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Excellent contribution AMD. It’s important to recognise, applaud and learn from the past. The game in Australia has thrived, limped and tread water in various amounts over the decades but it has always produced talent on the pitch and big characters off the pitch. I remember getting up early to watch the Socceroos in 1974 – a black and white TV and a snowy picture. Will never forget that. It seemed like the dawn of a new era and the NSL was. The first national sporting league. A lot to celebrate but a lot to learn from. In JJ we have someone who is football unlike our previous CEOs. I’m still in for the journey. Let it continue.

Before the new dawn: Johnny Warren, an old book and me (Part 2)

What did that letter even say? A piece of confusing political gobbledygook trying to be all things to all people without addressing the actual issue in question. Seriously, are these grown people we’re talking about of what?

Victory fined as fans turn on peers' 'shameful and disgraceful' response to homophobic abuse of Cavallo

Nailed it LOLz 😂

Why Arnie's latest Socceroos squad is the saddest one of all

Isn’t it great that we’re having a conversation about the rights and wrongs of the Matilda’s lineup and play – a proper football conversation in the country rather than about crowd ‘violence’ and boring play – the usual stuff from the usual suspects.

The huff and puff over Tony’s use of the squad seems a little overblown and premature. Let’s get the first game out the way with a solid win and work our way into the tournament. Tomorrow night’s game looms as an important test and maybe that’s where we’ll see whether our tactics and use of players is up to winning the cup. Hang on to your hats folks.

'Missed opportunity', or was Gustavsson right to bring on experience in Indonesia clash?

Oh, I just found out there was a game on last night! FMD

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 11

Is there an A-league season??? I’ve missed FFA Cup games because, well, who knew they were on?

I must be living under a COVID rock 😂

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 11

Transfer fees ??

Comments from JJ reported yesterday:

However, more than 12 months since FA released a white paper detailing what a domestic transfer system could look like, Johnson said the process of re-introducing one to Australian football had ground to a halt.

“The blueprint is there, and a set of regulations are already in draft – we can implement them quickly,” he said.

“However, the challenge is there is not sufficient stakeholder buy-in at this point, and before you introduce such a system, it really needs to come with strong support of the stakeholders. That’s where the speed bumps are.

“We can’t really impose a transfer system without getting strong buy-in from the stakeholders, so the challenge is really getting the clubs across the country to realise this is an opportunity to improve the level of football on the sporting side, but also improve their finances.”
So the take away message is that progress has ground to a halt. It’s interesting that he has come out so publicly on this matter. He must be frustrated maybe.

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

Now that Hawke has used his God powers to eject Novak because he was satisfied that his presence might agitate the anti-vax mob, the government can get to work on ejecting their fellow colleagues like George Christensen from the party. Oh yes, they need his vote. Novak has acted like an entitled prat but he is probably not the biggest threat to stoking anti-vax sentiment. Some of the biggest threats are actually in parliament as well as Clive Palmer and others. I’m waiting for decisive action from Scotty. Waiting ……

'Extremely disappointed' Djokovic reacts to last-ditch bid failure, imminent deportation

My observation of his play so far is much more basic than that. He appears lethargic, lacks dynamism and gets caught with the ball. Not sure how interested he is in playing at the moment.

It's time to remind certain fans there's no place in the A-Leagues for homophobia

Wow Stuart, you seem to be putting a massive effort keeping across the transfer stuff, well done.

On Pogba “rumoured to be about to become the most highly paid player in the Premier League.” If he believes he’s worth that then sorry but he must be looking into a pretty distorted mirror in the morning 😂

Transfer rumours: Can Villa be great again? Aussies on the move in Europe

How is Tony still coaching the Matildas? Why don’t we have an Australian, which had worked pretty well, and that would have solved the problem of Tony’s absence. He needs to be on the ground here in Australia working with the local girls far more than in Europe coaching Sam Kerr et al 😔

Matildas Asian Cup spots on the line: ALW Talking Points

A few weeks ago some people asked why it was such a big deal for Josh to come out, it’s the 21st century, surely we’ve come a long way. No, we still have a long way to go. The chants from some Victory fans need to be strongly condemned in the same way as we condemn racist chants. Banning fans who engage in such behaviour is appropriate.

On the football, totally entertaining weekend but I’ve noticed some sloppiness which can be attributed to the stop/start/uncertainty of this season. Both games defied description such was the chaotic/thrilling play/goals – at times! Oh, and Paddy Kisnorbo’s non-use of the bench is baffling given that the team had played midweek and City players were out on their feet last night. Mathew Leckie looks like a poor signing. Something is not right.

It's time to remind certain fans there's no place in the A-Leagues for homophobia

Unfortunately some Victory fans have a history of poor behaviour.

'Love will always win': Cavallo suffers homophobic abuse during A-League match

Agree. Imagine if you had to deny who you were because of such prejudice. It’s utterly unthinkable to most people but to some it’s what they have to endure – and the mental scarring that goes with it.

'Love will always win': Cavallo suffers homophobic abuse during A-League match

There was a game tonight 😱

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 9

Holy heck, Willo!!! Bags it nicely. Unlike some of his attempts at AAMI which went well into Row ZZ.

Aussie scores one of the fastest worldies in football history

Oh, and can we just bring forward the next fed election and get it over and done with. Months of political mumbo jumbo is gonna take us all to the brink of insanity.

COVID playing havoc with A-League fixtures - more games postponed

Not only have games been postponed, but the uncertainty that has been created has given me little enthusiasm ATM. Just toss a coin now to determine silverware and get ready for the next season.

COVID playing havoc with A-League fixtures - more games postponed


Reds rout Phoenix for their first win of the season

Cricket is an institution in Australia. Saying that the game is played in just a few countries is irrelevant. It will always draw crowds or television eyeballs. BBL may not have the stadium crowds today but there are still plenty of TVs tuned to the game (measured in the many hundreds of thousands).

Tell Americans that the NFL is a parochial, local game. They wouldn’t care less what a foreigner said.

Reds rout Phoenix for their first win of the season

Correct. The EPL is some far away competition played by oligarchs and overlords with questionable moral character unlike our little A-leagues which struggles to keep its head above COVID and whose management treats fans with passing interest.

I think I’ll take the A-leagues because it’s our little comp 😂 😂

Transfer rumours: The biggest names on the market

Nani and Suarez to the A-league! (rumour mill)

Transfer rumours: The biggest names on the market

“ Roar on the other hand are less valued than a trafficked slave worker.”

I kind of laughed but at the same time recognised there was an element of truth. It’s an interesting point, which of our states/territories give a fig about the A-leagues or even football in general? QLD is probably the most parochial with WA close by. Both lean heavily towards the status quo – AFL, NRL, rugby.

Is NSW our most open of states when it comes to supporting a diversity of sports? I think maybe so.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 7

Interestingly, watching the EPL powering ahead in the UK with people in stands, barely a mask in sight and daily COVID cases at over 100,000 !!! Good luck to them.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 7

Hi Stuart and panel, valiant effort but geez, WTFKs what’s going to happen???

Last season COVID was taken seriously in all states with contingencies in place. Now we have the “let it rip pro-business” approach championed by NSW which was always going to be a clanger against the virus (imagine if Perrottet was premier in March 2020!). And let’s not discuss the fed govt 😔 😔

Silverware this season might be decided by tosses of a coin over Skype/Teams 😂

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 7