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I’ll just rehash a comment I’ve made previously. If only results were on par with Tony’s big game talking. He’s not up to the task.

Spain 7, Matildas 0: 'Why this, why now' is the question as coach's kids destroyed

You must have been consuming a few ginger beers before coming up with this “idea” 😂

I reckon the Socceroos brand is driven by patriotism, like cheering our Olympians once every 4 years and then we all go on snooze control in between games.

However, a Boyle at City would be a good thing 👍

Every overseas-based Socceroo should be an A-League guest player

I’ll take a specialist academy like that, and two more, any day of the week. It would be gold for Australian youngsters.

Sydney FC’s bitter break-up with Milos Ninkovic

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

It’s time to finally scrap the name ‘Socceroos’

I guess NSD qualified hers/his/their comment with the words “for the first time” 😂 😂

It’s time to finally scrap the name ‘Socceroos’

But but but but, ‘Socceroos’ is dinkey-di and true blue. The whole nation knows who the Socceroos are! Take the name away and then wot?? Gutted 😱

It’s time to finally scrap the name ‘Socceroos’

“And a Redmayne clown“. LOLz

Disastrous start costs Kiwis Qatar World Cup qualification

How many hours to go??? I might wet my pants before that 😂

Watching the Socceroos? It's time to suspend all doubt and just believe

But there was such a game in 1964. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Australian football can't grow without Australian support

Thanks for the article Katrina. The question is perennial, the answer elusive. Maybe, just maybe we need to admit that Australia’s sporting culture has largely been set. Top tier sports that attract the bulk of the advertising revenue and eye balls are AFL and NRL. The rest fight for scraps. And it will stay this way for generations. When David Gallop mused that football could be the #1 football code down the track he was sprouting BS. Just marketing speak to appeal to the gullible.

Having said this I’m OK not being the #1 sport. Football’s grass roots footprint is wide and many and we will produce talent that will be destined to travel OS. We are a development league and that’s OK. And we will continue to have many fair weather supporters who will flash their Barca or MU shirts and may even turn out to support the Socceroos – as they have. Anyway, on to tomorrow morning 😊

Australian football can't grow without Australian support

“Craig is a quandry to me, he produces lovely football when in the ALM but at this level there is something amiss”
He didn’t step up in the big moments. Whether confidence, self belief, or ??? Some players don’t make the next grade. I hope he does but on this performance he has a way to go. He is not alone though.

ANALYSIS: Moment of raw power ends frustrating conservatism but Socceroos need to find another level

Just on the amazing, exquisitely time volley by Hrustic, my mind turned to Cahill’s left foot strike against The Netherland’s in 2014

ANALYSIS: Moment of raw power ends frustrating conservatism but Socceroos need to find another level

Ajdin is far off Arjen 😂

REACTION: Hrustic's 'nuclear' winner as Socceroos 'kick, bite and scratch' one step closer to World Cup

Do I have to get up??? OK, strong black coffee and Socceroos scarf will keep the chill away.

When do the Socceroos play Peru in their must-win World Cup qualifier and how do you watch it?

But the unthinkable has already happened. The Azzurri have failed to qualify for the second WC in a row 😱

No one wants to say it, but what happens if the Socceroos miss the World Cup?

Is it OK just to say that Arnie hadn’t got it?

Set piece double gives Socceroos boost ahead of massive World Cup clash

Is there a statue yet for Rale Rasic and the 1974 team. If not, why not???

And a nice read Stuart. You must have felt a bit emotional being amongst the distinguished guest 😊

Our beautiful yet imperfect Socceroos are 100 years old

Dukes (43 played, 11 scored) didn’t have the international goal scoring record that JMac has (21 played, 7 scored) but I’d have Dukes in the side in a heart beat. JMac is pretty one-dimensional. As we saw in the GF and other games, he can get marked out of the game by competent defenders. If the ball isn’t bouncing around the box for him to pounce on he’s ineffective.

Why Australia has got Jason Cummings all wrong

At least this is a sincere, heart felt comment rather than an exercise in cynical baiting 😂

Socceroos shocker: Star midfielder Tom Rogic pulls out of World Cup qualifier

Optus is increasing its subscription fee quite substantially. I wonder how many people are going to resist and dump their subscription? (for me it’ll go from $14.99 to $24.99).

The A-League Men grand final was not a big event, but that’s okay

Thanks Stuart, pretty balanced view and many people express similar frustrations to yours as well as pride in our little ‘ol league. While I wasn’t totally convinced about the merits of the mid week All Stars v Barca, I eventually saw it as a positive for our league. I mean, not just the score line but that many All Star players did not look out of place on the pitch. I think that clinched it for me and maybe others. That our little ‘ol league can produce talent that is exciting to watch and maybe that was transmitted to many casual and luke warm observers of our league.

The 22,000+ GF crowd was just over what I expected – against the bagging of some. It was a great night for football and it wasn’t a great night for City supporters 😢 but we’ll be there next year. And the team will play in the ACL again. Overall the A-leagues delivered under pretty adverse conditions.

I’m looking forward to the off season and how clubs recruit for the coming season. I’m not holding my breathe on pro/rel, I don’t have to. Just try to enjoy today.

The A-League Men grand final was not a big event, but that’s okay

Great link. But more than just viewing number, a discussion about strategies to boost viewership:

“As for how Network 10 and Paramount+ can kick on and get more eyeballs on next season’s competition, the media buyers weigh in.

Initiative’s Reid says: “I’m not necessarily sure this can be solved purely by the broadcasters. I think the issue comes down to the quality of the league and players. International players are a draw card for audiences both at ground and broadcast viewership and retaining local talent is near impossible with the lure of overseas salaries.

“It’s almost chicken and the egg. The league needs the broadcasters for financial backing, yet without audiences’ broadcasters are not willing to pay the huge sums paid for on other codes. Having said that, Ten only broadcasts one live match a week (on a Saturday), so with no prime time matches, TV viewership will always be low. They could consider airing more live games on linear to grow the sport, however this will come at a cost of total network audience and I’m not sure they are willing to do that just yet, but it might be a way to sell in more sponsorships.””

And this

“She adds: “My son loves playing soccer each weekend but comes home and watches NRL – and NRL players are his sporting heroes. The creation of soccer heroes that the younger grass root players can identify with and look up to would help build up soccer as a must watch sport.””

Western United's championship is the perfect end to the A-League Men season

General comment. Some people keep harping on that CFG is some endless honeypot of money. It isn’t. It will invest in clubs commensurate with the the status of that league. For the A-leagues, that means a decent training facility and staff and getting players on reasonable wages. It doesn’t mean it’s going to fund a stadium for say a 15k-20k crowd (at easily north of $50M) or buy Messi or Mbappe.

With a turbulent first season in the books, it’s over to the APL to get football back on track

Agree. Always been the elephant in the room. Strict pro/rel would not have quotas of any sorts.

With a turbulent first season in the books, it’s over to the APL to get football back on track

I would like to draw attention to the 22,495 crowd. That was a real number, not made up. Some people on this website who like to slip the boot in should eating humble pie. I was there and it was great to see Melbourne come out for two teams that get criticised for their fan base. For WU, what better way to increase membership. Overall it looked like Melbourne City fans dominated but so we should, we’ve been around for much longer.

Western United A-League champions after stunning Melbourne City