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Hi Paul,
As good as Khawaja and Finch have been I still think it will be hard to look past Warner at the top – in saying that though I think its still highly likely that we see him at 3 or even 4 at some point. 5 or 6 is too low for him IMO.

It will be interesting to see which way they go with it. The warm-up matches will provide more of an indication with which way they’re leaning, but I agree that the line-up will most likely fluctuate throughout the tournament, particularly early on until they find a structure they’re happy with.

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Think he will definitely be in the squad, Paul, although I don’t know how exactly you fit him into the best XI. A middle order of Maxwell, Stoinis and Turner looks quite good, that would mean Handscomb taking the gloves though which I cant see happening. Will be fascinating to see which way they go with it.

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The mid ’90s were slightly before my time, Paul, the Sri Lankan approach does sound similar to how Roy and Bairstow go about it for England now however. Agree with you on Australia not having enough attacking options. Moving Maxwell higher up the order is an obvious fix, but unless they can get out of the habit of being bogged down in overs 20-40, they’re certainly going to be up against come the WC.

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Fair point re batting lineup, they would love to unearth a couple more batsmen over the next few years. Thought du Bruyn showed glimpses in Durban however. Will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next year or two

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