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My usual position in a football team whether league, soccer or AFL was left right out, but I did try. I will also take this opportunity to apologise to you in advance because my views are bound to offend someone or everyone sooner or later. For the record I am a long time Dragons fan.



Kieran Foran and Bevan French are walking a tight rope, but the others should not be worried.

Deliver or bust: Five big NRL names at a career crossroads in 2019

I think that in 2018 he was doing too much passing and not doing enough running from 5/8 so maybe fullback will solve that.

Departing Dragon Gareth Widdop signs with Super League side

I thought they really showed some finals form in the last 2 games of the season which was lacking in previous years.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Well buying Corey Norman will do the Dragons no harm and I expect he will take Widdop’s 5/8 spot in the Dragons side.

Departing Dragon Gareth Widdop signs with Super League side

The rookies for the Broncos have to perform in year 2, but even if they do experienced teams will wack them at the end of the season.

Can the Brisbane Broncos make the finals in 2019?

What odds are you offering?

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

As probably an even older Dragons fan, I also have my great doubts about McGregor, which I have expressed in Articles each year he has been in charge.

At least last year, for the first time, he started exploring ISP players ability with a positive rotation to give them a chance and the Dragons were impressive against the Broncos away and with massive injuries just barely lost to Souths.

A better coach would however got there sooner.

I still think this could be the Dragons year, but it would be nice if McGregor could progress as a coach at a faster rate because this will be his final year if he does not.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

good comment

Bird and Bryce under pressure to perform in NRL 2019

Desire and motivation is certainly what they missed in 2018 or maybe they were just overpaid and over ate.

Bird and Bryce under pressure to perform in NRL 2019

too soon to think about origin

Are there any winners from the Broncos-Rabbitohs coaching swap?

Well I am mystified by your comment.

Are there any winners from the Broncos-Rabbitohs coaching swap?

In the past all clubs have universally attempted to minimise penalties for offending players unless the player was otherwise on their hit list.

It is time that all clubs adopt a uniformly tough stance in order to eliminate the current epidemic of disreputable conduct by players who are damaging support of Club fans and sponsors.

Will Phil Gardner's tactical nuclear strike keep the Knights in line?

At this stage of the year more than 2 months after the end of the season and almost two months before the start of the season coming up with a story is like searching for water in the desert.

Your comment is very well written, better than my article, and I would encourage to write more articles which I would look forward to reading.

The Souths-Brisbane coach swap is very interesting as apparently neither club wanted the coach to continue with them but each wanted the other coach, so some club or maybe both have to be wrong.

Rumblings at the Rabbitohs as Bennett takes charge

I agree that Dufty has been stuffed around by the Dragons saying that he had the fullback position and then the Dragons hiring Norman a week or two later throwing everything up in the air again. Jai Field and Darren Nicholls look like spending the year as halves in the ISP.

The Dragons' conundrum of what to do with Corey Norman?

Not looking forward to your run.

The Newcastle Knights are rebuilt

18 years is the legal age, but how many NRL players manage to get to adulthood while they are playing NRL and immersed in footy culture and the fantasy land of fans is another question.

NRL players are adults - let's start treating them like it

I guess will have a good indication when the young Broncos forwards face the Titans big pack in their last trial match.

Can the Brisbane Broncos make the finals in 2019?

I agree with a lot you have to say but nothing matches experience in pressure games.

The Brisbane halves had a big question mark over them last year but I thought that in the end event they did a good job. Jack Bird was just not the Jack Bird of 2017 for even one game in 2018.

Attack can be up to individual skills, but defense is more of a team effort and that is where the problem lies for the Broncos forwards.

Can the Brisbane Broncos make the finals in 2019?

De Belin situation is not good for the club and at the very least this will be a giant distraction for De Belin and the Dragons.

That said there are plenty of forwards such as Lawrie who can fill the gap.

Corey Norman will provide additional attacking options and can always swap with Widdop during the game.

Thoughts of a pessimistic Red V fan

Broncos forwards are too inexperienced and crumbled under pressure from the Dragons forwards.

Souths will be hard and it will come down to who has the best attack, and Leilua is vital and needs more time from McGregor.

Six talking points from Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL elimination final

The Dragons were extraordinary against the Broncos but have a lesser axe to grind against Souths.
The Broncos young forward pack also fell apart under the Dragons pressure and we cannot expect Souths to do the same.
The bookies are tipping an easy win for Souths but while I do not expect a repeat performance from the Dragons I believe they are in with a chance assuming that Hunt can lift his game to make up for the absence of Widdop.

I expect Frizzell to lead the way in the forwards and hope that Leilua will be given more game time to make a real difference in attack.

The Dragons are back and they’re a real chance

I think you are right about the experience and confidence gained playing for Tonga against the big name teams and I think he scored 1 try.

Pangai Junior is the rabbit that Bennett pulls out of his hat

At least there are only 2 byes this year only one of which Round 17 Broncos have to play in, so the real issue is injuries that may come out of origin. So no origin excuses really until round 17.

Pangai Junior is the rabbit that Bennett pulls out of his hat

Every Dragon fan is happy with the start of the season, but next week we play the Titans away, a game against one of the less fancied teams, which are usually the games that the Dragons do not show up for and lose.

James Graham appears to be showing his age a bit, but he is certainly a good addition. I would like to see Luciana Leilua get a decent chance in the forwards and McGregor’s reliance on Lattimore I believe is misplaced.

Lafai has also been a bit disappointing in the centres.

Dragons heating up

I like Murray too but Warriors Papalii is too cheap too leave out.

NRL Fantasy 2018: First impressions