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Call me silly but I think it’s going to be one of the tightest seasons yet. Don’t have a clue who’s going to win and going to the derby Saturday night fills me with dread.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 1

In an imperfect world as it is, it needn’t be 22 or 33. You play all teams at least twice and some teams thrice. I’m not advocating it but the system does occur.

And then there were six... FFA culls two bids for A-League expansion

Call me silly or what but I decided I needed to plug into Optus Sports and I’m as happy as Larry. With Foxsports as well, there’s endless quality football. Somehow SBS feels redundant these days.

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

Thanks TALF but can we just start the season pleeeeeeeeeze!
6 months to go, 6 weeks to go, 6 sleeps to go 🙂

A-League preview: Sydney FC

Well strike me down with a lightning Bolt, the guy just did something. 3 year contract please. How many people turned out to witness this ?

Usain Bolt scores first goal in professional football

Well summed up re Brattan. I want to see less of him this season and more of Cáceres.

The greatest XI in A-League history

I’ll be there at the game this Friday, chips+souvlaki+beer plus Bentleigh putting one over the hapless Reds !!! Can’t wait.

FFA can see clearly now, the reign has gone

Can the season just begin please! And yes the title, Johnny Nash might just have a giggle 🙂

FFA can see clearly now, the reign has gone

Yes, from tomorrow we’ll call it football.

FIFA issues FFA final warning on governance changes

Correctly assessed 🙂

Is there more to Matt Simon than meets the eye?

Ah, some comments finally. FFA, such a sad outfit. They’re busy creating a circus but real reforms, you know, the congress, etc sees the mandarins clinging to power as if they own the game. The people own the game, the players own the game not the FW suits. Sorry for my language, it must be the long off season. It can do that to a person 🙁

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

You need to get out to our southern states a little more Mid. It’s been thus since, well … Adam was a boy.

Getting politicians onside is all just part of the game

Just something I’ve found on the FFA website

Getting politicians onside is all just part of the game

Convoluted and boring concept. Is it not enough to have the WC and EUFA Cup, two meaningful tournaments spaced a couple of years apart! And not to mention qualifiers. Then we have Champions League and UEFA Cup.

What is the UEFA Nations League and why should we be interested?

“using their EPL connections to lure talented youth players from around Australia in the hope of getting an EPL contract which no other club/Franchise can offer.” Correct and it’s working.

Which A-League club is setting up best for the future?

Moorey is a stick in the mud on this issue. Anyway, Timmy to come on at half time, get 20 min and then subbed off with the crowd cheering their little socks off.

Former teammate slams Tim Cahill's Socceroos farewell

Geez Mike, that’s two articles that have been NAIL.HEAD. Agree, need to publicly recognise outstanding contributions and this certainly deserves that recognition.

Does Tim Cahill deserve a farewell Socceroos friendly?

Can’t edit my comment?

Melbourne Victory eyeing off Swedish World Cup striker to bolster attacking stocks

Nah, go away!

Melbourne Victory eyeing off Swedish World Cup striker to bolster attacking stocks

I’m sounding like a broken record but this statement “We cannot allow our game to be controlled by private and largely foreign interests,” ignores the obvious – “No taxation without representation”. For the HAL that means you can’t ask owners to bleed red ink year in year out while giving them little meaningful say in the running of the league. At some point frustration will come to boiling point.

Agree Mike, time for a reset.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive

That’s an excellent read. Hope he does well because raising the standards at one club will force other clubs to do like wise and that’s a good thing.

Australian football on the front page, Hollywood style

A-league owners bled a couple of hundred million $ in the first 10 years of the HAL so that we had a professional league to enjoy. And all the while the FFA was reluctant to give the owners more say in the running of the league. Increasing their representation in Congress recognises their substantial contribution to the game. A vibrant competitive HAL creates positives all the way down the food chain.

D-day looms large for FFA as FIFA approves sweeping governance changes

The politics of Canberra is child’s play compared to that of FIFA. Sorry Steven, time is up. Thanks to the Lowy’s, Frank in particular, for an immense contribution to Australian football. Now for the next chapter in the game in Australia. All of a sudden things are looking up!

D-day looms large for FFA as FIFA approves sweeping governance changes

The establishment of the HAL post NSL is s tremendous legacy for the Lowy’s. Time now for the next phase in the development of the game.

FFA chairman Steven Lowy to quit post, blames 'football politics'

Bart was one of our best player last year. No reason to think he won’t repeat that this year. No doubt Nem will chime in with reasons why this is undoubtedly an incorrect assumption. I wait for the post 🙂

A few things you will not see in the A-League this season