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An AFL fan who loves the concept of the Top 100 AFL game players and goal scorers in the AFL and at each club and the annual functions to celebrate these achievements. Also the Top 100 in the Umpiring and Coaching categories.



AFL top 100: Finals Week 1

After decade in which only one team failed to make the finals at least once, and with four of the six most successful teams of the decade going around again, did this topsy-turvy, everyone-plays-everyone-once season really throw up any anomalies? Was any club actually hard done by?


AFL top 100: Round 14 preview

With the 2020 season now heading towards its pointy end, some of the coaches of near-guaranteed finals teams can broaden their horizons and start thinking strategies for the exciting finals to come and, in particular, their performances in the finals against the rival coaches they are likely to meet.


Great game all round! So many highlights/incidents. Well done both teams and gutsy effort by the pies. As Simpson said. pies were in front at the right moment.

Magpies win thrilling elimination final over West Coast

Thanks Andre.

Vale Shane Tuck

Good pick up me too. The Saints were flying but slipped under my radar! Concentrating too much on last year’s finalists.

AFL top 100: The season so far

Thanks Parer Ben, I missed his name on the team sheet.

AFL top 100: Geelong versus Hawthorn

A very good question, 1DER. He did play full back nearly all year but finished the year in the centre and lost the Brownlow Medal on a count-back to Bob Skilton. Of course, 30 years later he was awarded the medal retrospectively so I will have to rate your answer above that of Wikipedia! Thanks for picking up my error. Interestingly both turned out to be great full forwards as well and both were not natural full backs when they first played, starting their careers on the half forward line.

AFL top 100: Round 2, Sydney versus Essendon

Sorry, me too, I didn’t realise you were referring to my preamble when I mentioned those who I had fond memories of. He was in the best two in both the 1965 and 1966 Grand Finals and always exciting to watch.

AFL top 100: The Champions of St Kilda

me too, whilst I would suggest you may be right about Ian Stewart, all my articles are based on the statistical achievements of players at the club and therefore I only list the three greatest game players.

AFL top 100: The Champions of St Kilda

Yeah, I only drink Quik these days!

AFL top 100: The champions of Richmond

Thanks for your comments, DS. The other six players that I found who have Top 100 status in both games and goals with the AFL and two clubs are: Bernie “Super Boot” Quinlan (Footscray & Fitzroy), Eddie Betts (Carlton & Adelaide), Roger Merrett (Essendon & Brisbane), Alistair Lynch (Fitzroy & Brisbane), Steve Johnson (Geelong & GWS) and Gary Ablett jnr (Geelong & Gold Coast). Of course Quinlan and Lynch have their Fitzroy status locked in forever.

AFL top 100: Bring on Round 2 (Part 2)

I tend to agree. Not only that, but the booing saga no doubt cost him games and lead to an earlier retirement. Maybe 400 was possible?

AFL top 100: The champions of Sydney

Oops! Never could count!

AFL top 100: The champions of Richmond

He didn’t play enough games to make Top 3 game players at the club

AFL top 100: The champions of North Melbourne

I believe he played all games except Round 17, but Geelong played only one final. In five of his last 7 games he averaged 6 disposals per game. In the other two, he had 19 disposals against the two bottom teams (St Kilda and Fitzroy) but in both games 9 Geelong players had 18 or more disposals. Against Fitzroy he gave away 8 free kicks. I don’t deny his ability, and he had a bad run of injuries (including losing part of a kidney) but my memory is of him spending a lot of time on the bench in his final year.

AFL top 100: Champions of Geelong

No Selwood?

AFL top 100: Champions of Geelong

I agree, particularly if he continues to win games with his antics.

AFL top 100: Champions of Fremantle

Fyfe showed this class with his Brownlow’s but I still reckon Pavlich was the most used and abused champion whose class was well above those of his team mates.

AFL top 100: Champions of Fremantle

I believe Fyfe will finish number 2.

AFL top 100: Champions of Fremantle

A champion at the pies.

AFL top 100: Champions of Fremantle

Yes, based only on the length of their career. The only stat that avoids our natural bias.

AFL top 100: The champions of Essendon

Close. It was 27 games. He played 329 games in the Number 11 -the best of all time with no current player in sight.

AFL top 100: Carlton's champions

Spot On Aransan! The goal kicking is a bit different, and these totals will take a lot of chasing down. Going back to games played, with the game being so much more professional these days, no player will be allowed to “limp” over the 300 game line (a la Newman) and Tim Watson’s age based milestones should be safe forever!

AFL top 100: The champions of Essendon

I can go back as far as Bob Rose, and you are right – there has been plenty of champions but to me Pendles has been the best decision maker I have seen. His ability to give the ball off or receive it is spot on nearly all the time and , week in week out he performs at crunch ttime.

AFL top 100: The champions of Collingwood

Yes, it is a pity as he is already no 1 at WCE but another (say) 50 goals would have seen him close to Top 25 all time AFL

AFL top 100: Week 1 wash-up (Part 2)

#19 Rod McGregor 236 games 1905-1920
#37 Fred Elliott 197 games 1900-1911 (1899 Melbourne)
#50 George Bruce 181 games 1903-1913
#58 Paddy O’Brien 167 games 1905-1918
#68 Vin Gardiner 157 games 1907-1917 (1905 Melbourne)
#72 Charlie Hammond 154 games 1905-1918
#81 Horrie Clover 147 games 1920-1931 (still #5 in the goal kicking!)

Most AFL/VFL games as player & coach:
Sheedy 930
Malthouse 892
McHale 878
Matthews 793
Parkin 729

AFL top 100: Carlton's champions

Oops! Thank you.

Aussie tennis rankings hold up