etc it’s been so comforting and calming to read your work and forget about all the challenges of this year.

Why Matt Philip is upwardly mobile in the second row

I now refer to wingers as “wannabe Elite Fullbacks-show me the money”

The good and the bad of the NRL's rule changes

Gee the great administrator Paul White raves about JA in the announcement but he is only signed for 1 season??????

Broncos sign Cowboy Asiata

I’m surprised Brandon Smith and his manager haven’t expressed a desire for him to become a fullback!!! It seems like the in thing to do know for a lot of players-“I want to be an elite fullback so pay me elite fullback money”

Storm grant Brandon Smith early release