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An AFL fan who loves the concept of the Top 100 AFL game players and goal scorers in the AFL and at each club and the annual functions to celebrate these achievements. Also the Top 100 in the Umpiring and Coaching categories.



AFL top 100: Oh, so close

Josh Jenkins’ recent retirement from Geelong on 149 games brings to mind all those players throughout the 125 years of VFL/AFL football who have fallen just short of either a traditional or historical milestone and are left lamenting what could have been except for that injury, that suspension or that loss of form that caused […]

Thanks Chris M. Will work on Top 20 from each club. Best one I came across not AFL was premier league player named Fitzall. Course he got the nickname “onesize”!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 10 to 1

Classic Munro Mike (and everyone!). shows the size of the task, and the individual taste. Suggestions along he way were great, but most of the time missed the cut. Certainly a lot of clever supporters out there! Half way through I was thinking of a top 20 for each club and I still would not have run out!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 10 to 1

Yes, that’s good point, but so far it has not got the same recognition factor as some of the others but it’s a bit like picking your favorite sardine!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 60 to 51

Wayne Johnston, the Blues Superstar.

AFL top 100: Nicknames 90 to 81

Spot On Chris M. All on list, and the Flying Doormat is close to the top.

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Good point. It wasn’t included in his bio.

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Actually, i think Jo Pearson was the one allegedly involved. The Dorovitch part is new to me?

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Thanks for your comment, AdamDilligat, the games today will decide 8th spot and I can see an evening up across the board for next year.

The final round is a perfect example of how close the season has been


AFL top 100: The best set of steak knives ever

Yes, moving very steadily up the AFL greatest goalkickers list, and on current form has a few years left yet.

AFL top 100: This year's milestones (Part 1)

Thanks Thomas,
My error. Can you tell me what happened to Jack Hombsch?

AFL top 100: Gold Coasts' games and goals

You may be right Mooty, but I would love to see him out there! The 12 months rehab may extend his football career into the next two years.

AFL top 100: Sydney's games and goals

Thanks for your comment, Barry. If I am honest I think it is to do with the quality of my work, and the narrow range of my topics.

AFL top 100: Richmond's games and goals

You are correct, Tiger_MBK I did mean Nick Vlaustin. Unfortunately I went down the list of games played instead of years at the club.

AFL top 100: Richmond's games and goals

Thanks for that info, Sly. I guess the #29 was because his first game was in Round 15?

AFL top 100: Collingwood's games and goals

Thanks JamesH,
I stand corrected.

AFL top 100: Essendon's games and goals

Yes, a great servant of the club who filled in whatever position was required. Same with Harry Taylor who finished within two goals of being a Top 100 goal kicker at Geelong despite being a back man!

AFL top 100: games and goals in 2020

Special for me too, The Brazilian. I took my now wife to the game. In those days the general public could get tickets!

AFL top 100: Richmond vs Geelong and the 1967 grand final

Great game all round! So many highlights/incidents. Well done both teams and gutsy effort by the pies. As Simpson said. pies were in front at the right moment.

Magpies win thrilling elimination final over West Coast

Thanks Andre.

Vale Shane Tuck

Good pick up me too. The Saints were flying but slipped under my radar! Concentrating too much on last year’s finalists.

AFL top 100: The season so far

Thanks Parer Ben, I missed his name on the team sheet.

AFL top 100: Geelong versus Hawthorn

A very good question, 1DER. He did play full back nearly all year but finished the year in the centre and lost the Brownlow Medal on a count-back to Bob Skilton. Of course, 30 years later he was awarded the medal retrospectively so I will have to rate your answer above that of Wikipedia! Thanks for picking up my error. Interestingly both turned out to be great full forwards as well and both were not natural full backs when they first played, starting their careers on the half forward line.

AFL top 100: Round 2, Sydney versus Essendon

Sorry, me too, I didn’t realise you were referring to my preamble when I mentioned those who I had fond memories of. He was in the best two in both the 1965 and 1966 Grand Finals and always exciting to watch.

AFL top 100: The Champions of St Kilda

me too, whilst I would suggest you may be right about Ian Stewart, all my articles are based on the statistical achievements of players at the club and therefore I only list the three greatest game players.

AFL top 100: The Champions of St Kilda