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An AFL fan who loves the concept of the Top 100 AFL game players and goal scorers in the AFL and at each club and the annual functions to celebrate these achievements. Also the Top 100 in the Umpiring and Coaching categories.



It appears unlikely that he can make it now. His form has been down this year, and I doubt that he will be offered one more year unless he comes back from injury in top form and the Swan win a final. Pity, because he has been a great champion, and Alister Clarkson admitted he was one player the Hawks shouldn’t have let go

AFL top 100: Danger’s big game?

Your right AD, he appears a long way off. I didn’t have the news when i wrote the article.

AFL top 100: Danger’s big game?

Yes, Chris M,
That was the last Top 100 list to be filled, and all the others are gradually building to reasonable levels. It has taken a decade though! (Just like it did back in the early 20th century).

AFL top 100: Round 10 round-up

A brave prediction Charlie! Any nominations?

AFL top 100: Round 4 selection highlights

OK Doc, AFL/VFL games.
Spot On Chris M, Only 96 players have kicked goals for the Giants. Over at the Suns, it is 114 but 15 of them occupy the “hot seat” on one goal!
Games wise, the “bar” is at 11 for GGCS and 5 for the Giants.

AFL top 100: Round 2, Part 2

Good work, Chris M.
Parker is already Top 100 at the Swans. I think your Coleman trifecta is spot on, but there will be surprises! Rankine is already there as well due to the low “bar” at his young club.

AFL top 100: Who reached milestones in the opening round?

That’s pretty good Aransan, particularly as a lot go back a long way and a number didn’t have long careers

AFL top 100 nicknames: Essendon 19 to 1

Thanks Chris M,
I keep the Top 100 game players and goal scorers for each club as well as the AFL, Coaches and Umpires. I generally try to feature the players who falls off the list as well when it actually happens.

AFL top 100: Bring on season 2022

Thanks Kevo, I agree all the forwards get the most credit because their performances are counted each week, hence the Coleman medal. etc.

AFL top 100: Bring on season 2022

Thanks Robert, I missed the rat, but don’t know the General?

AFL top 100 nicknames: Hawthorn 16 to 1

Just missed the Top 20 – in part 2!

AFL top 100 nicknames: Fitzroy 20 to 1

Thanks Patrick.

AFL top 100 nicknames: Carlton 40 to 21

Well to a boy from Yarra Glen he was!

AFL top 100 nicknames: Carlton 20 to 1

That’s a great one, Fortunate Son!

AFL top 100 nicknames: Carlton 20 to 1

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your comments, but I tend to disagree. Whilst it is disappointing that no one made it through the quals, it needs to be recognized that our “second tier” players (those that would normally be in this tournament attempting to qualify) were given wild cards to the main game, and therefore the wild cards in the quals went to our third tier players and included juniors, players ranked outside the top 1000 and even unranked players. Against this background, any success should be noted, especially the efforts of Mathew and Kimberly and some of the performances in the doubles albeit in a Covid weakened field.

Aussie qualifiers' report card from a special Australian Open

No problem, thanks for your support.

AFL top 100: Sydney nicknames 20 to 1

Good thought, George. That could be it!

AFL top 100: Sydney nicknames 20 to 1

Thanks Chris M. Will work on Top 20 from each club. Best one I came across not AFL was premier league player named Fitzall. Course he got the nickname “onesize”!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 10 to 1

Classic Munro Mike (and everyone!). shows the size of the task, and the individual taste. Suggestions along he way were great, but most of the time missed the cut. Certainly a lot of clever supporters out there! Half way through I was thinking of a top 20 for each club and I still would not have run out!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 10 to 1

Yes, that’s good point, but so far it has not got the same recognition factor as some of the others but it’s a bit like picking your favorite sardine!

AFL top 100: Nicknames 60 to 51

Wayne Johnston, the Blues Superstar.

AFL top 100: Nicknames 90 to 81

Spot On Chris M. All on list, and the Flying Doormat is close to the top.

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Good point. It wasn’t included in his bio.

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Actually, i think Jo Pearson was the one allegedly involved. The Dorovitch part is new to me?

AFL top 100: What's in a name?

Thanks for your comment, AdamDilligat, the games today will decide 8th spot and I can see an evening up across the board for next year.

The final round is a perfect example of how close the season has been