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What legacy does Michael Cheika leave, and what does his successor need to fix first?

This is absolutely disgusting. You wouldn’t see an Australian coach do this cos Micheal Chieka doesn’t need to analyse the opposition 😁 👍

Eddie Jones raises spying concerns ahead of RWC semi-final

japan should get bonus points for playing so well, we don’t need anything cos we’ve lost chieka, thats got to be worth something 😁

What legacy does Michael Cheika leave, and what does his successor need to fix first?

Thanks for bring up about those 2 crap kicks, 1 from beale (of course) and the other from genia (his service in the first half seemed to me to always be 1/2 a step behind the time it should have taken and Will has history of this). Can you imagine what would have happened to those players in teams coached by eddie or shag? the hook would have come out and they would have been watching the rest of the game. These mistakes are discipline problems that can only be corrected by harsh actions. Talk to the players at training about the need for discipline in these tight games and then take harsher action if the player wishes to ignore the coaches advice. I recall a roarer saying that he wishes australian teams would copy the japanese style of quick little kicks. The australian style (player) doesn’t need to do these wishball kicking because we have the size and skill to accomplish the same safely by keeping the ball under control (in hand). chip kicks are fine in the opponents half (25 yard zone better). but overall, i think we showed enough and i’m confidant that with a half decent coach with a plan a, b and c as a backup and one who analyses the opposition, we will have a decent team next season. Quade said something about how Chieka should have resigned years ago and i agree, especially after reading Chiekas comments about how he didn’t like working with a director of coaching and 2 other guys (johnson and o’conner) looking over his shoulder. Thats when you should have walked Chiek, seeing as how you say you are a man of principal.

Six talking points from Wallabies versus England

WHY?????????? 👎

Rugby Australia target Suliasi Vunivalu for 2023 World Cup

your tiara is crooked 😊 👍

'I owe that man a lot': Michael Hooper praises Michael Cheika's time as Wallabies coach

Just heard on 2UE news cheika saying he THINKS the next coach should be australian. But he didn’t say what his plan B was 😁 . personally i’d love to see jamie joseph, a proven international coach. no more amatuers who might be good please

What legacy does Michael Cheika leave, and what does his successor need to fix first?

I think Japan will leapfrog Australia when the next rankings are released, japan 6, australia 7.

What legacy does Michael Cheika leave, and what does his successor need to fix first?

Yeah, the 5 million dollar man owes him a lot, loyalty, 5 million dollars, captaincy, 5 million dollars, prestige that come from being captain, 5 million dollars. there might be a few other things i omitted. oh yes, 5 million dollars 😁 👍

'I owe that man a lot': Michael Hooper praises Michael Cheika's time as Wallabies coach

Love it

Rugby Australia have questions to answer

Are you sure that you haven’t been reading my mind? My opinion about Chieka “not analysing the opposition” is that was just chieka bravado, wanting to appear to us dumb australian rugby supporters that he is so clever and smart (clown) that he doesn’t need to analyse the opposition, but I bet you that the reality is that he poured over the video for his cunning plan. BUT he’s so dumb in reality that he never bothered with plan B because he is the mighty chiek and considered his plan A was the juice. Anyway he’s gone so goodnight chiek and I’m not going to waste any more oxygen thinking about him.

Rugby Australia have questions to answer

There’s only 1 australian coach in oz Super rugby next season

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE KING aka don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Good bye Michael.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

Brisbane manly would be a better name. that way, people who hate brisbane would get onboard and because of the manly name, people who hate manly would get onboard also. its a win/win bus and if we had ivan driving the bus, things would be groovy

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

Isn’t Todd captain/coach up around Byron Bay area?

Todd Carney talks to The Roar: On-field talent, off-field indiscretions and one infamous bubbler

.i’m a league guy who likes rugby also. i haven’t seen koroibete play for a while. last time i saw him, he was a hard runner who didn’t know what to do when he went into contact and more times then not, he threw a wild pass or would turn the ball over in the tackle/ruck. i was quite impressed with his game against argies and i think he might be finally starting to get his head around the game

Wallabies DIY Player Ratings versus Argentina: The results

still is a grub

What did fans really expect from Robbie Farah?

I was watching Shane Lowry trying to hang on to win the Open and a mate sent me a message about the wallabies game being on tv. A couple of years ago, I would have channel surfed between TV ads. This year, I stayed watching the golf. When the clown leaves, I will come back.

The Wrap: Are the Wallabies cursed? Too right they are

the old saying “its better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are dumb than to open your mouth and prove it”. oh look, its a talking clown!!!!!

The Wrap: Are the Wallabies cursed? Too right they are

Very true. for example, I was sitting next to an oldish long haired hippy type on a flight from singapore to sydney. we get talking and he tells me that he was a retired university professor ( i gave him a good googling when i got home and he was telling the truth). he told me how he led the world (true again) in xxxxx research in his prime but now he was living the hippy life. great!!!! he then tells me how he was just coming back from some hippy festival and recommended to me that if i wanted get a great buzz, I should try injecting pure heroin, not the dangerous commercial stuff on the streets. great!!!!! thanks for sharing. i’ll just stick to beer. just because you’ve got a uni degree doesn’t mean you are smart (true again)

The Wrap: Are the Wallabies cursed? Too right they are

I’m really glad you mentioned the master coach Warren Ryan here. Since he got dragged into the ABC’c political correctness insanity and did the honourable thing and DIDN’T capitulate, he’s been the forgotten man.

Why Craig Bellamy should seriously consider coaching the Dragons

I just read the article again and yes, Ben hunts name is still there so it’s serious. I thought they might have included Jack de belin also but alas, I didn’t see his name there. Seriously? Don’t think Ben hunt should be there.

Blues dominate Origin merit team

he hasn’t been doing much singing lately. he had a good game in the pacific tests

Why the Broncos should consider moving on from their million-dollar man

Good on you Nick for proving to the world that they are correct about your career. I knew you could do it and although its taken a few years to do it, you’ve proven it again today.
The tennis greats have a coach, but you don’t cos you want to do it your way. Good on you man.
The tennis greats concentrate about winning when they are on the court, but you don’t because you want to do it your way. Good on you man.
Champions are applauded and adored because they play to the best of their ability, but you don’t want that because you want to do it your way. Good on you man.
OK, enough, can you see where I’m trying to go with this? You’re a tosser Nick and a disgrace. I feel ashamed to be Australian when I watch you on the court and last night was no different.
You proved a lot last night:
1. You need a coach that you respect but you don’t want a “yes Nick” type of coach who will say the nice things to you just to stay on the payroll.
2. You need a reality check. So many greats have tried to steer you down the right path and Rafa even tried again after the match.
3. You need to learn about self discipline. Try meditation. Block out all the bad stuff and concentrate on the finish line and stay on that path during your matches. Everyone gets bad calls etc during a match. You have a reputation now and some of the public, officials and other players will try to upset you. But stay on the path if you want to get to the finish line in front.
4. Forget about trying to be the entertainer and concentrate on using that your talent to improve.
Who knows, one day I and the rest of the Australian sporting public might actually be proud of you and you might become the tennis great that we know you can become. One day you might be remembered for your spectacular tennis talent instead of your spectacularly bad sportsmanship and behaviour on the court. One day we, the Australian sporting public mightn’t cringe when we hear your name mentioned. Leave that role to Bernard Tomic.

Nadal holds off Kyrgios in Wimbledon classic

i thought we lived in a democracy and had a right to be heard and could take things all the way until the end. the government stopped him before the finish line

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again