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Thanks for this very good analysis. What surprised me was the energy that our City boys showed compared to the lacklustre SFC. And the long balls to Wales was a useful attacking option that certainly stretched the opposition. We were able to keep the energy up for the whole of the game which was fantastic and maybe owes a lot to the milder weather conditions compared to summer. A very good 3 points for us.

Tactical analysis: Melbourne City 2, Sydney FC 0

132 days since City’s last game. I’ve forgotten who our players are 😢 I think you can put the stats book away just for the moment and watch this unfold as if it were a pre-season game. That’s how it feels.

Melbourne City versus Sydney FC preview: Data analysis

Educational read 😂

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

It’s OK to call it ‘football’ but apart from that I agree. The HAL’s best attended seasons were when the comp started in August, at the pointy end of the AFL/NRL seasons!

Is a switch to winter the key to unlocking the A-League's potential?

Does the football fan take their kids to the local junior games or go and watch professional football, e.g. A-league?

When you get to this kind of argument, well, I don’t know what to say. Honestly, as if it’s only a dilemma for football and not for other sporting comps, here and OS??? AFL runs its junior and top tier comps pretty much in parallel and it hasn’t stopped, apart from the current health crisis, attracting tens of thousands to weekend AFL games. Probably similar for NRL. Anybody else exhausted with this silliness?

Is a switch to winter the key to unlocking the A-League's potential?

Nice read. This article spells out the cost per seat. Appears to be about half price compared to existing type design. That’s a starting point then there’s cost of land, etc, etc.

Pacific FC is the perfect model for Tasmanian expansion

It shows that Fox is on the nose and many people are turning elsewhere. Why wouldn’t they turn elsewhere when Fox has sacked presenters and neutered its game day coverage.

The case for FFA TV

The only thing you need to understand is this comment attributed to Luke McCoy:

“He stresses the importance of the FFA having complete control and ownership of all media content.

That is it in a nutshell. Sure it might be rough around the edges to start with production wise, but in the end it will be seen as a defining moment in the evolution of Australian football. Mark my words ⚽ 👍 😊

The case for FFA TV

I think we might hear a lot more of these kind of stories. The cooler conditions of winter allow the players to run for longer and recover more easily. It would definitely see an improvement in the quality of the league IMO.

“Two of the A-League’s hardest working midfielders have backed the competition moving to winter, suggesting performances, fitness and game speed have drastically improved already in the delayed restart to the season.”

A-League season return Week 1 wrap-up

That Fitzgerald goal against SFC. I recall that was a sideways scissor kick. One of the better goals of this season actually. Few people seem to be giving a stuff about the A-league at the moment yet the games have mostly been pretty entertaining with some good goals.

A-League season return Week 1 wrap-up

Agree. In just a few touches of the ball Kuol looked like he was made to play the game at a high level.

The A-League's fan-base could use an attitude adjustment

Mike, you live!!! Good stuff.

A surprising and disappointing aspect over the first few games of the re-started season is the lack of fan engagement during match commentaries here on The Roar. Pretty much silence from many who would previously post. Am I being too sensitive???

Go over to the the AFL tab and it’s business as usual.

The A-League's fan-base could use an attitude adjustment

I’ve forgotten what the A-league looks like 😔
Errr, Shydney is that team from some harbour somewhere?? I’ll pick them
CCM??? Couldn’t Cick a Melon??? Oh, that team with sauce bottle apparently. No, I’ll go for that team from Perf.
Roar. What kind of a name is that 😂 No, Red is a good colour.
And Shydney playing again. Lolz. They’ll do.
Perf against a team that used to be a pile of ashes now called Feenix. Yeah, Feenix is good.

The Roar’s A-League expert tips and predictions: 27 in 28 (Part 1)

So the banana benders get the grand final. Heck, a madder concept than Trump getting re-elected 😱

AFL announces ten-week Queensland hub

Is that ‘The Cattery’ !! You’ve been gone from the football tab for a long while?

The A-League season 2019-20 is far from done and I'm still scratching my head

Hmmm, you see what I mean. This ‘situation’ has turned our world upside down and my brain to mush 😔

The A-League season 2019-20 is far from done and I'm still scratching my head

I’m trying to get fired up for tomorrow’s opening clash but believe you me it’s hard work. What should I do?

The A-League season 2019-20 is far from done and I'm still scratching my head

Word has it that he’s coming to the A-league 😛

The Premier League says farewell to David Silva

“The late Johnny Warren at a gala day in the mid-1960s at Newcastle said with these player numbers we must be able to lift to become the major code.”

“However, the chances of soccer taking over as Australia’s main football code is similar to the chances of RL becoming the No. 1 code in the UK.” Basically agree.

“”I can genuinely say our best years are still ahead of us,” Gallop said. “Football will become the largest and most popular sport in this country.”

Dreaming obsessively about becoming number ONE is a complete and utter distraction from what needs to be done now and is hurtful to our mental health!

Bringing the whole of football together, an A-league that is in sync and supports and engages with state leagues down to junior levels is required and I think JJ gets it. Get these pieces into place and the rest will take care of its self.

As the American scientist Edwards Deming wrote “Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity”, instead focus on the system overall and getting it right. We’ve been tooooo focused on the target of being the biggest but have not done nearly enough on improving the bits and pieces that will help us grow sustainably. If we become #1, well and good but let’s not lose sleep over it.

Why the A-League must remember the associations

Simon and Fozzie are the latest to have announced they’re leaving their current posts. I got to say, when I heard this a little bit of me nearly died. It was that kind of moment. Grief. I hope that out of the ashes comes something stronger and that Simon and others continue to find a place in the Australian football landscape. Missing you already.

My favourite Simon Hill commentary moments

As joyous as this is, we should never, ever, forget that the English Football Association voted for Colombia and that the chief of the FA Greg Clarke reportedly refused to take calls from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Let’s be clear, England is not a friend of Australia. Let’s not even pretend they are.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

“Well done to JJ and his team, who continues to impress with his achievements.” 1000% 👍

Let’s all have a few celebratory drinks tonight, and all through the weekend 😂

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

In the best Melbourne City FC marketing tradition, “BELIEVE”

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

So much for Ben Somerford’s doom-and-gloom article. Thankfully 😁 👍 ⚽

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

No problem jb, I get that he’s young compared to some of the material that you mention but that doesn’t translate to JJ not having read about the evolution of the game in Oz. But maybe that’s a distraction from other points, yes, marketing of the A-league and kick-off times have been contentious issues for a while. I’m probably as frustrated as most. Playing times have been dictated by broadcasters, the price you pay for taking money from the media. I’m hoping JJ is aware of these issues but I don’t envy his job. But good luck to him. Cheers.

A-League’s winter move fraught with danger