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Then you should know that you don’t have to read much to cover the stories of Cain and Abel and Moses leading the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt to realise that the book does not condone anything that you mentioned above.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Actually Piru the fact that you listed those three things just shows that you’ve never read the good book or at least never read it properly.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Personally I find the logo quite arbitrary. They either should have left the logo as is or changed the name as well.

Crusaders to keep name but change logo

Garcès, Poite, O’Keefe and Skeen. The four horsemen of the rugby apocalypse.

Jerome Garces to referee Rugby World Cup final

Responsibility lies with the other two selectors here as well as Cheika. If this backfires spectacularly, my hope is that it won’t just be Cheika to be ejected from the selectors’ table.

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

Well then I think it’s time to change those rules. Seems nonsense to say the ball is in touch when it reaches the touchline but somehow that isn’t the case if the player knocks back into the field. Massively inconsistent.

The Wallabies didn't lose because of Romain Poite, but World Rugby, we do have a problem

He did find touch. It was clear that the ball had crossed the touchline but the touch judge completely missed this and allowed Wales to play on.

Wales withstand Wallabies' second-half fightback

My gripe is that Yato did the same thing in his tackle against Hodge and Hodge got banned for three games. Where is the consistency?

Wales withstand Wallabies' second-half fightback

Unfortunately I can’t post a screenshot of the actual tackle. It’s evident looking at it from the side-on angle in slo-mo and frame by frame that Hodge does attempt to wrap the arm around and simply gets swatted away. The behind angle makes it look like a shoulder charge. Initially I thought that the contact was simply hard on the chest and slipped up but watching it in slo-mo it appears more like the Fijian player ran into Hodge’s shoulder due to the way he was bending down slightly heading into contact. Hodge needed to get lower and I can see an argument for contact with the head but I think that it was more of a yellow than anything else. If it is a ban, then the more important issue is consistency from now on.

Reece Hodge cited for high tackle

If you’re serious about giving away your tickets for the Perth test, I’d certainly be interested in taking them off your hands.

Michael Cheika once again misses the mark after Wallabies loss to back-up Boks

No wonder so much of our talent is leaving. It’s a sinking ship.

Wallabies haunted by Ellis Park curse

Potentially. He certainly has the Rebels playing some good rugby and his understated nature is refreshing compared to Cheika’s egoism. I just wish he can win something first. I think it would be necessary to hire a proven winning coach to replace Cheika and give Wessels the time to gain more experience and hopefully silverware before he possibly gets the job.

Rebels coach won't look at Super ladder

Oh dear…

Crusaders seriously considering name change after admitting current branding "no longer tenable"

Thanks jameswm. Just an armchair general’s opinion at the end of the day. My real hope is that the two new selectors don’t act as yes men to MC and can actually overrule him on some selections.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

You’re right Fionn, Valetini is only 20 I think. He probably needs another season or two to settle into his adult shape fully and for some experience. We have a knack of rushing guys into the wallabies setup based on potential talent and not proven talent, which is really an indictment on our performance over the last few years.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

Agree with you on McCaffery. Read my comment above relating to Dempsey. Out the names you mention for an extended squad I can only agree with you on Valatini however his injury is certain to rule him out of the WC. Carter is unfortunately another powder-puff forward in my eyes and Maddocks is overrated in my opinion.

In terms of omissions, it’s guys like Joe Powell, CLL, Lukhan SL, Foley, Beale, and a pacy winger like Naivalu. Korobeite just doesn’t cut it for me.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

You make a good point about McCaffery. He’s certainly in good form at the moment. It’s still early days but I hope Dempsey can get his mojo back as he was one of the wallabies best two years ago. Hooper was a tough one because he is going to be in the team no matter what. Otherwise I’d put another big guy on the bench like LSL. I don’t rate either Smith brother though.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

For some reason it’s all looking squished together is one big paragraph rather than in list format. Apologies.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

1. Scot Sio 2. Faingaa 3. AAA
4. Rodda
5. Arnold
6. Dempsey
7. Pocock
8. Naisarani
9. Genia
10. Cooper
11. Hodge (or Banks)
12. Kerevi
13. Kuridrani
14. Folau
15. DHP
Reserves: Rangi, Tupou, Kepu, Coleman, Hooper, Gordon, Toomua, Banks (Hodge)
Faingaa will be MC’s pick. Uelese’s injury will be to his detriment come RWC. Rangi I think deserving a spot due to his form so far. Kepu looking past it and prone to dumb decisions (think Scotland RC). Rodda should be a shoe in, Arnold in form but Coleman will be picked. Dempsey at six for his size and footwork, Naisarani a big bopper at 8 and Pocock at 7. Gordon worthy of being HB back-up (Powell is another contender). Toomua over Foley to backup Cooper as he can backup 10 and 12. Hodge on the wing for his versatility (could also be used on the bench for this reason). Banks to gain full test intro on the wing. DHP will be FB hands down.
Some hard selections as some players worthy of being in the team are omitted. Ultimately though, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

Surely now is the time to clean out? It won’t happen but one can hope. The coaches are useless. Sack the lot of them. Hanigan, Beale, Maddocks, Latu, Sio, Kerevi etc need to be dropped. Get rid of the Fijians who show no rugby smarts.

That game felt like the tipping point for me. We’ll look inept against Italy yet win and get torn to shreds by England the week after. This team does not deserve my support anymore, nor the support of any of the fans still watching.

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

Welcome to country is one of the most cringeworthy events you can see on TV. All it does is placate the feelings of do-gooders and sends the rest of us and the world to sleep.

Rugby Australia and Adam Goodes should create a dance to rival the Haka

League took advantage of the French rugby union team being excluded from the Five Nations for acts of thuggery and professionalism. Yes, League was banned under Vichy France. Good.

The road to success for Major League Rugby

Up to a certain point. One team can lose points to a team higher than them, so long as it is within a 10 point margin

The top pet peeves of rugby chat

I guess this really speaks to our grassroots depth. The four Fijians in the team on Saturday all have talent but it would be good to see homegrown talent coming through rather than relying on imports. Listening to either Korobeite or Kuridrani speak brings one back to reality about how Australian the team really is.

The Fijian connection is working wonders for the Wallabies

Dare to dream.

Wallabies to avoid All Blacks in Japan until the 2019 Rugby World Cup final