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Old man kangaroo now living in the wilds of New York. Captained the school 14D rugby team in the last century and moved himself from 2nd row to the safety of the centres.



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Maybe this is the wrong thread to make this comment on, but . . . where are the Roarers scrambling to apologize after claiming the Wallabies only ever have a plan A and can’t/won’t/don’t change strategy when plan A isn’t working?

Wallabies DIY Player Ratings versus Fiji: The results

Sounds like a reason to play O’Connor at 12 in attack and Kerevi at 12 in defence.
I didn’t notice it either.

Wallabies DIY Player Ratings versus Fiji: The results

Just a small aside on Hooper’s try, Zenn. As good and determined as he was I don’t think he would have made it across the line without the last minute support of Rodda. In fact Hooper mentioned this himself post match.

Wallabies DIY Player Ratings versus Fiji: The results

Thanks guys.
I found the incident on replay and I see there were no Fijians offside. But do we know what the ruling is on that if they are offside on a quick throw?
Btw Mungbean, Pocock’s quick throw reached Kerevi just a couple of metres from the posts.

Rugby World Cup: Five talking points from Wallabies vs Fiji

Can someone tell me about a quick throw-in from a lineout? Does it have to be straight? Usually it happens when the other team is way downfield and it seems no issue. However here, from memory, there were Fijians around. And consequently there were, I think, some between Pocock and the receiver. Are they then deemed onside because it was a quick throw?

Rugby World Cup: Five talking points from Wallabies vs Fiji

Who goes to 15 if Le Roux is injured or has one of his bad days?

Springboks confirm strong side for Rugby World Cup opener vs All Blacks

Purdo – in reference to your first point about the size/build of “your averagely built bloke” I just had a quick look at the Reds website and pulled the height and weight of a few of their players that are around your example. It seems that there a quite a few around that average. Four of them play in the backs and 2 are back rowers. I guess we can draw whatever conclusions we like.
Jock Campbell 186cm 85kg
Henry Speight 186 97
Liam Wright 193 97
Carter Gordon 189 89
Fraser McReight 184 100
Scott Malolua 178 86
“your averagely built bloke” 191 95
As for your second point, I reckon you won’t get many Roarers disagreeing with you on the need to publicise the NRC a whole lot more.

NRC game time crucial now for fringe Wallabies

I wonder if they are still considering Simmons as an emergency back-up at 6. I recall him filling in there a few years ago.

What did we really learn from the Samoa warm-up Test?

Is there a “Heat Rule” for Super Rugby in the event of the temperature reaching, say, 35, when the game would be played over 4 quarters of 20 minutes each?

SANZAAR unveils Super Rugby fixture for 2020

I didn’t see the after-match interviews or press conference, but if the quotes above are anything to go by it seems that Serena has yet again ignored the quality of her opponent. She often comments only on how well or disappointingly she has played herself without giving credit to her opponent. This is pretty ordinary as far as attitude goes, but it may also point to the possibility that she and her team are so convinced she is better than the other woman (or girl in this case) that they ignore the strengths and weaknesses of that opponent. In the case of the Wimbledon final against Kerber, she seemed so sure that she would overpower Kerber that she didn’t really have a plan B when all her big shots came back. I also believe that, at least now, her failure to get to number 24 on 4 occasions is getting to her and she’s having self doubt. Maybe even choking.

Why Serena Williams is losing her aura of invincibility

Yes the Wallabies were lucky in a way on those 2 occasions. In both cases the ABs’ reactions opened the door – the attempted intercept left ALB out of position and the bobble of the ball in Arnold’s hands drew Ben Smith in off the wing and allowed Salakaia-Loto a free run to the line. But in both cases the Wallaby response was great. And that almost clinical response is something that should be encouraging Wallaby supporters.

Wallabies well poised to double down on All Blacks

So Harry, is the inspiration from dry wit related to the lack of actual water in Cape Town?

Michael Cheika is still Mickey Mouse, but Mickey wins a lot

Perhaps “Djoknaderer”??

Seriously though, as others have said before, this judgement of the greatest of all time is subjective. If you want to go just by the numbers, then see above. But then there is the enjoyment and entertainment factor to be considered. And that is where Federer has the edge. Probably 80% of my keen tennis playing friends (and I have a lot) would watch Federer play a big match on TV rather than play themselves. And even casual tennis fans usually agree that Federer’s game is more fluent and even beautiful than the other 2. Some commentator during Wimbledon described it like this: “Federer moves on the court like a ballet dancer and his feet never actually touch the ground; Nadal is the little engine that could, does and always will; and Djokovic is a mixture of the above with ridiculous flexibility.”

Why Novak Djokovic will be - and possibly already is - the GOAT

Surely the people who are asking for Pocock (and Petaia) to be thrown in at the deep end of the All Blacks pool are being over-ambitious and endangering the player. Yes they have to be 100% fit. But any professional sportsperson will tell you that there is a big step between training and the match. Particularly against the ABs. Even Federer, Nadal and Djokovic played a number of lead up tournaments before they attempted a major after they were injured. I’d like to see Pocock (and Petaia) play at least a couple of NRC games before coming in against the ABs. Bur that would put them back to the middle of September. So I guess, for Pocock at least, who has shown in the past that he can get up to speed fairly quickly, that an introduction of 30 minutes would work. Or, to put 2 of PK’s ideas together, name Pocock and Wright both on a 6-2 bench, send Pocock on and see how he lasts, and if he’s OK send Wright on at 6. Or even start Wright at 6 so there is cover for Pocock if he pulls up short.

David Pocock a chance of Bledisloe Cup return

A few people have been blaming Fainga for the mess in the Brumbies lineout in the semi.But people with more knowledge than me, including Nicholas Bishop, have said it was more a case of the Jaguares working out the calls and Carter not reacting soon enough with his calls. So maybe Fainga was throwing accurately to the right place – where the Jags were waiting.

Tom Banks, Nic White named to start as Wallabies side to play South Africa is revealed

Agree Nickbrisbane. Like Joe Powell.

With the Rugby Championship about to start, here's what Michael Cheika can learn from the Junior Wallabies

Well, Bluesfan, it looks like the Blues have plugged that hole for the immediate future. And given the young guys a decent mentor.

Bernard Foley's Australian rugby exit confirmed post-World Cup

Thanks Todd. I hadn’t heard about the arm injury. Unsurprisingly she did not mention it in her press conference. I can imagine others using it as an excuse. No names.

The Aussie wash-up from Wimbledon

Jacko, I’ve been reading all this back and forth and I’m hoping I can put it into perspective. I believe I understand why other posters are reacting to you the way they are, but almost nobody has expressed it. You say it’s an opinion site. And few would disagree. But the vast majority of readers here expect opinion to be backed up by facts, evidence, examples. And you have not provided any. It’s pretty generally accepted that argument or opinion is only valid when there is evidence to back it up. Almost everything that Nicholas Bishop writes here has not only verbal evidence but video evidence as well. Your “opinion” has neither. I mean what would your response be if I claimed that Kurtley Beale was the best tackler in world rugby? I’d hope you’d point to some of his misses.

Why Argentina needs to get the import-export balance right

No surprises this time though Fionn. The big 3 have dropped 4 sets between them by semi final time.

Why Argentina needs to get the import-export balance right

If you think Alison Riske was disgraceful then you didn’t watch her press conference. The 2 press conferences of Ash Barty and Alison Riske were the most impressive I’ve seen recently. Both were honest, warm, unassuming human beings – no blaming umpires, referees, courts, and neither of them threatened a lineswoman or an umpire during the match. If Riske’s grunts and squeaks offended you then you need to give up watching the tennis tour. She is a pure amateur screamer compared to many – Sharapova, Azarenka, Joao Sousa, and Rafa Nadal spring to mind.

"It's only a tennis match": Ash Barty bows out of Wimbledon like a true champion

I’m sorry you ignored the doubles. John Peers and Henri Kontinen made the quarters and played a great 5 setter with Klaasen and Venus.

And I was hoping for a good showing by Barty and Azarenka, but they withdrew in the 3rd round. I’m not sure why. Does anybody here know why? If there IS anybody else here.

The Aussie wash-up from Wimbledon

Actually no, elvis. Apparently CTE can only be diagnosed on autopsy. Before death you may have your suspicions though.

Could CTE spell the end of Grassroots footy?

I’m interested to hear, JoX, that CTE can, as you say, occur from sub-concussive events. Not just head clashes, high tackles, heading a ball, being hit in the head by a bouncer, being hit in the head in boxing, ramming you helmet-covered head into another player (NFL) etc., but repeated sub-concussive traumas – even times when your body suddenly stops moving but your brain doesn’t stop inside your head – sort of a whiplash effect. There seems to be an emphasis here on “repeated.”
My source for this was a discussion on the “Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe” episode 629, July 19, 2017 from 18:15 to 32:05 (available on iTunes or at They refer there also to a New York Times article : “NFL Brains” and a PBS Frontline (USA) documentary “League of Denial.”

Could CTE spell the end of Grassroots footy?

I’m going to make this comment, although I hope it doesn’t eventuate.

I wonder if Kyrgios might be happier playing the Mansour Bahrami role in tennis. Or joining Bahrami and Fabrice Santoro to tour and entertain during major tournaments with a display of trick shots. At the moment it could be argued that his approach is more suited to this than trying to win major (or minor) tournaments.

I say I hope this doesn’t really happen because the man clearly has more ball striking talent, and particularly a better serve, than almost anyone playing. And he showed against Rafa that he is able to play at the highest level when he is motivated. I watched the match and I believe the difference ultimately was Rafa’s ability to choose the right shot when it got tight in the tie-breaker. Kyrgios played a drop-shot in one of the tie-breakers that just wasn’t on and seemed like a mental bail-out. He just seemed a bit too impatient under pressure.
As for his behaviour, I think he is now suffering from the confirmation bias of a lot of observers. They believe he’ll misbehave worse than anybody else and seize on any of his “eruptions” to illustrate their point when his “eruptions” are no worse than those of others. Yes, he’s crossed the line in the past – a few times – but I don’t think this match was one of those occasions.

Nadal holds off Kyrgios in Wimbledon classic