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“until he finally struck form with a ton in the first innings of his final series” – Can we stop calling an outlier, a fluke, one bit of luck as being “in form”. A single century in a year of mediocrity isn’t form.

Picking apart the selectors’ choices in the Bailey era: Masterstrokes tarnished by blunders as Australia face future upheaval

Was more given a free ride before his recent tests, 30-off mediocre test performances. Being a Mitchell and also a Marsh seemed to help. Maybe Bancroft should change his name to Mitchell.

Four sight: Callous critics need to realise 'something special' factor can turn Green into Australia's Jacques Kallis

The selectors are going to look like idiots if Smith and Green both fail against the Windies seconds.

Smith's shock opener switch all but locked in as 'perfect scenario' looms with Green back to middle order

Nick, I came to say this. Very short sighted by selectors. How long will Smith play on, maybe 2 or 3 years more. In the time being Usman will likely retire and then there are two openers to replace.
Maybe Bancroft should immediately move to another country, wait the qualifying period and play for someone else. It seems like the Shield efforts mean nothing so he might as well try elsewhere. It’s a shame he isn’t 5 years younger or that would be more viable.

'Best six batters in the country': Smith will open and Green returns as Bailey denies Bancroft rift over Sandpaper saga

Warner anointed Harris, Smith anoints himself, seems like the co-conspirators are doing what they can to not have Bancroft selected. Boys club working overtime here.

Every Australian Test opener option, ranked: Why sending Smith up is a recipe for disaster

….and the co-conspirators are still doing whatever they can to not have Bancroft in the team. Warner annointed Harris and Smith now thinks he can open.

'Hope they don't': Langer warns against Green opener move as McDonald confirms Smith in the frame

Warner seems to be going out of his way to not mention Bancroft.

Warner nominates surprise option to replace him at opener as Pakistan again let Aussies slip through their fingers

Ever get the feeling that Warner is doing whatever he can to avoid mentioning Bancroft? He should also take a page from Elgar’s book on how to announce your retirement, at the start of your last series. Not a year in advance, handcuffing selectors to make sure they keep selecting you. Class and Warner have never gone together.

'Bugger me, that's a question for George Bailey': Ex-selector lashes Warner over replacement call, MCG says sorry to Marsh

Pakistan were always going to pull-a-Pakistan and fall in a heap at some stage. Now that is done, hopefully they can be more competitive.

Fan Rant: Who replaces Warner is the wrong question

They could use Jamie Cox right about now.

Best Never Ever XI: The greatest Australian cricketers who didn’t play each of the three formats

A lot of it comes down to player development. I loved watching the Windies when Ambrose, Walsh, Lara and Viv were around. Especially the glares Ambrose would give to the batsman, he could have knocked the stumps over by just looking at them. I can’t understand what happened to them. Where are all the lanky juniors with some real menace now?
Australia too to a lesser degree, why was there not a generation of kids bowling wrist spin and coming through the ranks? You really thought this would have happened.
India on the other hand just seem to have a perpetual line of players coming through. So many in the recent T20s and ODIs I hadn’t heard of are seemingly already world class players.

Gap's never been wider between cricket’s Big Three haves and the have-nots ... and it’s only getting worse

Can we start calling him AGOAT (Australian greatest of all time)?
Still miles behind Murali and Ashwin is only 12 wickets behind having played 29 less tests and bowled about a thousand overs less too.
To me, GOAT is applied to the best of all time, all-inclusive.

Nice, Garry! Lyon joins legends with 500th Test wicket as Aussies rout Pakistan for massive win

Well, this summer is over, what’s next?

Test-mortem: Jury's out on ‘treacherous’ Optus as Perth’s best venue, Warner robbed, Marnus slump no big deal … yet

Can Candace retire from Triple M when Dave retires too pls?

COMMENT: David Warner defied his critics - but he didn't prove them wrong

By the law of averages it was bound to happen. Still got to wonder why Warner gets three years of below average performances and Green gets hardly any time before being dumped. You know…future of the team and all.

‘No better way to silence them’: Warner fires back at critics with blistering ton as Aussies pile on misery to Pakistan

As much as I hate saying it, Harris will likely replace Warner. Previously his form hasn’t mattered before selection and he has a contract. Both Bancroft and Renshaw should be ahead of him, but I expect it to be Harris. Perhaps a reason to not have Bancroft is that memories of the cheating saga remain longer if you replace Warner with Bancroft and he succeeds.

Test cricket summer random predictions: Head to surpass top duo, Lyon on the hunt, Warner's farewell and who'll replace him

What I find annoying in this whole Warner-is-useless issue is that I believe in India he didn’t go home injured, he went home “injured”. He left the tour because he knew that the expected trash to follow would have meant he was done. Going home injured (as history shows) guarantees selection when you have recovered.

'Incumbency over performance': Australian selectors get Test side wrong

I wouldn’t say Warner is in the best XI.

McDonald won’t budge on 'here to win today, not worried about tomorrow' policy: ‘Pick the best XI at any given time’

It was a shame Bancroft didn’t go big and just put speculation to bed. Instinct tells me that Harris will be selected regardless. He has a contract and the selectors are in love with him. Bancroft seems to be copping more fallout from the cheating than others. He has been the best candidate for two years now and deserves a chance.

Opening contenders botch golden chance to press Test selection claims but Harris bullish about replacing Warner

Candice is on Brisbane’s Triple M Morning show while the regulars are away. Can summer be over so Marto, Margaux and Dan can come back? I don’t think I can listen to her.

Johnson 'low act' branded 'un-Australian' as Triple M reinstate fast bowler despite Warner brouhaha

I love a good match. If it is lopsided one sided affair, I am not interested.

Do Australians love Test cricket or just watching the baggy green side win at home pretty much all the time?

Harris test average 25.29, dropped. Renshaw 29.31, dropped. Bancroft 25.23, dropped. Warner last three years 28.9…here have a beer, stay as long as you like. Standards have really dropped where it is acceptable to keep selecting someone with such a low average.
Even Justin Langer who wasn’t really that flashy but had a similar career average, averaged 40 in his last 3 years of his career. He at least justified selection.

Are selectors endangering Australia's future by putting Dave Warner’s personal aspirations ahead of team legacy?

I don’t know how Bailey can say Warner is in the best XI while keeping a straight face. Does Warner have something on him?

Teflon Bailey: Johnson right about selectors being too close to players but Warner won’t be denied fairytale farewell

Warner really put selectors in a spot planning his retirement. He should’ve been dropped years ago, he isn’t in the best XI but they won’t drop him without looking like a-holes to some. Warner should have retired after his double century. It would have been the finish he wanted, rather than dragging things out and flogging a dead horse.

'Bunnings would sell out of sandpaper': Bailey reacts after Johnson delivers brutal sledge over 'arrogant' Warner's farewell

It wouldn’t be right to have Maxwell who has played basically no red ball cricket in 4 years over someone younger who has bided their time in the domestic competition. Maxwell’s famed all or nothing inconsistency is the number one reason for him not to play tests. Don’t forget, after his 201 he was out for 1 the next time around. Par for the course.

Ponting anoints Warner successor, but insists Green must 'bide his time' to make Test squad