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Gaynor won in the federal court, lost in the full federal court appeal and then the high Court wouldn’t give him special leave to appeal. Hardly a straight out loss

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

There always has to be one, did you NOT read Ben’s article? You’re supposed to be talking DOWN the bloosers, not talking them up. I smell blood, maybe yours 😉

You're welcome, NSW

Adam Reynolds is 28 and he and Cody walker were setting the nrl on fire until his untimely injury. They would have made a good pairing, very dependable

Surely Nathan Cleary is in the last-chance saloon

the best thing about toowoomba is the new by-pass around it.
my uncle was a big flashy winger/fullback who played for Millmerrin in the toowoomba competition back in the late 60’s. but , you see, he was from millmerrin, not toowoomba. can you see the relevance? not everyone who played for “toowoomba” was from toowoomba. Dale Shearers father, Bob, was one of my teachers at warwick high school around 1970/71. Dale would have been about 6. He PROBABLY played junior football for one of the local clubs, most likely collegians. but can warwick claim him as a local? no, of course not. But his father was a great coach of our school team.

What does the average NRL fan think of Toowoomba rugby league?

“Queensland by four”
Four tries? Four changes from the bloosers for the next game? It will be a cracker of a game FOUR sure 😉

State of Origin 2 preview: Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues

Nick off Toowoomba. You can’t claim Wayne Bennett (warwick/Allora) and Rohan Hancock (Killarney). They might have played in the Toowoomba competition but thats all you are getting.

What does the average NRL fan think of Toowoomba rugby league?

There must be something wrong with my monitor. All i get on the screen when i open this article is “maroons win 2019 SOO series in perth”. and man of the match is from the losing side, the man who (blind) freddie selected at both centre positions, mark gasnier.

The Blues will have to defy history to defeat the Maroons in 2019

Thought malony played himself into the team yesterday

BREAKING: Mitchell Pearce ruled out of Origin 2

Oh dear, how sad ????

Waratahs pinged off the park by referee Egon Seconds

Seriously, how come no one picked up on the Greg Hartley moment in the titans v Penrith game? 6 mins 19 seconds to go in the game, titans spill the ball. Penrith then have 7 tackles from the turn over. Malony tackle was tackle 5, fox shows the green box with 5 in it showing 5th tackle. ball then goes to cleary who runs it and gets tackled. That folks is tackle 6 and turn over. But fox keeps the green tackle box at 5. But Greg Hartley (2 of them) doesn’t make a call, fox keeps the 5th tackle box for the Cleary tackle and play then goes for another tackle which is Greg Hartley tackle 6, except it’s really tackle 7. Luckily Penrith didn’t score from the 7th tackle and the titans won. Bring back finger counting for the ref and specsavers for fox

Eight talking points from NRL Round 5

issy is busy trying to save souls, in accordance with the book of guidelines that he has chosen to follow for his lifes journey. the general rugby public and RA has been busy trying to get issy is follow the path to success in rugby. if the public don’t want to believe that issys ways to redemption suits them, we, the public, voice our disapproval, as has been happening and we disassociate ourselves from issys ramblings. issy has been given a book of guidelines by RA to follow if he still wants to be associated with Rugby. issy has chosen not to follow them and now should do the honourable thing and disassociate himself from rugby and resign as an employee of RA. of course, as a member of the public, he is still entitled to voice his opinions, but not as an employee of RA as is now the case.

It's time for Israel to go

in social media, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if everyone stuck to just that, their opinion, everything would be sweet. but boys sometimes let testosterone overtake their thinking and start getting personal. and this is when i love social media because you get to see real live idiots up close and personal without having to go outside your house. i was a broncos fan who saw their first game in the sydney competition, but i gave them the flick a few years ago when they sacked players for minor mis-deeds, but kept a certain little ex-halfback around despite numerous drinking and gambling problems, just the sort of influence you wouldn’t want on younger players. i wandered down the road to titansland and have been a fan/supporter through thick and thin ever since and never had the urge to wander back up the M1 to the broncos corral. i note that a few broncos staff/players have recently joined me down at the titans. we’re the real deal and building a great club

A fan's dilemma: What's wrong with being a couch coach?

think back to mid 1960’s when British bikes ruled the world. sure, they leaked oil and weren’t the most reliable, but suckers (public) still were buying them. Honda came along and made some reasonable bikes that didn’t leak oil etc. a smart company would have realised that there was a challenge coming and do something to revamp their bikes. OH NO, not the british. fast forward to now, honda, yamaha, kawasaki etc rule the motorbike world and the british bikes are japanese clones made in india, malaysia, thailand etc. lesson to be learnt from history? don’t rely on the british to change for anyone, they know best. suckers are still watching their dross

Northern hemisphere rugby league finds a crossroads in its 'dirty old town'

David, every good author needs a good proofreader and luckily for you, I am available for hire. RM Miller is in FACT actually RM Williams, a small error, I notice that you got the “RM” bit correct. Apart from that, it is a good read. RIP Lloyd McDermott

The late great Lloyd McDermott was a very special human being

the development of international rugby league is done by the Rugby League International Federation……
the Australian rugby league commision looks after rugby league in australia.
The NZRL looks after rugby league in New Zealand etc.
the NRL is a competition played mostly in australia with a couple of games in NZ

The NRL must invest in the Pacific

surely the NZ name ALL BLACKS is offensive to people who aren’t black. I think NZ ALL COLOURS is a much nicer name

NZ government backs Crusaders on potential name change

I like the way genia and Cooper are operating back together at the rebels. Yes, they’ve only played one game there but you can see that genia is responsible for running the forwards ie getting them to do their plays before handing over to Cooper to ignite the backs. Will be an interesting game this weekend

Thorn’s cultural revolution at Reds set for first examination

Had a good #9 in Nick Frisby, but he’s another one who was shown the door by Thorn

Thorn’s cultural revolution at Reds set for first examination

will you 2 please go get a room

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

true dat, but I would call Him the God of scrummaging, he’s forgotten more than most scrum coaches know

Reds centres aim for point of difference

he’s talking about smart Alec (also known as Bernie) Foley, the smart 10 who defends on the wing 😉

Reds centres aim for point of difference

can we replace the coach also? send out the clowns, there doesn’t have to be clowns 😉
not much good having good cattle if the clown, sorry, I mean coach doesn’t use the cattle as it should be used

Does size really matter?

can we replace the coach also 😉 not much good having good cattle if the clown, sorry, I mean coach can’t use said cattle properly

Does size really matter?

my God, you mean there is method to the clowns madness? i’ll have to start watching the games more intently 😉 ahhhh, but the dumb attack coach (said with tongue inserted very firmly into my cheek) had gone now. maybe we’ll see wingers defending at wing and #10’s defending at #10.
my first comment to an online friend after the Ireland v poms game was that England were too big AND too quick. not often that you get both. NZ would have worked out Englands game plan quickly and dulled englands game, but the irish couldn’t quite do the same. don’t expect England to get away with that again. I thought the scots were good in their win over Italy. should be some good games this weekend. hope france can concentrate for the whole game. ha, I’m expecting a miracle

Does size really matter?

oh no, I said a naughty word meaning faeces. i’ll write my comment again and leave out the faeces.
Bangers, where does this hate come from. Joe wrote an article, show some love. its only his opinion. if you don’t agree, say that and leave the other stuff (faeces) out. I note your avatar etc says you are a guest. show some manners when you are a guest 😉

Latrell Mitchell makes the easy decision by choosing the All Stars