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My usual position in a football team whether league, soccer or AFL was left right out, but I did try. I will also take this opportunity to apologise to you in advance because my views are bound to offend someone or everyone sooner or later. For the record I am a long time Dragons fan.



Trial may not even start until next season.

Matt Dufty re-signs with Dragons until 2021

Innocent until proven guilty is one thing but this case could drag on for a long time maybe a year or more with the details coming out slowly and painfully.

Is De Belin going to be picked for SOO, tests etc. because he has not been proven guilty?

Dragons need to be more proactive to consider his evidence in defence and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Even if De Belin gets off on the basis it was consentual a consential gang bang with pregnant wife at home is not a good look for the Dragons or the NRL.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Strong on paper or Fantasy does not necessarily translate to on field performances nor does youthful confidence convert to results.
Young forwards need to survive the whole season not just 10 games. Haas is spectacular but how many games did he pay last year?
Whether the Broncos fans like it or not the Broncos are rebuilding in 2019.

Which NRL teams will drop out of the top eight in 2019?

The Dragons are really desperate to keep Dufty but do not want to play him in 2019.

If this was soccer, then the Dragons could lend Dufty to Cowboys for the year and he would be another year more experienced when they got him back.

Dufty on the outer at Dragons?

The Bench in any NRL team mostly has only one or maybe two players who match the quality of the starting side, and ISP players are necessarily mostly young and inexperienced or old and past it.
Moreover the salay cap makes your definition of superior depth impossible, depth is primarialy how many players you have that can fill a gap without a significant diminution in performance or major problem emerging.
Korbin Sims has already reached his peak performance in my view, but he is 5 years more experienced and hardened than the 22 year old Dragons such as Kerr, so he has his merits.

Dragons depth a problem for coach McGregor?

If the NRL’s real concern was domestic violence then they would have suspended him and insisted on mandatory counselling during the suspension.
This is like throwing the baby out with the bath water, as the end of his career will likely have dire impact on the wife and children.
The real issue which the NRL is ignoring because of sponsorship concerns is alcohol .

Todd Greenberg announces end of Ben Barba's NRL career

So the dedicated players are going to train for 49 weeks and play 3 weeks?

How and when and on what performances are you to select dedicated players?

Why not give up the whole concept of origin and let a Lebanese team play?

Could Origin eventually use a dedicated set of players and not share them with the NRL?


Is John Morris too nice to coach the Sharks?

Widdop is still signed for 3 years so there must be space.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

Hopefully working on it now.

Luciano will sing for Dragons forwards in 2019

All is silent from the Dragons, maybe McGregor has no idea, but you do not buy players for ISP.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

I agree.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

I think Aitken was carrying injuries. Basically if Aitken is not going forward he is injured.

Lafai worries me defensively but you could be right about Dufty’s impact off the bench.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

True, but at least there is a depth of talent in the Dragons squad.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Dufty, will presumably be back to fullback when Widdop is gone and needs good game time to improve, which is why I prefer him on the wing which is less challenging defensively than fullback. I also would not discount his ability to break the line bring the ball back from a kick.
Interesting to see also what the 20=40 rule change makes for wingers, Dufty may cope better with it than bigger wingers.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

There are not a lot of Corey Norman fans out there.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

I do not think it is legal to leave the soon departing captain out of the side.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Last year I predicted Manly not to make the 8 and got loads from Manly fans, but they have even less chance this year.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Not many thought they would make the 8 last year.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Not sure what the Dragons are up to with Runciman maybe short of Salary cap.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Agree that McGregor is too conservative but what else can he do?

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

Nene had and still has the potential to be a Radrardra but did not really develop at the Dragons.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

I agree with your comment on Lafai who has been poor since leaving the bulldogs, but unless he performs this year it could free up some salary cap.

Dragons look for NRL premiership in 2019

The Dragons have been very quiet on the return of Charly Runciman and he still does not feature on their ISP or NRL squad lists despite Mat Head ISP coach acknowledging that he has been in training since mid-December.
It could be that he is not in favour with Coach McGregor as he left after being ignored by him or alternatively they have already named 28 or 29 of the 30 man NRL squad and want to keep the remaining positions open to cover injuries or finally they may simply have run out of salary cap for the NRL squad in 2019, but will have plenty free after Widdop leaves in 2020.

Dragons silent on Widdop 'Brexit' strategy

Third Party agreements where businesses seek to associate themselves with individual players are a legitimate way of funding which is not reliant upon NRL grants so I am in favour of retention.

Third Party Agreements: Should they be limited or scrapped altogether?